Visiting Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

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560px-Acadia_national_park_mapAcadia National Park is one of the smallest, yet most popular US National Parks.  It is known for its pink granite outcrops, forests of spruce and pitch pine, and for the highest mountain on the US Atlantic coast (Cadillac mountain). Many people come here to hike its many trails.

One of Acadia’s draws is that it is very family friendly, primarily due to its location. Sure you can hike and relax in the park – but right there, right next to the entrance to the park, is the pretty little town of Bar Harbor. It saved my trip with Benjamin, who, as I’ve mentioned previously, is bored to crap by nature. We played tennis (in the town’s municipal tennis courts), watched sports on big screen-tvs (in its many family restaurants), and played mini-golf  (they had amazing mini-golf courses all over the Bar Harbour area). Acadia is what I consider “Park-lite” and is the perfect spot for a family-type vacation involving a mix of nature and entertainment activities.

bar Harbor and Acadia-National-Park vacation

lighthouse, acadia national park


Below: View from Cadillac Mountain, the highest mountain on the US East coast.
views from cadillac mountain, acadia national park

Below: crazy sunset in nearby Bar Habor.

sunsets in bar harbor, maine



Have you been to Acadia National Park? What did you think of it?




  1. I agree that Acadia National Park is such a beautiful and wonderful place for a family vacation. Everything is almost there plus everybody can enjoy the wonders and beauty of nature. If I were to book a flight now with the whole family, this place would definitely be my top choice.

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