Misadventures in Far Away Places

Misadventures in Far Away Places

Long before I became a travel blogger I dreamed of being a travel writer.

“Misadventures in Far Away Places” is a humorous recounting of my travel adventures in the early 2000’s.  It is broken up into 3 sections.

The first trip was as a single guy travelling through Hong Kong and South East Asia. Along the way I meet up with my childhood friend George (not his real name), who was born in Hong Kong. But friends don’t always travel well and this trip was a mess.

The 2nd trip was with a girlfriend. I had known her for 2 months and we agreed to spend a month together in the Philippines. For reasons explained in the book, we ended up changing our destination at the last minute to Thailand. Lots of drama in this story as I deal with travelling with a moody girlfriend…on top of getting scammed in Bangkok and lost in the jungle in Phuket.

Newly single, I had a series of trips to the Dominican Republic. My intentions were pure but sometimes things happen. Stories of newfound friends, strippers, strange characters, whorehouses, Dominican baseball, strained relationships and too much alcohol.

Warning: This book is not politically correct. You can browse the Table of Contents below to get a  sense of that. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. But if you read it with an open mind I guarantee you’ll have some laughs as well as some interesting reading. The book will also take you back to the “old days” of travel. Since the early 2000’s I’ve been back to all the places covered in this book and all have been gentrified in different ways. Places and travel experiences today aren’t what they used to be. You might feel some nostalgia reading about some of the places covered in this book.


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Interested? I sell the e-book for $10 US. I don’t have any fancy payment apps: if you want a copy of the book just write Frank at bbqboynet@gmail.com. I’ll give you my Paypal name and you can send me $10, in return I’ll send you a PDF of the book.