A Week-In-The-Life of BBQBoy and Spanky in Prague

a week in the life in Prague, Czech Republic

Nora Dunn at The Professional Hobo is one of Canada’s most popular bloggers. She’s one of those few travellers who actually travels full time – she’s been on the road since 2007. Nora is currently using the Central valley of Peru as her base. She knows everything when it comes to travel and, with her financial background, is an expert on insurances, flying on points, and financial travel tips. Lots of good info on her site.

Last summer, while we were still in the Czech Republic, she asked us to write about our life on the road in her A-week-in-The-Life series of travel bloggers. It was published just last week.

You can see our post Here.

Thank you again Nora for the opportunity!


Everything IS Personal. And why you can’t love every place you visit…

everything is personal 2

“Some would certainly stone me for saying this, but I don’t travel to places for the people anymore. It’s the sights and things to do there that are why I go. Friendly locals are always a bonus in my book, but they don’t make or break a trip for me”.
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We’re Liebster award winners!



Actually, there’s no trophy or cash prizes associated with the Liebster award. The award is more like a baton passed from one blogger to various other bloggers, a kind of chain letter that shouldn’t be broken. I don’t usually get involved with chain letters. But ignoring a nomination is considered both bad form and the harbinger of bad luck. I’ve heard of some people getting genital warts from ignoring a Liebster nomination. The idea of the award is that it exposes the reader of a blog to other blogs and the people behind it, which is a good thing. In our case we received our nomination from Trupti at Exploring the Blue Marble. Thanks Trupti! [Read more…]

Last call, Montreal. Announcing Big Changes to the blog

June 21, 2014. I’ve lived in Montreal for the last 30 years, Lissette (ie. Spanky) the last 22. This city has been great to me; I came here for university studies at 18, got my first job, married, had a son. I had some advancement opportunities at work and ended up promoted to the perfect job, working with some great people. They were like family, supportive when I went through a divorce and understanding to the obligations of being a single dad. Montreal, always buzzing, always full of activities for both adults and kids, was the perfect place to raise a son.

I met Spanky in 2005. A  native New Yorker, she had come here for a change in life and career. Montreal was a change of pace from New York [Read more…]

‘Outside my Front Door’ – Montreal, Quebec.

Outside my front door, Montreal

Bloggers Paula and Gordon at Contented Traveller recently asked us to contribute to their ‘Outside my Front Door’ series. The objective behind these posts is to get a more personal perspective on bloggers, focusing not on their travel adventures but rather on where they come from and the routine of everyday life in their home environment. I’ve written extensively on Montreal on this site, covering the city’s highlights and providing tips on what to do from a tourist’s perspective – but this guest post was an opportunity to cover Montreal on a more personal level and share (to a mostly American audience) why Montreal is such a unique city to live in. [Read more…]

Looking back at 2013…and forward to 2014


I notice that this time of year is when most travel bloggers write about where they travelled over the last year, summarizing the highlights/lowlights of the past year and looking forward to the new year. We honestly didn’t have the most exciting 2013 so I figured I’d skip ‘that’ post – until I had a few other bloggers ask me about our 2013 wrap-up post. So I thought about it some more and realized that although not the most momentous year, we did achieve something major in 2013. [Read more…]

Travel Forums 101: dealing with Trolls, Haters, Expats, and other “Uglies”


Internet TrollImage Credit: Ukhumansrightblog.com

Travel Forums can be great places. You need a tip on where to go in a particular country, where to stay, or just want general information then it is the place to go for the most up-to-date information. My [Read more…]

My first guest post – How to Spend 3 Days in Montreal

how to spend 3 days in Montreal

My first guest post ever! The popular travel blog “Traveling Canucks” accepted my invitation to write an article on their site. Based in Vancouver (and I think some of the nicest Canadians you’ll ever meet are out west), they’ve never been to Montreal. So I figured that the perfect post for them and their audience would be an itinerary for a short stay in Montreal. Check out my post on How to Spend 3 Days in Montreal. If you like it, please consider Tweeting, sharing on Facebook, or emailing friends and help pass this along! [Read more…]