New York (on the way to Rio)

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We weren’t supposed to be in New York.

We  were supposed to be in Rio de Janeiro. But it’s as if we weren’t meant to go (and in hindsight maybe we weren’t). We were flying Montreal-New York-Rio but Montreal got hit with a snowstorm the day of our departure. I called Continental Airlines and was told that our flight was on schedule. We went to the airport where we were immediately told that our flight to New York was cancelled. Of course. It was a Friday night and we just wanted to get away and start our vacation.

We had a plan. We went downtown to the train station and found out that there was a train early the next morning to New York. We booked two tickets. We then called Continental and changed our New York-Rio flight from Saturday to Sunday.

amtrak montreal to New York city

Above left: Pulling out of Montreal                                                   Above right: Amtrak train (photo credit

The next morning we rolled out of Montreal’s Central Station and had a pleasant 8-hour trip (including 2 hours at the border) on Amtrak. We arrived in New York in mid-afternoon. It  is Lissette’s hometown so we were actually kind of excited that we would have a chance to spend a day here.


We spent that afternoon and most of the next day visiting some of New York’s sites: the Empire State building, Times square, Central park, Ground zero, Battery park. Stopped for coffee in Soho and used the bathrooms in Trump Tower (I left the Don a souvenir, Hehe). Being early March it wasn’t the greatest time to explore and we had packed for the tropics. We got a bit cold. But I was still a bit surprised by the large temperature difference between Montreal and New York – you could never wander outdoors wearing a rain jacket this time of year in Montreal.

24 hours in New York


Sunday evening we headed to the airport and took off for Rio. We had never planned to have 24 hours in New York but the whole trip ended up being an adventure. And sometimes its those kinds of unexpected things that make for the most exciting memories.


Ever had a totally unplanned stay somewhere that ended up as being a memorable adventure?




  1. New York is love. I mean, for me, nothing can compare with New York. I just love it there from the great weather to the cool places and parks plus the fancy and elegant hotels and restaurants. I just can’t wait to be back there soon with my family and experience great happiness in that place. Thanks for sharing this, I was inspired to come back to this place again. And yeah, I love the first photo. It really showed everything about New York.

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