Photo Essay; The Colors of Oaxaca

the colors of oaxaca

Above: Santo Domingo church viewed through Flame tree.

One of the many things I love about Mexico are its vibrant colors. The city of Oaxaca is not different, in fact the colours seem even warmer, more tropical than those further up north. I’ll have a detailed post on Oaxaca coming up, but in the meantime here are a few photos of this pretty and very colorful city.

oaxaca alcala, mexico

Above and below: Colorful personalities along the Alcala (the walking street connecting the city’s two main squares)

churches and colors in Oaxaca, Mexico

Below: Some of the buildings around the city

blue house, oaxaca

yellow house, oaxaca

red house and church, oaxaca

Oaxaca colours alcala

Above: View down the Alcala from the Contemporary Art Museum


oaxaca dog

Above: even the dogs are colorful.


oaxaca arts, Mexico

Oaxaca colors blue

oaxaca arts

Above photos: Lots of textiles in Oaxaca – blankets, rugs, shirts & skirts…


cemetary in oaxaca, mexico

Above: Panteon General cemetery


oaxaca zocalo

Above: Balloons being sold in the zocalo.


oaxaca superheroes

Above: Store selling piñatas


Oaxaca colors, Mexico

boys in oaxaca

church, oaxaca

Above: More colorful buildings


.For more on Mexico, visit our Destination Guide page HERE.



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  1. We still have to hit that part of the world and I’m not going to hide that we’d love to. The colors of those buildings are simply stunning, it’s what attracts me the most!
    Franca recently posted…Is Frankfurt Worth Forgetting?My Profile

  2. Oh man.. your photos have made my memories of Oaxaca come alive!
    I love it there.. so colorful, so vibrant… and such a happening art scene!
    Thanks for the smile you just put on my face! 🙂
    Zara recently posted…WILLIAMSBURG Flea Market: where hipsters rejoice!My Profile

  3. Wow, gorgeous, vibrant photos! I’ve long been wanting to visit Oaxaca and this post just zoomed the city to the top of my list. I can’t wait to read the more detailed post!
    Jessica Hill recently posted…Faces of AsiaMy Profile

  4. Beautiful photos, loved the doggie!

  5. The colors are so vibrant and sunny! I love the cemetery, and who doesn’t love a dressed up puppy? Great photos!
    Corinne recently posted…Sunday’s Travel Inspiration – Windmills!My Profile

  6. I’ve yet to visit Oaxaca, though I know their cheese well :D. I love the older Mexican cities with real architecture vs. the cheaply made 2 level casitas that are prominent in the newer cities and “fraccionamientos” of the older growing cities.
    Devlin recently posted…Life on the Road – A Day in the Real MexicoMy Profile

  7. It is certainly colorful but I now want that dog as my pet!
    Michael recently posted…Attractions in Glorious Florence: A Travel Guide to the Italian CityMy Profile

  8. Oaxaca is certainly very colorful.
    Jennifer recently posted…24 Hours in the Hanseatic City of LübeckMy Profile

  9. Lovely essay. I admit that the photo with the colored houses reminded me of a Romanian city where I saw a similar arrangement 🙂
    Lori recently posted…Top Google+ Communities for your Travel ArticlesMy Profile

    • Thanks Lori. Have heard a lot of Romania lately – a lot of bloggers seem to be travelling through there. I’d be interested in visiting one day…

  10. Thank you for filling my eyes and heart with Oaxaca again. I recognised every building but not the dog!

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