Need an apartment for a month in Kyoto? Here’s the place to stay


Anyone familiar with us knows that we are big fans of Airbnb. In fact we spent 315 night in Airbnb apartments in 2016. The one major exception was Kyoto. When researching where to stay in Kyoto I found the Airbnb options in Kyoto depressing (funny enough, the 2 Airbnb apartments we stayed at in Tokyo were disappointing as well). So I started looking at different options – and that’s how I came across CMM Ekimae. They cater to people booking apartments by the month. [Read more...]

A hike to the Mila Gojsalić statue, Omiš, Croatia

A hike to the Mila Gojsalic statue, Omis, Croatia

I’ve previously written about Omis and why it is my favorite Croatian town. But there is another attraction outside town that I had previously heard of and had always wanted to see – the Mila Gojsalić statue. [Read more...]

Our Kyoto meltdowns. Are we all just photo-clicking monkeys? What’s travel about?

Our Kyoto meltdowns. Are we all just photo-clicking monkeys What’s travel about

On my last post I had a photo essay of our highlights in Kyoto. Kyoto has a lot to see as far as temples and gardens and we appreciated the architecture and natural beauty that we saw during our month there. I’ll be honest though – we both had meltdowns. They fell on different days, in different places, but they were both meltdowns. [Read more...]

Photo Essay of Kyoto (and our highlights)


Kyoto was the capital of Japan from 794 AD to 1869 and is considered the “home” of traditional Japanese culture. It contains many of the country’s most famous temples and shrines and almost all are surrounded by beautiful gardens and/or situated along the scenic foothills that skirt the city. Visiting a temple in Kyoto is not just about seeing a religious building, it is just as much about the nature surrounding them. [Read more...]

Looking back at 2016…and forward to 2017. And our Travel Oscars (and losers) for the year.


Ah, the usual yearly wrap-ups that we travel bloggers come up with. But I’ve said it before: year end posts are about remembering what we did in the year, how far we came in fulfilling what we hoped for, and remembering how we felt about the places we visited as well as where we are in life. After all, the main goal when I set up this website was to document our travels (for ourselves).

In this post you’ll see a summary of the different places we went, our favorites and not-so-favorites, as well as some thoughts on our lifestyle as full-time (slow*) travellers. I’ll also go over some of our plans for the coming year. [Read more...]

Ninja training in Kyoto


One of the most mythical figures in Japanese folklore is that of the Ninja. Unlike the Samurai (the warrior class of the military) the ninja was a secretive figure, often hired as a covert agent or mercenary. Think of him as a Japanese Jason Bourne. He could sneak around undetected, he knew martial arts and was taught, from an early age, how to use multiple weapons like swords, daggers, darts, spikes, knives and star-shaped disks (shiruken). [Read more...]

December 18, 2016 newsletter – Japan to Serbia, hitting 50 (and the benefits of age), Trump, Obama, Netflix, and some weird photos from Japan


We’ve just arrived in Belgrade, Serbia. A bit on that in this newsletter as well as reflections on turning 50, a few odd photos from Japan, as well as thoughts on Trump, Obama and Netflix.




The 4 places on our “Expat base” shortlist


I guess it’s a natural progression – working the 9-5 lifestyle, leaving it all to travel full-time, followed by the inevitable…finding a base somewhere.

We’re not quite there yet but, after 2 ½ years of full-time travel, 2017 might be the year we actually sign a lease somewhere. It is in no way a rejection of the full-time travel lifestyle – we love travelling and exploring different places as much as ever. [Read more...]

Going Hello Kitty Crazy at the Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo)


I had kept it as a surprise for 2 months. We were at the Premier check in counter of the Keio Plaza Hotel when Lissette spotted a familiar image on the room cards that were handed to us. “HELLO KITTY!!!” she exclaimed, her face suddenly red in excitement. She did a skip and a hop. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her as happy. [Read more...]

“Hot or Not?” Visiting Shinjuku and the red light district of Kabukichō


When people think of Tokyo, visions of Shinjuku come to mind.

Shinjuku is modern Tokyo: the home of tall skyscrapers in West Shinjuku, the neon lights of Kabukichō (the city’s red light district in East Shinjuku), and Shinjuku Station, the busiest train station in the world. Crowded day and night with office workers, tourists, and the service workers that cater to them, the area is (with a few exceptions) bustling and chaotic. [Read more...]