We’re not on Holiday! Differences between vacationing and travelling explained

Not on Holiday

Our recent one-week stay in Siem Reap Cambodia was fun. We would get up early and be picked up by our tuk tuk driver for our almost daily excursion to the ruins of Angkor. We would do lots of walking, then, sometime around [Read more…]

Ancient Angkor and the Top 10 Temples of Angkor Archaeological Park

The Top 10 Temples of Angkor

When people say they are ‘visiting Angkor Wat’ they really mean that they will be visiting Angkor Archaeological Park; a large area just outside Siem Reap (Cambodia) which consists of more than a thousand different temples. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument ever built, anywhere in the  world, and is world-famous. But that doesn’t mean that it is the most visually impressive temple in Angkor Archaeological Park. That distinction actually goes to another temple (which I’ll disclose below). [Read more…]

Photos of Faces and everyday life in Cambodia

Faces of Cambodia

Above: We met this lady selling Lotus fruit on our first day right next to Angkor Wat.

Our week in Siem Reap was fascinating and very rewarding. A one hour flight from Bangkok, you can’t help but be struck by the differences when you arrive in Cambodia. Firstly, Khmers look quite slightly different from Thais; darker, with rounder eyes and softer features. [Read more…]