Amazing Iguazu Falls, Brazilian side – and getting attacked by angry Toucans


We took the plane from Rio to Foz do Iguacu. Unlike the mountainous area surrounding Rio, the terrain in this area of Brazil is flat and featureless – until you suddenly see Iguazu falls and the cloud of mist rising into the sky.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (2)

Below: A few photos from the Brazilian side of the falls. Note that the borders of 3 countries meet at the confluence of the Parana and Iguazu rivers: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Only Brazil and Argentina share the falls however.


Iguazu Falls, Brazil (3)

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (4)

The falls are a Unesco World Heritage site. The statistics: the falls are 2.5 miles wide and 260 feet high and has a total of 275 separate falls. The Argentinian side actually has more of the falls, but many say that the Brazilian side has the best views. I have to agree, to a point, with this: on the Brazilian site of Garganta del Diablo you are surrounded on almost 3 sides by waterfalls. It may be the single best view of the falls. The falls are also described as “the most beautiful border in the world”. I’m not sure about that – I remember being incredibly impressed by Victoria Falls on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border (which are 355 feet high, almost 100 feet higher than Iguazu). In any case, Iguazu is incredibly impressive and the views on the Brazilian side spectacular.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (5)

We stayed at The San Martin Resort and Hotel which is about 4 km from the Iguacu airport and 500 meters from the entrance of the Iguazu Falls National Park. It is a large resort with about 150 rooms and its location is an absolutely perfect base to explore the Brazilian side of the falls.

It is also right next to a bird park which we visited below:

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (6)

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (7)

We were walking around looking at the birds when we saw this guy below. Doesn’t look happy does he? About a second after taking this photo he launches off that railing and starts trying to pecker my leg. I’ve never been peckered by a bird before. Perfect I thought – even the wildlife hates me in Brazil.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (8)

Getting there: We flew GOL from Rio, an approximately 2 hr flight.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil (9)

See our Destination Guide on Brazil for more information on this country.



The Argentinian side of Iguazu


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  1. Really nice photos, especially I like the butterfly! You were so lucky to take a photo like that! I’m happy you enjoyed it there, it’s an amazing place!
    Tom recently posted…Lakshadweep Islands – Hidden Paradise in the Indian OceanMy Profile

  2. WOW, amazing falls! this is in our bucketlist too! I can’t wait to visit after seeing this! wonderful photos!
    Heart recently posted…Everest Mountain Flight: the day we saw the highest peak on earthMy Profile

  3. Wow, that looks stunning! And yes toucans can be aggressive….luckily their bites don’t hurt!
    Wendy DeChambeau recently posted…Eating in the Real Rainforest CafeMy Profile

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