Montreux, Switzerland – Photos of the lake. And on turning into the Incredible Hulk…

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We stopped in Montreux for a quick stop on our way from Venice to Geneva. Highlight: Chateau de Chillon. We didn’t see it though. All I have are pictures from our hotel room overlooking the lake.

boat on lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland

It was one of those days where nothing went right and where several days of poor sleep in Venice caught up with us. We arrived in Montreux in the late afternoon, tired, but honestly also a bit sad leaving the “tropics” of Venice for the rain of Montreux. Finding a store that sold groceries took an eternity (for the record, there’s one on main street next to train station). The wifi in the hotel didn’t work. I had to find an internet place for some work related stuff. Again, I searched everywhere and got more and more frustrated. I finally found a place and the guy told me to hurry up, he had to close in 5 minutes. It rained, was cold, and the people looked miserable. It was all too much. I ended up throwing one of my classic shit fits where I turn into the Incredible Hulk.

We eventually ended up drinking beer and having a picnic in the hotel room. Montreux just didn’t rub me the right way and I couldn’t wait to leave.

sunset, lake geneva, montreux, switzerland
Summary: Beautiful lake views and I’m told Chateau de Chillon is a must-see. The actual town of Montreux however is unremarkable, a small modern town known mostly for its beautiful location at the end of the lake.



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