Avoiding Europe in the summer…and other places to go instead.


We’ve seen way too many tourists this summer. Europe always has a lot of tourists, there’s a reason it is most people’s favorite continent (including ours). We’ve spent the last 3 summers in Europe. But I think we’ll be taking a break from that over the next few years. It wasn’t just our recent stay in Lisbon – we were in Split (Croatia) in July and it was unbearably packed with tourists. Split is one of the places we love but, as with Lisbon, the character of a place changes when there are too many tourists at one time: prices rise dramatically, locals are suddenly not as friendly, food quality drops. Parts of Europe also get unbearably hot in summer. [Read more…]

Why we love Colombia

Reasons we love Colombia

I’ve been to Colombia twice now and I really love this country.

The geographical diversity is amazing. The multiple mountain ranges mean that climatic zones can change within a few kilometers. Example; Santa Marta and Taganga are [Read more…]

Photo Essay and Safety Tips on Taganga, Colombia

Taganga, Colombia header

Taganga is a small village popular with backpackers. It also has a reputation for drugs, theft and muggings – I read a description of the town that basically summed it up like this: “Great if you are the hippy backpacker type who likes drugs and selling beads”.  [Read more…]

Parque Tayrona, Colombia – beaches, bugs, and encounters with soldiers

Parque Tayrona, Colombia, header

Parque Tayrona is worth seeing for it’s wild, rugged beauty. Isolated, you can walk along its beaches and not see anyone. The surf in many places is violent, the breeze strong. The coast is made up of many bays, usually separated by huge round boulders. Some of these bays are safe for swimming. Looking inland you see the heavily wooded hills of the Sierra Nevada which further adds to the sense of peace and isolation. We loved it, it’s a beautiful place. [Read more…]

Travel Tips on what to see and do in El Rodadero & Santa Marta, Colombia

el rodadero 2 copy

Above: The beach at El Rodadero

Two hours east of Cartagena is Santa Marta. My Lonely Planet guide had gone into quite a lot of detail on Santa Marta’s attractions. Really, in all honesty, there is really no reason to be in Santa Marta. The attractions are the towns and parks around Santa Marta: El Rodadero, Taganga, and Parque  Tayrona. [Read more…]

Travel Tips and Photo Essay on Incredible Cartagena, Colombia


Most of my friends thought I was crazy when I told them that I was going to Colombia, they thought I had a death wish. I was bored with the usual destinations. I wanted something that would get me excited.

I ended up loving Colombia so much [Read more…]

What to see and do in San Andres, Colombia

beautiful san andres colombia

San Andres is a small Caribbean island (about 12 km by 3 km) located about midway between Jamaica (400 km to the north) and the Colombian mainland (480km to the south). It comes under Colombian sovereignty (much to the chagrin of the natives who are more Caribbean than Latin) and is a very popular vacation spot for mainland Colombians. [Read more…]