Why I love the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic will always be a special place for me. A crazy skin ailment first brought me here in 1995. For a month I hadn’t been able to lie down without my skin breaking out into hot, itchy blotches on whichever side I was lying. I had tried calomine lotion (which barely helped with the itching) and had finally seen a few doctors. They had no idea what I had. I think it was stress related – I was going through a divorce at the time. I decided that I needed a vacation.

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Visiting Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

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560px-Acadia_national_park_mapAcadia National Park is one of the smallest, yet most popular US National Parks.  It is known for its pink granite outcrops, forests of spruce and pitch pine, and for the highest mountain on the US Atlantic coast (Cadillac mountain). Many people come here to hike its many trails. [Read more…]

Highlights of a family road trip to the Gaspé, Quebec (and stories of shit fits and car accidents)


Welcome to our first and only family road trip.

I had known Lissette a little over a year. I knew she’d enjoy the beauty of the Gaspé. Benjamin I was not sure about. He had just turned 13 and could at times be moody. [Read more…]