Colombia hotels

Colombia hotels

CARTAGENA, Hotel Casa La Fe. 2006 review – mid-range – 3 ½ stars out of 5.

On TripAdvisor:

I was actually the first customer here when they opened up in 2005. Fantastic location in the heart of the old city, nice rooms, a little pool – has a very nice atmosphere. The rate back then was $55 night (which includes a really good breakfast). When I went back the next year with Lissette it was $85/night. I liked my 2nd visit less, I didn’t find the British owner as friendly and found he was being a penny pincher. I’m shocked to see that their lowest price is now $136/night. A nice place but for that price no longer great value.


PARQUE TAYRONA, Ecohabs Santa Marta. 2006 review – expensive – 2 ½ stars out of 5.

On Tripadvisor:

A beautiful place, gorgeous rooms, they have the exclusive green image thing going on. Going to bed we closed the large window, put on the overhead fan, and went to sleep. We woke up at the same time a little after midnight, both gasping for air. It turns out that the Eco lodge turns off all electricity at midnight. With the window closed and no fan, the room felt like the inside of a coffin. We ended up having to open the window despite no screen (and there’s a lot of weird bugs flying around – I had one that landed on my pillow. He would glow blue when I poked him with my finger). Another thing – you have to go outside the room and down the stairs (with a flashlight) to go to the bathroom. I’m all for Ecolodges and doing stuff for the environment – but turning off the electricity when you’re paying over $200 a night is stupid. What if I felt like reading? I found it insulting. We wondered what idiot they hired to consult them when they planned the place and set the rules. We came here for a romantic stay and left more tired than when we arrived.

I’ve read recent reviews and they mention nothing about the electricity going out. Maybe they’ve changed their policy?

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