The coronavirus in Spain: lockdown Diaries Day 11

The coronavirus in Spain: lockdown Diaries Day 11The coronavirus in Spain: lockdown Diaries Day 11

Tuesday March 24, 2020.

Well, we’re in day 11 of our lockdown in Spain. This weekend we learned that the lockdown would be extended to April 11th. It’s no surprise – the situation has only been getting worse in Spain with 40,000 infected and 2,700 dead (including 514 just yesterday).

A bit of conflicting news. On one hand they’re projecting the “peak” of infections this week, with numbers going down after. That would be great news. But I find it very hard to believe considering the escalation of numbers. On the other hand, I hear that the government is questioning whether the lockdown is working. Again, this week will tell. News is if it’s not then stricter measures might be put in place…

People are starting to go a bit stir crazy. A man in Catalonia was stopped by police for walking a goat on a leash, trying to take advantage of the exemption that allows people to go for walks if it’s to walk pets. Another guy, in Murcia, was stopped walking down the street in a full Tyrannosaurus Rex costume. I’m not sure how he thought being a dinosaur would somehow grant him exemption…

I think people starting to go coco-loco. And it’s only been slightly over a week. We have almost another 3 weeks of this (and I would be surprised if the lockdown doesn’t get extended beyond April 11th).

Below: that’s the cuckoo clock in our apartment here in Leon. Sums up our state of mind.


Personally, it’s like a twilight zone for us. Without any plans, we’ve slipped into funny hours: often going to bed at 3am and waking up around noon (we’ve noticed some of our neighbors with the same hours). We walk around the house in our pyjamas and are watching a lot of Netflix and Game of Thrones on the pirate site I mentioned in a previous post.

The one thing we plan around is grocery shopping. It’s our only allowed outing outside the apartment. Lissette makes up a list, usually enough groceries to last 3 days. We get our shopping bags and put on plastic gloves. Our host had left them for cleaning but we’re using them for protection – partly not to pick up the virus from surfaces but even more to prevent touching our faces (you never realize how often you touch your face. But when you have gloves on you’re instinctively reminded every time your hand reaches up). Then we go out. These days the streets are almost empty except for people going out for the same reasons we are. Unlike the first couple of days when people were walking a bit more relaxed and too close, people’s behaviour has changed. They walk quickly and they stay away as far as they can, whether it be the in the store or on the street. When we come back from shopping – which takes maybe 20 minutes – we put everything away, put our clothes in the washing machine, and wash our hands.

It’s maybe all a little over the top but we’re being careful. We really don’t have anything else to do.

PS. No problems finding anything we need in the store. And we haven’t had issues with crowds in the stores (we time it for mid-afternoon, traditionally siesta time in Spain and it’s pretty much empty). Everything is well organized…(Question: how is it wherever you are?)

Below: I don’t like the name of our grocery store. Somehow just can’t get the virus out of my head…


We’ve received several emails from the Canadian Consulate in Madrid advising us about flights back to Canada. Air Transat has special flights Madrid – Malaga – Montreal. Air Canada has a Barcelona – Montreal flight tomorrow March 25th. As I previously wrote, there are reasons why we’re staying put here in Leon for now. But it’s good to know that the Canadian government is on top of things. 


But we have it easy. We really feel for the medical personnel that are putting their lives on the line to save patients. Here in Spain 12% of those infected are health workers. From what I’ve read being around the virus is like being constantly pumped with radioactivity – your immune system will eventually break down (especially when those health workers are tired from working 12 hour shifts).


After Coronavirus? It’s crossed our minds that many things are going to change after this virus has swept through the world. It’s effecting all world economies. It might make governments rethink globalism, open borders, and world trade (including the dependency on foreign suppliers for basic necessities such as medical supplies). It might also set the travel industry back about 10 years depending on how this all shakes out…

Interesting article onthe viral emergency and the world of tomorrow”. Click on translate on your tool bar if you don’t read Spanish. Some of it reads like Asian propaganda but I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions…

It’s too early to think about all that but somewhere down the line the coronavirus will have a big impact on how people and governments view the world.

Is it all overblown? In the last few weeks stock markets have lost 1/3rd  of their value. The effect on the ‘real’ economy is only starting, all of it caused by the measures governments are taking to contain the spread. 

Just a few things crossing my mind this week…


Travel Blogging. Coronavirus means most bloggers have lost about 75% of traffic. Nobody is thinking about travel right now, including me. I actually get annoyed seeing bloggers – happily posing in their bikinis and seemingly oblivious to what’s going on in the world – posting about a favorite beach destination. I think that’s being a bit tone deaf. 

That’s why I’m not writing about any destinations right now. I think I’ll stick to these “lockdown diaries” until I feel otherwise.


The beard. I mentioned I wouldn’t shave until the lockdown is over. Lissette isn’t liking it. But I’m committed to allowing the hair on my face to grow for now. It’s kind of like my playoff beard as we go through this.

Here’s the latest. I trimmed my neck because Lissette was complaining about my facial hair merging with my body hair…


Around the world. Everyone seems in lockdown. I was thinking the other day about India and why we haven’t heard much from there. Yesterday they went into lockdown.

The US and UK seem to be doing things differently than most countries. They’ve been very slow responding to the virus and sending mixed messages to their populace. A couple of clips from Rachel Maddow from last Friday: one on the American shortage of basic equipment, the other on Trump’s lies and “happy talk”. Anyone listed to his press conference on Sunday night? A short clip. Unbelievable. Let’s all hope he’s a secret genius and that this won’t be as bad as the experts predict. Just know that every move he’s made so far has been the wrong one.

Many of the world’s top airlines are no longer flying. In the last few days Emirates has grounded all its flights. Singapore Airlines has closed 96% of it’s routes. The world is pretty much at a standstill.

These are still very early days.


  1. Frank and Lisette, it is good to read you and know that you are both okay as we are following the horrors of the numbers rising in Spain day to day. India is in a terrible way as there are already food shortages and of course social distancing and running water are all luxuries that most do not have and so with the population and the overcrowding situation, things are going to get very tragic very quickly. A friend of ours is currently on board one of the planes leaving, arranged by the U.S. embassy for those Americans that woke up a bit late to the reality of the new world, as it is unfolding.

    Here in Mexico finally the streets are blocked to newcomers and the hotels and guesthouses are finally just a few days ago ordered to close. We all had to get passes so as to move freely about.. We can still go to the beach, although they are patrolling at sunset only, in little buggy cars, armed with machine guns, no one really seems to take them seriously and just wait till they have moved on and then are back in the ocean. The beach to us still seems like a decent place for social distancing as the numbers have reduced, with no visitors allowed in, and being outside in the fresh air and going for an ocean dip can of course only be beneficial. I feel for you not being able to even take a walk outside. Wow. Rough times.

    There is a silver lining to be had in all of this, and that is the environment and wildlife, both of which are healing and responding in a very positive way to the reduced economic activity around the globe.

    Plenty of food here thankfully and plenty supplies. No one panicking but then again Mexico is behind the U.S. and Europe and no doubt it is just a matter of time before cases start increasing exponentially.

    Stay safe
    Peta and Ben

    1. Thanks Peta and Ben,
      Excited for you guys having a new home in Mexico. Did I mention that my mom lives in Mexico (she moved to San Miguel de Allende about 5 years ago).
      I feel very bad for people in the developing world, as with everything else they’ll be the hardest hit. Unlike the developed world, they have absolutely no safety net.
      Enjoy your trips to the beach. I can’t tell you how jealous I am right now.

  2. Frank and Lissette, I enjoy getting your updates, thank you for keeping up with posting regularly. Here in the UK, we have been in lockdown since the 23rd of March. Boris has given us “few simple rules” as he called it: – We are allowed shopping only for basic necessities such as food and medication (as infrequent as possible).
    One form of exercise a day (run, cycle, walk) alone or with members of your household, as close to home as possible. Leave the house only if absolutely necessary to provide care or to help a vulnerable person. Traveling to and from work is for frontline staff and for people who can’t work from home only. Recently the weather has been so lovely, we fear that more people will be breaking the rules and the lockdown will get a lot more strict as a result, stopping everyone from going out. Boris himself has been in isolation following his positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Today we heard that his pregnant girlfriend has also been having COVID-19 symptoms. It is so sad to hear about increased daily numbers of infection and deaths, the UK has not yet reached the peak of the epidemic. For sure the experts are expecting large numbers and this week a large field hospital is opening in London. The huge Ex-cel conference center near the London Docklands has been turned into the largest field hospital in the world (constructed in just 9 days), the Nightingale Hospital has a capacity for 4,000 intensive care beds. I try not to watch the news more than once daily since it can really get you down. Stay safe guys and keep up with the updates 🙂

    1. Thanks for the update Gilda. You must feel a sense of relief on being able to make it back home from SEA?
      Take care!

  3. I’m very pleased that you guys are safe.
    These are awful times.

    Obviously, we all heard about the Coronavirus, but it was considered to be something happening over THERE, rather than HERE, so didn’t really register.

    I think it really began to hit home when it arrived in Italy. It really shocked and shook us all and as country borders came up, each nation took note and installed action plans that are no longer a suggestion, but law.

    I’m a British expat living in Germany, and grateful for it.
    There has been a bit of panic-buying with flour, oats, the usual basics and bottled water, but it’s under control now, I think!

    Schools and non-essential establishments are closed for the moment, no tourism is allowed anywhere, and we’re confined home for the next fortnight, but with a little flexibility re sport & exercise.

    I’ve been working from home since March 17th and my company has been great however, it’s mind-boggling to think of the damage to small businesses and free-lancers.

    In short, most of us in Germany can’t believe how quickly the pandemic has evolved and spread, but we have less deaths than in other European countries so far, and we’re calm, reassured and most importantly, feel safe.

    p.s. Eek to the beard but fully understand!

    1. Thanks Victoria. I’ve been watching the news about Germany and what is unusual is that the mortality rate much lower than in most European countries. Part of that seems to be that the people that seem to be infected in Germany are generally younger on average (about 10 years younger according to statistics). I guess that’s because the average age is younger?? (I’m guessing). Countries like Italy and Spain have a large elderly population.

      It doesn’t get much better than Germany as far as health care and government goes. You’re in good hands.

      My mom actually told me that I look “so handsome in that photo. The best that I’ve seen of you in years”. Hmmm. As far as Lissette goes she gets itchy just looking at me..

  4. hey Frank
    yes I’ve lost a lot of traffic too. and with more time on my hands I’ve been working more on the blog than ever lol! Oh the irony. Take care over there. Here we are still climbing, partial lockdowns we are allowed outside for a walk. I work in disability care and this is an ‘essential service’ which at least is reassuring financially. Also planning quite a few Corona based posts and more reflectiony type pieces…

  5. Hey Frank! Even if you don’t blog about travel it was good to see an update from you.
    Since you were thinking about India, let me give you an idea of what life is like here since I live in Bangalore, which is in the south. Before the entire country went into lockdown less than 24 hrs ago, our state and about 20 others had already locked down for day or two. Since then things have been difficult. Officially, the govt says that essentials will be available and that people can out for those. Cities here are also used to home delivery because most working Indians keep crazy hours we spend a large percentage of our lives stuck in traffic jams just to commute to work. The lockdown is supposed to exclude delivery services too.
    However, we’ve seen and heard reports of anyone stepping out for groceries getting beaten up by cops. Same for delivery people. So now everyone’s on edge.
    My parents in their 80s and 90s can’t fend for themselves and their at home elder care help were barred from traveling to their house. My brother and his family who live above them have to work from home and now also care for them.
    I predict the govt will paint a rosy picture for the outside world. For us, being cooped up is not the problem since we can work from home. It’s the worry of survival over the worry of getting sick!
    We had an upcoming trip to Germany planned and we thought we could at least postpone to October but now we’re not sure if the world will be traveling even by then!
    All the very best to you and Lissette and please keep blogging about whatever you can!

    1. Thanks for this Claudine, very interesting. I think this is especially difficult for people having to care for elderly people. Our host here has a mother in her 90s with Alzheimers who she takes care of. I can’t imagine, especially if you usually have help from health care workers…
      And it’s one thing in the developed world. How do you lockdown people in the 3rd world where they can’t make any money if they stay home?
      Take care Claudine!

      1. Exactly! India’s poor cannot withstand an extended lockdown and our economy was already fragile before this.
        Those taking care of essential services were technically allowed to go to work but that wasn’t working because of our wonderful police force and incompetent govt. Now the state govt says those people will be given passes but the situation hasn’t improved today. With our bureaucracy it could take a while. We have enough groceries to last for 3 days so fingers crossed!

  6. Do you have a balcony there? Maybe you could start a group exercise on the balcony with your neighbours every day?! We saw people in Seville do that. It’s a nice way to cheer up. Also maybe play some Zumba exercise videos on Youtube and try to follow. I find it’s so important to keep the body moving in order to stay mentally healthy… As for us, we’ve settled into a quiet apartment in a little town of Southwest London. There is a huge nature reserve just 2 minutes away. Since we are allowed to exercise once a day, we walk/jog in the forest every day, fully appreciating the fresh air and the freedom. The best part is there are very few people around, just nature. We’re going to hunker down here until end of April and might extend if the situation doesn’t improve then. Sending out good vibes to you both and stay strong and well!

    1. That is a great idea guys! We don’t have balconies which is the biggest thing we’re missing. But we’re determined to work out in the apartment – we have our tapes and bands, we just haven’t been able to get on track with our schedule. Cross our fingers, hope to start tomorrow.
      It sounds like you have it great, a fantastic situation. Would love to walk in the forest. I’m happy you both made it to the UK (are you both from the UK?).
      All the best to you both.

  7. He Frank, we’ve just hit day 1 of lock down here in the UK, mainly because a few people (like many thousands) thought they could just troddle off to Snowdonia. Boris simply said, more than 2 (except families) and you get arrested and fined big time. I agree with him. This place is too small for all that.

    I can go out for exercise once a day (allowed) and do so. A 47 hectare country park is a mile away and I can cover 5+ miles there if I want. Hardly anyone is seen and there’s tons of room.

    Other than that I’m gonna start a hobby to keep me busy.

    1. Ha! Yes, need a hobby like collecting stamps or something (on the other hand who knows who’s been licking those stamps…)
      The hardest thing for us is being inside with the sun out. Would love to go out for exercise. Not allowed here in Spain.
      So Boris finally changed his tune huh? Yup, totally agree it’s the right thing to do.
      Keep safe Ted!

  8. Hi Lissett & Frank, as a follower of your travel exploits over the past while I used to be envious of your adventures, as travel was a great hobby of mine, less so of my wife, but as I have retired now and had a bucket list of places to explore, in fact I had a pension adviser who encouraged me to take at least 3 to 4 holidays per year. They are a rare breed, but all that has changed now due to the present turmoil in the world. In fact we were booked to go to Tenerife for two weeks at Christmas last, but I had to cancel the trip on the eve of our departure, due to being struck down with the Flu virus. This was a great dissapointment, but it pales into insignifence in relation to your current predicament, I wish you both all the best and keep your spirits up in antisipation of better days ahead, PG. Keep growing that beard but not too long, as Lissett may dis approve. I have had one for years now and would not dream of leaveing home without it, that is if there was somewhere to go. I am living in Dublin, Ireland and the scene is changeing by the day, with restrictions on movements, and gatherings Etc., As I said keep the spirits up, well drink a little of it, but keep the Faith. Kind regards Paddy.

    1. As I’m responding to your comment I have a neighbor blasting Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” from his window…
      Our predicament is pretty good Paddy, actually almost as good as can be considering what others are going through. Sorry to hear about your travel plans but just might bounce back from then, I’m not giving up! We have a lot of travel ideas for the year…
      We’ve got lots of wine and rum. Not sure I can keep up with the Irish though 🙂
      Thanks for the comment Patrick, always good knowing who’s reading.

  9. Like everything else in the US, Frank, the country is divided when it comes to Corona virus. You know very well how I feel about the current administration so no rehashing of old chatter. Instead, I will offer these two examples which I believe sum up the divide quite succinctly.

    1. Maryland is a blue state by all intents and purposes, yet we have a Republican governor who is in his second term. Yesterday, he held a press briefing in which he said, Maryland will not wait for the Federal Government.

    2. In the same time frame, the Lt. Governor of Texas proclaimed that he believes most grandparents would sacrifice their health/life in order to build and protect the economy for their grandchildren.

    Completely agree about the travel industry and the fate of travel bloggers and freelance travel writers. No one wants to read about travel. People are trying to figure out how they’re going to survive economically, physically and emotionally.

    When we do come out of this, it will fall in to the category of “Where were you on 9/11?”

    Be well and take care of each other.

    1. Thanks Patti. As someone on the other side of the aisle said (below), it would be nice if everyone could overcome their differences right now. Hmm. Let’s see if they can even get that relief plan through.

      Thanks for the update, I’m a news junkie so always appreciate. All the best to you and Abi.

  10. Hello Lissette and Frank, My personal opinion is that in USA in general they are not taking this as seriously as they should, I watch channel 6 Miami (NBC) every morning and yesterday they were showing beaches full of people, Miami beach was ordered to close all hotels yesterday midnight, Costco has a line to enter the stores and they don’t let more than 50 people inside at a time, I noticed this Sunday (when putting gas() that the store was open and it was 8:15 AM earlier than they regularly open (10 am) in this Costco location (Kendall – Miami) there is no toilet paper, kitchen paper, paper napkins, whips and for some days there was no water, soaps (for laundry) just the lower shelves close to the floor, no regular milk, some eggs, not all kinds of meat, no Clorox, alcohol, vinegar anywhere in Miami, anyway we can get the essentials , I am still going to the office every day, I work with people with disabilities, in this place we have a large number of clients but thank good so far all of them are OK , there is a nationwide a shortage on safety equipment for direct care people (no masks, gowns, goggles , etc) we are taking all kind of precautions, praying to God to help us overcome this situation and trying to keep healthy and safe. Take good care of yourselves.

    Carlos Gomez

    1. Thanks Carlos. I’m hearing the same thing about food shortages from friends in upper Vermont. What is really worrying is the safety equipment for medical workers as you say, it’s what everyone is talking about and it just seems really early for this to be such a problem. Will they be getting supplies in the next week or two?
      You have my greatest respect for your line of work Carlos, I hope all continues going well and crossing my fingers for you and your patients.
      And I totally agree with what you are saying about not taking it seriously. But again, the signals are mixed, the president saying one thing and the states another. And people always cynical of government so they choose to believe what they choose to believe…
      Take care of yourself Carlos and thanks for the comment. It’s one thing to listen to the news (and we’re watching tons because what else is there to do) but something else to hear people’s personal experiences…

  11. Hi Frank, As I mentioned previously to you, I’ve been back in the States since late February. One thing I’ve been doing after going to the grocery store is washing all food packaging containers before putting them away. I was thinking I was being excessive, but since you’re washing your clothes after leaving apartment, I don’t feel like such a mental case any more lol.
    Hang in there and for Lissette’s sake, don’t go all “Jack Torrance” in us (Jack Nicholson, The Shining) 😉

    1. It can’t hurt Paula! Lissette tells me to wash my hands everytime I pour wine from a bottle or get cheese out of food packaging. I’ve got permanent dishwash hands 🙂
      Too late for the meltdowns Paula. Had one today hanging up the laundry. I think this will all make us a little crazy…

  12. Hola from Ajijic Mexico! Was glad to read your post this morning & see/hear what’s going on there. We are sequestered in our beautiful home overlooking the lake, which, for now, makes it easier to bare. The flip side is that we don’t really see what’s going on in the village. I hear cars. I heard a concert in an event center nearby last night. A Mexican family had a patio party 2 days ago. Many meetings & presentations have been canceled. Our governor “suggested” a 5 day shut down for now. I was the last patient in my dentist’s office before she shut down. So who knows.

    1. Hi Chris. Ahh, I see you’re not far from another city called Leon..
      My mom in the same situation in San Miguel de Allende. I think for Mexicans it’s very hard being isolated being such social culture. I haven’t heard large numbers from Mexico but you never know if people aren’t testing, right? They are saying that infection rates in warmer countries have been lower so that’s a good thing I guess…
      All the best!

    1. It’s definitely reduced. There’s always thousands of planes in the sky, including all the courier companies and small little planes I see on that screen.

      1. Retired US Air Traffic Control, Frank… I get the situation.

        Just when I read, “India shuts International air traffic for one day”
        Then I see dozens of airplanes there.?

        I see flag carriers from almost every country I can think of. It just makes
        me question what “they say” with what “I see”

        And I see “India cancels all domestic air traffic”… and I see the same?

        1. I don’t know the answer to that Michael. But with Emirates grounding all their fleet, Singapore Airlines and Ryan Air grounding 95+% of their fleet, and other airlines shutting down I’m sure it makes a big dent.
          You’re a former Air traffic controller – what percentage of total flights do the commercial airlines make up?

          1. I can only give my opinion… and only really for the US.

            But I would say on any given day the breakdown might look like this?

            75% Commercial
            15% Private
            10% Cargo

  13. thanks for your real time updates from Spain. (I am in upstate NY). Glad you are taking all the precautions you can. As you say – might as well, not much else to do. – Best to you guys, – Jan

    1. You guys have a good governor up there. If there’s a government official who’s stepped up it’s Andrew Cuomo. All the best Jan.

  14. I’ve always enjoyed your blogs and hope you both continue to be safe. I didn’t enjoy your bashing of President Trump in this blog. Really? Very unnecessary. You’re not here right now in the USA, Trump is doing a lot of things right also….as is the UK where some of my family is right now.

    1. Really Estelle? And what has he done right in your estimation? How can it be that the richest nation on earth is running out of necessary medical essentials and that medical personnel are going online pleading with people to print out protective masks on 3rd printers? Most governments started preparing for this in February, how come the US is so far behind the curve?

          1. “” And what has he done right in your estimation? “”

            This Frank.. But I don’t want to start any wars on your board.
            I am more than willing to discuss my opinions with you “off board”.

            You are a very straight up guy, and one I think could have a rational talk
            about it with.

          2. Nothing’s going to change my mind when it comes to Trump Michael and I don’t think anything I say will change yours.

            But the thing about having a blog is that I can voice my opinions. And I always allow others to voice their’s as well so long as it’s not hateful. But if I see people spewing garbage I have the right to delete it, just as readers who think I’m spewing garbage have the right to go read another blog…

          3. Understood completely…

            I would never try to “change minds”. I think simply that the media
            crucifies anything and everything he says or does. Now is he a blowhard,
            and a poor speaker, and a “wishy-washy, change-his-mind” every two seconds
            type of guy? 1,000% true.


            He also never receives ANY credit or even mention of his positive contributions.

            There is a website of his “accomplishments”, that I would be happy to offer up.
            But many are not ready to even accept there could be any good at all.

            Yet he has done much for Veterans, for minorities, for 911 victims, for medicare,
            for black colleges and Universities. And many other things.

            Just as 100% of the people on the Right cannot only be wrong, 100% of the Left
            cannot only be right.

            Stay safe.. we all are on edge a little right now.

            But it is time for all of us to pull in the SAME direction, for once.

          4. Thanks Michael.

            America has always been it’s best when everyone works together. People have to put aside their political differences, and it has to start at the top (not just the president but everyone). On that note, I see the markets are up big today hoping that the relief plan goes through. Let’s all hope so.

  15. Glad you guys are staying sane and have access to groceries (very unfortunate shop name), you’re a few weeks ahead of us so it’s good to know we might not go too loopy when the time comes. We’re in lockdown in the UK as of last night (about time too), Boris finally ‘told’ everyone what to do, rather than just ‘advising’. The selfishness and stupidity of people still gathering in large groups over the last week has been incredible, just hoping they might finally stay put now. We’re still allowed out to exercise at the mo, so are making the most of that, but I’m sure it’s only time before we’ll have to resort to dog rustling and stocking up on dino costumes (WTF?) to be allowed out. Hubbie is a ‘key worker’ so still has to go out to work, a blessing in that he has an income, but worrying as he’ll no doubt catch it at some point. Feel a bit like sitting ducks. Yeah, travel blogging isn’t the best industry to be in right now, and I’m kicking myself for ditching the job and going full time blogging back in Dec. If only I’d known. That’ll teach me for having dreams! Time to reassess the future as I agree it will take a long time for the industry to get back on its feet. Also difficult to know what to post at the mo, agree travel seems insensitive, but equally fed up of the ‘things to do at home’ posts that are flooding in. Might just hibernate till all this is over. Loving the clock (maybe because I don’t have to listen to it all the time!), and have to say I’d be with Lissette on the beard situation 😉

    1. Hibernating sounds like a good idea Heather. I admit I’ve lost some travel motivation and it is hard to be motivated to do things at home. We’ve been telling ourselves we have to work out and today was the day. Maybe we’re all just a bit depressed…
      You learn a lot being a full-time blogger and it isn’t wasted Heather. Whether it rebounds soon or not, you’ll have skills to add to your CV if ever back on the market. And even if you don’t maybe you can get Hubbie to get a 2nd job (Ha! just kidding…)

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