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Tadoussac is our favorite town in the whole province of Quebec. It is situated on the north coast of the St. Lawrence, about 3 hours east of Quebec City. The Saguenay river flows into the St. Lawrence here, the combination of salt and fresh water making it the perfect feeding ground for the different whale species that make Tadoussac popular with whale enthusiasts. It is not just a beautiful spot, it is a very comfortable place for tourists with its bohemian cafes, nice terraces, and small B&B’s. It is a very small town yet it has an international flavour (being very popular with Europeans). But the best thing is that it hasn’t been ruined by tourism.

Below: to get to Tadoussac, you have to take a 10 minute ferry ride from Baie Ste. Catherine on the other side of the Saguenay river.

ferry across the saguenay to Tadoussac, Quebec

ferry across the saguenay to Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada

The most popular thing to do in Tadoussac is to take an excursion out into the St. Lawrence to see the whales. The whole tourism industry is built around this and you have different choices of companies and different sized boats, from large ones with a capacity of 500 people to small zodiacs containing 12 people. It all depends how adventurous you are. The typical tour, on the larger boats, is either 3 or  6 hours.

Whatever you do, you have to take at least one whale excursion. You’re guaranteed to see whales, this is one of the prime feeding grounds in the world for them. The most likely to spot: the white Beluga whales (they are the only ones who stay here year long), Minke whales, Humpback whales (which are the most spectacular, sometimes jumping out of the water), porpoises and dolphins. You might even see Blue Whales, which are the largest whales on earth. Here are a few images of the various whales. Excursions can be booked almost last minute, there’s no shortage of them. My biggest tip is to dress warmly: it might be 35C on shore but out in the middle of the St. Lawrence it can feel like 5C. I’ve been to Tadoussac 3 times and every time I’ve gone on an excursion I’ve seen people climb on with their shorts and flip flops, fighting past us for a spot on the top deck so that they can tan themselves. 10 minutes later those same people are shivering and blue and fighting to get into the indoor cabin. So don’t worry if initially you don’t get prime seating, you’ll have it within minutes of setting off.

A few more geographical details: The St. Lawrence at this point is 25 km wide, you can see the north coast of the Gaspe in the horizon. At this point in the St. Lawrence, you are still 1000 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. It just shows you what a huge waterway the river is.

boat cruise, Tadoussac, Quebec (1)

boat cruise, Tadoussac, Quebec (2)


My favorite thing in Tadoussac is climbing the rocks around the “Point”. It’s a pretty spot at the junctions of  the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers. Come here for sunset, it’s a beautiful spot and you’ll most likely see a few whales if you hang around a bit. Below are a few photos taken over 3 days. As you can see the light is always changing.

views in Tadoussac, Quebec (1)

views of Saguenay in Tadoussac, Quebec (1)

views in Tadoussac, Quebec (2)

view of st. Lawrence in Tadoussac, Quebec

View of ferry and saguenay fjord, Tadoussac, Quebec views of Saguenay in Tadoussac, Quebec (2)

The boardwalk
, next to the Hotel Tadoussac, is another pretty spot to walk and enjoy the views of the pier and the St. Lawrence.

boat pier in Tadoussac, Quebec

views from the boardwalk, next to the Hotel Tadoussac, Tadoussac, Quebec


One of our greatest pleasures in Tadoussac is eating. For a small town, it has a number of high quality eating spots which I’ll detail below. Every time we come back here we brace ourselves to see a fast food joint. To date there are none in Tadoussac. Here are our favorite eating spots in town;

Café Boheme. Great for lunch or dinner. Fresh pasta, gourmet burgers (including great tofu burger), fish, thin crust pizzas, nice salads. Fantastic desserts. Very high quality.

Restaurant at the Hotel Beluga. The Fish and Chips are great, the best thing on their menu (pictured below). Recommended for a non-fancy lunch and a few beers.

Fish and Chips at Hotel Beluga, Tadoussac

Chez Mathilde
is recommended for a special supper. This is a classic French Bistro, with an accent on seafood. It was absolutely fantastic and surpassed anything we’ve had recently in Montreal. It’s more expensive than anything else on this list but if you want a romantic supper this is the place.

Chez Mathilde restaurant, Tadoussac, Quebec
For breakfast we would pick up croissants, pastries, or sandwiches at the boulangerie at the Restaurant La Bolee. It’s a very popular spot.


Things to see around Tadoussac

Just 2km from Tadoussac, are the Tadoussac dunes. There is a trail worth hiking for some nice views of the St. Lawrence.

Tadoussac dunes, Tadoussac, Quebec

Above: Tadoussac Dunes (photo credit Panoramio)

A 20 minute drive East from Tadoussac takes you to the Cap de Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre where you can learn about the whales, walk around the rocks, and enjoy seeing whales go by from land. Cap de Bon-Désir is just a little east of Les Bergeronnes. We sat here for about an hour and saw a lot of whales, most belugas.

Cap de Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre, Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada

views at Cap de Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre, Tadoussac, Quebec

Tip: If you’ve paid to get into the Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre you can get free access to the Marine Environment Discovery Centre which is another 10 minutes down the road. We only found out about it later and were told that it is definitely worth going to.

Below: another photo from the rocks at the junction of the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers.

boardwalk around point, Tadoussac, Quebec
The above covers Tadoussac and  some of the sites of interest along the St. Lawrence coast. The Saguenay river also has points of interest which are accessible from Tadoussac. I covered these on a previous trip and you can read on here.

Tadoussac is a great little town and makes for a really relaxing 2-3 day vacation.


See here for lodging options in Tadoussac



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  1. Wow. I need to go there. I love whales! 🙂
    Traveling Mariza ( recently posted…How to Survive Bali!My Profile

  2. Nice! I never read something like this about Quebec. I always thought Quebec was just about beautiful colorful architecture.
    Renuka recently posted…A Tale Of Two CitiesMy Profile

    • Thanks Renuka – oh no, there’s tons of beautiful nature! You should see my posts on the Gaspé and Saguenay. Lots of beautiful national parks with relatively few people. Even the Eastern Townships and Laurentians (both within 1 1/2 hours of Montreal) have peaks and great hiking opportunities. I have a category in the Destinations menu above called “Regions of Quebec” where you’ll see many of these beautiful places covered.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these detailed info. Me, my husband and our dog are coming to the region next week and your information was perfect! Cheers
    Gabriela recently posted…Melhores ângulos de Pittsburgh, PAMy Profile

    • Glad it helps Gabriela! Hope you blog about your trip, be interested in how you like the region.

    • Do you recall if there are many trails/walks that dogs are allowed on in the Tadoussac area? I had started planning our trip there and wanted to take our dog but it seems many parks I am checking say no dogs allowed so I may have to re-think this destination. Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.

      • Frank (bbqboy) says:

        Hi Carrie – I’m sorry, I don’t remember. There are trails around Tadoussac that are not part of the National Park and I don’t think bringing a dog is an issue…and I never saw anyone official around that would tell you that you could not. As far as National parks, I think it’s ok – this is for another park but usually same rules apply for all: http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/pn-np/nb/fundy/visit/chien-dog.aspx
        If you have time and know where you want to go, I would suggest writing to the park in question to be 100% sure.
        I’m sorry, I wish I had more first hand experience with that or that I could remember.

  4. My family and I will be headed there in a few short weeks. I’m born and raised in QC and have never ventured that far out before. Your photos make me impatient to see the area for myself! Thank u for this inspiring post!

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Hi Sue,
      Hope you enjoy it! We’re very similar – my early years were in Quebec but I never explored that far east. Makes you realize driving out there what a big province it is.
      Feel free to give feedback when you return!
      Frank (bbqboy)

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