Things Travel Bloggers could learn from Donald Trump


Image: Gage via Wiki Commons

With the US elections only days away, many people have been focused on the things Donald Trump says and tweets. Somehow, with all his trash talk, lack of substance on issues, denigration of women, racist comments, deflection on tough questions and blustery hyperbole he not only gets away with things but has fans hanging on his every word.

So, I was thinking, what if Donald Trump was a Travel Blogger? Even for just one day? [Read more…]

Are you proud to be (insert your nationality)? How I feel being Canadian.

Canadian flag 875

Note: this post was written in early 2015. A few things have changed since then and they’ve been noted at the bottom of the page.

Walking around Split, our guide mentioned a few times how proud she was to be Croatian. Later, having a beer on our balcony, Lissette asked me what I thought of that. And then asked me if I feel proud to be Canadian.

Firstly, I can see why Croatians would be proud of their country: Croatia [Read more…]

Religion, morality, and the guiding principle of Shit Happens

Religion, morality, and the guiding principle of Shit Happens

I’m an atheist. It’s not a choice I ever made, I was just raised that way. As a child in rural Quebec, my only contact with religion was when we went to church on Christmas eve with family friends. Although Quebec is historically very Catholic, my parents and friends never spoke of religion. [Read more…]