Photo Documentary and Travel Tips on the beautiful town of Trinidad, Cuba

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Trinidad was just what we needed after Havana. It is a Unesco world heritage site and is referred to as Cuba’s colonial jewel; a small town of churches, mansions, and pretty colonial buildings located in a valley between the sea and [Read more…]

Photos and Travel Tips on Havana, Cuba

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Visiting Havana before Cuba changes has been on my list for years. The city reminds me of Venice; walking around this city is like stepping into a museum (a badly maintained museum). Most of Havana is a crumbling mess of buildings from the early to mid-1900s. The most interesting area for us was Central Havana where people actually live (as opposed to Old Havana which is for the tourists). You see little streets with broken sidewalks, old cars on cement blocks, washing hanging out of balconies, [Read more…]

Photo Essay – Sunsets and Volcanoes in Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

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Within Lake Nicaragua, which is the largest lake in Central America, lies Isla Ometepe. It is a small island shaped like an hourglass – both sides of the hourglass being volcanoes (Concepcion on one side, Maderas on the other) [Read more…]

Visiting Granada, Volcan Masaya, and Laguna de Apoyo – Nicaragua

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Every year I plan a one week trip with my mother. This time she surprised me by announcing that she’d like to meet up in Nicaragua.

We only had a week together, so we decided to stick to the area south of Managua; Granada, Masaya, Lake Nicaragua, Isla Ometepe – a manageable area that wouldn’t require too much travelling around.

Our base was Granada, which is known as a city rich in colonial history. [Read more…]

Why I love the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic will always be a special place for me. A crazy skin ailment first brought me here in 1995. For a month I hadn’t been able to lie down without my skin breaking out into hot, itchy blotches on whichever side I was lying. I had tried calomine lotion (which barely helped with the itching) and had finally seen a few doctors. They had no idea what I had. I think it was stress related – I was going through a divorce at the time. I decided that I needed a vacation.

[Read more…]