The Ultimate Guide to National Parks in Croatia

People are flocking to the Dalmatian region from every corner of the globe and it isn’t just the country’s stunning coastline that’s attracting them. Over a third of Croatia’s surface area is covered by eight national parks and 11 nature parks dotted throughout the country.

The abundance of national parks, hiking trails and native flora and fauna attract nature lovers in the thousands to Croatia annually.

If waterfalls, lush rain forest, incredible hiking trails, rare wildlife and impressive lakes take your fancy, you’re bound to fall in love with these breathtakingly beautiful National Parks!




This excellent infographic is contributed by Med Experience, a family owned company running tours through Croatia, Bosnia, and Eastern and Central Europe. It also arranges yachting tours through both the Greek and Croatian Islands. Its tours are for the culturally curious, for travellers who wish to get off the beaten track and discover something unique. Check out their website for information and tours through the region.




  1. Crikey! Wish you had put that ‘mighty beast’ of a list out last year… I would have made sure to turn left and head down there and foregone the plan for a 10th birthday at Disneyland Paris for my daughter! (haha…didn’t quite get there for her 10th as it was anyways). I really wish we have fitted it in though, alas… another trip will include Croatia. And another Pinterest pin for my board! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jane. Just today we were in Biokovo Nature Park (not one of the 8 National Park) but one of the 11 Nature Parks. Biokovo is one of the highest mountains on the Dalmatian Coast and it reminds me of Table Mountain in Cape Town in that you look almost straight down at the town below (the town of Makarska). It is spectacular, just incredible and I’ll have an upcoming post on it.

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