A Week-In-The-Life of BBQBoy and Spanky in Prague

a week in the life in Prague, Czech Republic

Nora Dunn at The Professional Hobo is one of Canada’s most popular bloggers. She’s one of those few travellers who actually travels full time – she’s been on the road since 2007. Nora is currently using the Central valley of Peru as her base. She knows everything when it comes to travel and, with her financial background, is an expert on insurances, flying on points, and financial travel tips. Lots of good info on her site.

Last summer, while we were still in the Czech Republic, she asked us to write about our life on the road in her A-week-in-The-Life series of travel bloggers. It was published just last week.

You can see our post Here.

Thank you again Nora for the opportunity!



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