Bamberg, Würzburg or Nuremberg? Photos that’ll convince you why Bamberg should be your base in Franconia

Bamberg, Würzburg or Nuremberg  Photos that’ll convince you why Bamberg should be your base in Franconia

On a recent trip to Germany’s Franconia area we were confronted with an issue: where to base ourselves for our 9 days in the region. There were 3 main choices: Nuremberg (the biggest city in the area), Würzburg (a lovely smallish city on the popular “Romantic Road”) and Bamberg (a small town who’s historical center is listed as a World Heritage site). We had originally thought Würzburg based on recommendations from friends and I went about trying to rent an apartment on Airbnb. I found prices on the high side. I decided to look at Bamberg – and then found the perfect apartment at a good price. So Bamberg it was.

map of franconia

Bamberg ended up being the perfect place. It is the typical fairy tale German town full of half-timbered buildings and quaint cobblestoned streets. The historic center is built around the small Regnitz river and extends up to seven hills around town, all crowned with a church or monastery. Some photos:

Below: Views of the Historic Center through the arch of the Rathous.

views of old town Bamberg through the arch of the Rathous

Below: Looking towards St. Michael’s Monastery from the Rose garden of the Neue Residenz.

Views on St, Michael's Monastery, Bamberg, Germany

Below: along the main street in the Historic Center.

pretty street in Bamberg, Germany

Below: The Bamberg Cathedral, built in 1002. Is home to the sole tombstone of a Pope (Bishop Suidger) north of the Alps. 

Bamberg Cathedral, Bamberg, Germany

Below: Another view of the Cathedral.

Views on Bamberg Cathedral


Below: The Rose Garden of the Neue Residenz. We’re told it is beautiful in the summer.

Rose Garden Gate at the Neue Residenz, Bamberg, Germany

Rose Garden at the Neue Residenz, Bamberg, Germany

Below: The Neue Residenz, home of  Royalty.

Neue Residenz, Bamberg, Germany

Below: The Gate of the Royal Household which used to house a granary, stable and blacksmith. The town’s Historical Museum is located here.

Gate at Historical Museum Bamberg, Germany

Below: Views through the gate to the Neue Residenz.

Neue Residenz from Historical museum, Bamberg, Germany

Below: Courtyard of the Royal Household, the spires of Bamberg Cathedral in the background.

Bamberg Cathedral, exterior

Below: streets of the Historic center.

Street in Bamberg, Germany

restaurant in Bamberg, Germany

Obere Brücke statue, Bamberg, Germany

sign in bamberg, germany

Beerhouse in Bamberg, Germany

bamberg germany on a rainy day

Below: The city’s landmark is the Rathous (Old Town Hall). It is located on a small island in the middle of the river and served as the link between the old and new town.

rathous in bamberg

Below: if you look closely you’ll see this leg sticking out of the facade of the Rathous.

leg sticking out of the rathous, bamberg, germany

rathous in bamberg, germany


One of the reasons Bamberg is so special is that it escaped being bombed in WWII. Because of this, it is one of the few German cities that managed to retain it’s original infrastructure and charm. Although both Nuremberg and Würzburg are very pretty, you’ll see a mix of restored buildings along with modern architecture in both. You won’t see any of that in Bamberg’s old town.


Below: Views from the tourism office.

views, Bamberg, Germany


Below: The Upper Parish Church (our Lady’s Church) – the view from our apartment.

The upper Parish Church (Our lady's church), Bamberg, Germany


Below: Half-timbered buildings around town.

half timbered building, bamberg, germany

Below: Untere Brücke, one of the small bridges crossing the river.

Untere Brücke, bamberg, germany

statue on Untere Brücke, bamberg, germany


Below: Views along the Regnitz river

Views on St. Michael's, Bamberg, Germany

bridge on Regnitz river, Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg, little venice, Germany

views on Regnitz river, Bamberg, Germany


In addition to it’s small size and the charm (and friendliness) that come with that, there are a few other reasons why Bamberg makes a great base in the area.

Transport. Bamberg, Nuremberg and Würzburg lie in a rough triangle and getting between cities takes the same time whatever your base. Bamberg to Nuremberg takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on the train and number of stops, Bamberg to Würzburg takes between an 1 to 1 ¼ hr. So despite being smaller, Bamberg has the same great rail connections. The only inconvenience with choosing Bamberg  is if you’re planning a visit to the pretty but very touristy town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber – in that case you’re better off in either Nuremberg and Würzburg (both an hour away from Rothenburg ob der Tauber). 
Costs. Comparing the costs of Airbnb apartments between Würzburg and Bamberg I found prices in Bamberg about 20% less on average. I don’t know why this would be but apartments in Würzburg seemed on the high side (and this was late February, definitely low season).
Beer. Bamberg has the best beer we have had anywhere. The town has a population of about 70,000 and there are 11 breweries which tells you how much they love their beer here.


residences, Bamberg, Germany


Bamberg impressed us so much that we are planning to come back sometime in either summer or autumn. It is one of our favorite German towns.

I will be doing a post in the next few days on Würzburg which is also magical. But Bamberg was our favorite of the 3 cities and our recommendation as a base in the area.


Have you been to Bamberg? If so, what did you think of it?



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  1. Haven’t been to Bamberg YET! You’ve got some great photos of it here, though. It reminds me a little bit of Strasbourg with the way the river winds through the city. We will be back in Germany this August/September so Baby Gypsy can meet the German side of the family. As we won’t be tacking on any additional countries on this trip, I hope we can do some sightseeing in Franken and Bayern instead; maybe Bamberg will be our destination! Our German hometown is actually in Mittelfranken – it’s Dinkelsbuhl, the sister town to Rothenberg o.d. Tauber and roughly 40km away. I can’t remember if I’ve commented this to you before, but if you’re in Germany in July, check out the Kinderzeche festival in Dinkelsbuhl! It’s fantastic. I’ve written a couple posts about it in the past if you have any interest or are able to attend!
    Katrina recently posted…When Harburg Castle Told Michael Jackson to “Just Beat It”My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      That is a great story Katrina. I’ve linked it here. Would love to see it and to drink the copious beer that you refer to. I don’t think it’ll be this year but for sure we’d love to go see it. I think I’ve mentioned to you in the past – we love Germany.
      Thank you for the great tip.
      It sounds like a great trip you have planned. Beautiful region, my mom is from close by as well (Erlangen, which we passed through a bunch of times by train). As far as a base, you can’t go wrong with Bamberg, we really enjoyed it.
      Thanks for the great comment Katrina.

  2. We were in Bamberg for a short time a few years ago for the Christmas market and need to go back when we have more time to explore. Would love to have a beer with you next time you’re in the area!
    Travels and Tipples recently posted…A Tale of Two FortressesMy Profile

  3. Great photos! We have never been to Germany but the more we see of it the more it is becoming on the to do list!
    Paul and Carole recently posted…Taxis – the cost of transport in Koh Samui, ThailandMy Profile

  4. I so want to return to Germany, especially, Bavaria. We haven’t been to Bamberg, but we did spend 3 1/2 days in Nuremberg (not long enough) and loved it and 3 1/2 days in Munich, (not long enough) which we found fascinating. If you find yourself in Munich I can offer a couple of tips. Nuremberg was so pretty and quaint and charming, we were there in early March so the temps were nippy, but we very much enjoyed our stay. All of your photos only drive home the point that we need to return, love the leg extending from the mural!
    Patti recently posted…Celebrating Norooz, the Persian New Year ~My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks for the comment Patti. We enjoyed Nuremberg as well and would to go back there again in better weather. I’ve been there twice and somehow it always seems to be raining, cold and miserable. Maybe one day we get it on a decent day…
      Yes, I know you’ve got German genes Patti. Next time in Munich (we haven’t been since 2008) I’ll ask you for advice. Thank you 🙂

  5. Wow, talk about a picture perfect town. They were lucky to escape the bombing!
    budget jan recently posted…Sicily’s Scenic Southern Corner RevealedMy Profile

  6. What a convenient location and it looks picture perfect. I was lucky enough to get to Nuremberg for a day, not long enough, and fell in love with it. I know Bamberg will steal my heart by your fabulous photos. Nice to know that airbnb apts run cheaper compared to the other two cities…thanks for the tip Frank 🙂
    Paula recently posted…Slow Travel….By SailingMy Profile

  7. While we were in Slovenia a few years ago, someone told us that Slovenia is like a mini-Germany (super neat and clean). These pictures are incredible because they’re so CLEAN!!! Nothing out of place. No trash. Nothing! How do they do it??? Perhaps it’s just the culture or are people just neurotically clean over there?
    Hung Thai recently posted…I tried to cry but I couldn’t do it – Join Project Alpha and write for charityMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      I think Germans are very environmentally conscious. Our Airbnb host for example asked us to separate our garbage between organic and non-organic as well as recycle everything we could.
      But we’ve seen that before from Germans, both in Germany and abroad. And I think when things are clean you take pride in maintaining it.
      We were in Nuremberg and in one church they had all these photos of Nuremberg after the war. It was devastated, laid flat. And then there are photos of the reconstruction, some as recent as 10 years ago…it hit me what a monumental success Germany has become rebuilding after the war and in becoming the economic powerhouse of Europe. It also shows how, through 1 or 2 generations, a country can rebuild from nothing if there is enough willpower and political will. Sometimes you need to see photos before/after to really have something sink in…
      Frank (bbqboy) recently posted…Bamberg, Würzburg or Nuremberg? Photos that’ll convince you why Bamberg should be your base in FranconiaMy Profile

  8. Wow! It looks beautiful! I would love to visit there. Truth be told, l had never even heard of Bamberg ;-). We have only been to Berlin, but we have so many other places in Germany that we want to visit. Adding this one to the list thanks to your gorgeous pictures and review 🙂
    Kemkem recently posted…Historic Alcazar of Cordoba, Spain and PodcastMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      I think the best places in Germany are actually the small to mid-sized towns and not the cities. I hope you get there one day Kemkem!

  9. I think the best places often are the small to mid sized towns. You might get 1 great city that stands out but others can start to all look the same without much character.

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Especially true in developing countries! But yes, I’m in agreement – we much prefer our places a bit smaller.

  10. Looks like you’ve found a real gem Frank! Wonderful!
    Andrew recently posted…A Day in CroatiaMy Profile

  11. Very well managed and perfect town ever. we never seen before this type of town outside of the European country.

  12. Beautiful pictures – especially the view through the arch and the picture of the structure in the middle of the bridge. Stunning! I’ve been to Germany but never to Bamberg. Your pictures have definitely convinced me that it’s well worth a visit.
    Dana Carmel recently posted…An Afternoon at the Natural History MuseumMy Profile

  13. Dee (Dee's Butterfly Garden) says:

    What a beautiful place! It reminds me of a fairy tale place! Beautiful photos!!

  14. Jim Hauser says:

    At one time Bamberg was the home of a major army base. Thousands of American soldiers had been stationed there over the years and most have the same affection for the city. I was fortunate off to be one of them. A number of years later I took my wife to visit for a couple of days and she fell in love with the city also. Since then we have been to Bamberg many times, showing our children where I had been stationed. If we were anywhere in the area we always included at least a daytrip to Bamberg.

    For anyone visiting be sure to try the smoked beer that is a specialty of Bamberg. Also there is a small restaurant on the back of Michaelsburg where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch and have a beautiful view of the city from one of its highest points.

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thank you so much Jim for sharing that, I didn’t know it had once been a US base. That’s a nice story about going back several times with your wife and kids. My mom was actually born in nearby Erlangen and she’s always told me what a pretty place Bamberg is.

      Yes, we actually tried that smoked beer…it’s an acquired taste. I love beer but I just had a really hard time with it. Thanks for the tip on the restaurant, we’ll make sure to go the next time.
      Frank (bbqboy) recently posted…The 4 places on our “Expat base” shortlistMy Profile

Thanks for reading! Feedback is always appreciated!


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