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We’ve always wanted to travel the world. In 2013, a year before we started travelling full-time, we started the Travels of BBQboy and Spanky. Today we average about 1,200 unique visits/day (about 40,000 unique visits/month), the majority of our readers from the US, UK, and Canada. Our target audience are independent travellers, full-time travellers and expats (or retirees aspiring to be expats).

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Some of our work have been featured here:

–  Guest-posted on the Travelling Canucks.
–  Guest-posted on the Contented Traveller.
–  Featured on The Professional Hobo.
–  Featured on Holiday Lettings (Trip Advisor) on “Top 20 Couples Travel Blogs”.
–  Interviewed on Andy’s World Journeys
–  Interviewed on Reflectionenroute
–  Featured on Business Insider on paying off debt while travelling the world.
–  Interviewed on Next Bite of Life (podcast)
–  Featured (again) on Holiday Lettings (Trip Advisor) on “favorite honeymoon spots”.
–  Featured as Twippers of the Week on TWIP.
–  Featured on Bootsnall “How this couple manages to travel the world cheaply”
–  Featured in the Serbian newspaper BLIC.
–  Featured in the Associated Press.
–  Featured on The Planet D.
–  Featured on the Cruising website Rol Cruise.
–  Featured on AllTheRooms “12 Best Places to Visit in Croatia”
–  Featured on CreditDonkey “Top Travel Blogs 2018 – Top Influencers to Follow”.
–  Featured on Holidaylettings (Trip Advisor) on “Top Couple Travel Bloggers 2018”.
–  Interviewed on Travel Awaits.
–  Featured in the Vancouver Sun – “Montreal Travel Guide: Exploring the Plateau Mont-Royal Neighborhood”.
–  Featured in the Montreal Gazette – “Quebec Travel Bucket List: 10 places you must see in La Belle Province”.
–  Featured in the Vancouver Sun and The Province– “Exploring the Best of Central Dalmatia”.
–  Featured in the Globe and Mail “Eight ways to be a better Tourist this Summer”.
–  Featured in the Toronto Sun and Edmonton Journal “How Two Canadians are travelling the world cheaply”.
–  Featured as a Celebrity Travel Addict on David’s Been Here.
–  Featured in the Vancouver Sun “Lockdown diaries: the coronavirus in Spain”.
–  Interviewed on Inspreation.


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Guest posts, links, etc

Guest posts. I’m sorry, we don’t accept guest posts at this time as we’re travelling full-time and have a hard time just keeping up with our own content! 🙂

HOWEVER – We do accept contributions to the Destination Guide section if you are an expert on a specific destination. We ask that all guides be comprehensive, informative, and non-promotional. In return, we’ll give you a link (or links) back to your blog or website. Note: if your website is a commercial website,we regard submissions as advertising and do charge a (reduced) fee.

Free Links. We get tons of people writing us everyday asking if we can include a free link to their vlog or blog. I’m sorry, we just can’t accommodate all these requests.




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    1. Hi Victoria! Loved your hotel. We usually stay in Airbnb apartments but there were a lack in Patzcuaro…and we’re glad because your hotel was just the greatest, really enjoyed ourselves and it was a treat.
      I’ll contact you directly on advertising 🙂

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