The absolute worst thing about being a full time traveller (it’s got nothing to do with travel)

Bad words, I’ve warned you. This is one of those “angry posts” (ooohh, those angry posts – the ones that make my mom cringe).

Someone asked me once about the worst thing about travelling, no doubt thinking I’d say something like “I miss my family/my friends/my dog” or “I wish I could have my bed”. No.

The absolute worst thing about being a full time traveller isn’t actually anything having to do with traveling. If it was only that easy. It’s all the stupid bureaucracy back home and what they make you go through when you just want to live your own life. [Read more…]

Things Travel Bloggers could learn from Donald Trump


Image: Gage via Wiki Commons

With the US elections only days away, many people have been focused on the things Donald Trump says and tweets. Somehow, with all his trash talk, lack of substance on issues, denigration of women, racist comments, deflection on tough questions and blustery hyperbole he not only gets away with things but has fans hanging on his every word.

So, I was thinking, what if Donald Trump was a Travel Blogger? Even for just one day? [Read more…]

Lady, can you please shut the F*ck up?

frank on train

Travelling is not always pretty. The worst aspect of travelling for us is dealing with humanity. Case in point: our recent 13 hours getting from Prague to Padova (Italy). Some uncensored thoughts along the way… [Read more…]

Why “Feel good” quotes represent everything that’s wrong with the world.

Why “Feel good” quotes  represent everything that’s wrong with the world

Uck. I hate feel good quotes. Hate is a pretty strong word.  I was reminded of how intense my feelings are towards them when we recently stayed in an Airbnb apartment in Zagreb literally jam-packed with saccharine sweet slogans and sayings. A few photos from the apartment. [Read more…]

Why Smartwings sucks. And how consumers are getting fleeced by the airlines.

why smartwings sucks

Announcing our next destination: Croatia.

We’ll be flying Bangkok – Prague in late March, staying a week in Prague, and from there flying down to Split, Croatia. But this post isn’t about Croatia. It’s about how consumers in 2015 are getting fleeced by the airlines. [Read more…]

Why Sucks

open-table sucks

May 4th was Lissette’s birthday. A week previous, I had reserved a table at our favorite restaurant through their website which uses the reservation service. At that time I had no idea what was (more on that in a minute).

[Read more…]

Why I’ll never fly US Airways again

USAir - you suck

I make it a point to try to never connect through the US when going somewhere. There are just too many headaches involved with all the checking and re-checking of baggage and all the various levels of security. It’s stressful. And when I do have to go through the [Read more…]

Plane travel and the real “Dick Move”

Plane travel and the real “Dick Move”
Welcome to my first rant.

I enjoy reading other people’s travel blogs – you’ll notice I have a page up top where I list some of my favorite blogs.

This week I came across a blog that was recognized as one of Time magazine’s 2011 blogs of the year. She has a “dick move” section which I was curious about, wondering what a “dick move” was. I came across this story where she describes a fellow traveller, a guy occupying a window seat, as a “douchbag”, an “asshole”, and as “heinous and rotten and selfish” [Read more…]