Visiting Orosi, Costa Rica

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Orosi is a small town in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. It was our first stop in Costa Rica. We arrived in San Jose 24 hours later than scheduled (thanks to crappy USAir) and were picked up at the airport by a driver. From there it was about 2 hours to Orosi.

Lush, very green (the valley receives the most rainfall in Costa Rica), Orosi is famous for its coffee plantations.

Orosi, Costa Rica

We had chosen to come to Orosi because we didn’t want to overnight in San Jose, the capital. Costa Rica is meant to be seen for its nature and small towns, not its cities. So we stayed in Orosi 2 nights, relaxing and enjoying the scenery. We walked around town (very small) and visited the church which is said to be the oldest in Costa Rica. We had wanted to visit Irazu volcano which is 45 minutes away but had to abandon that because of bad weather.

Below: Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi (built in 1743).

tour guide at Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi

Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi


There is not much else to do here. But Orosi ended up as a relaxing pit stop before hitting the beaches of the Pacific coast.


We stayed at the Orosi Lodge which is a small (8 rooms) eco-lodge run by a very nice German couple and their son. Charming and comfortable, Connie makes great breakfasts and sandwiches. Just in case you get too comfortable, her husband Andreas has an interesting collection of roadkill and other bugs and snakes found in the garden. Really, isn’t that so typically German? Ask him about it, he seems quite proud of his little museum. Right next to the lodge is a public swimming pool where locals come on the weekend with their picnics and boom boxes. We love little hotels like this.

room at the orosi lodge


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Have you ever been to Orosi? (not many travellers have). Would love to hear your experience!


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