A Trip Up Table Mountain, Cape Town

A Trip Up Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Mountain is one of Africa’s natural wonders and is the most visited attraction in Cape Town.

Most visitors making the trip up Table Mountain get up here with the Cable car, then wander around the top of the mountain for the views. There are much more adventurous ways to get up here and I’ll have a post on that in the next little while. If I live through it. But this time we decided to stick to the very safe, well-trodden paths around the top of the mountain. This post will show what you can expect and the fantastic views you’ll experience at the top.

Below: The ‘Wheelchair Map’ (Map credit to TableMountain.net – click here to see the full map)

17612e_TM_Wheelchair Map_2013_ctp.indd

The map above shows the paths around the top of the mountain. The Map is called the “Wheelchair Map” because most of the paths along the top are wheelchair friendly. You’ll see all the great views along the route that make Table Mountain famous, from the different viewpoints on the eastern side looking over the city to those on the western side looking down the coast and over the Twelve Apostles.


Below: have a look at our 2 minute video. Premiere Elements still a work in progress with me…



About the Cable car ride: It is ultra-modern, capable of taking 65 people at a time. Time to the top is 5 minutes and it rotates 365 degrees on it’s way up/down so you can see in all direction.

Below: looking over the ‘Twelve Apostles”, a chain of peaks and buttresses lining the Atlantic Coast.

views over Twelve Apostles from Table mountain


Below: views towards the city center.

views from Table Mountain, Cpe Town

views, Table Mountain, Cape Town

Below: Devil’s Peak, the arrow-head shaped outcrop on the left.

Devil's peak from Table Mountain, cape town


This animal is the Dassie, also known more officially as the Rock Hyrax or Rock Badger. They are actually the closest living relative to the elephant, scientists having figured that out on the basis of similarities in the structure of the feet and the teeth.  You’ll see them all over Table Mountain, usually soaking up the sun on a rock.

Capy Hyrax or Dassie on Table Mountain, Cape Town

Dassie looking down on Camps bay, Table Mountain


Below: more views on the Atlantic coast, the Twelve Apostles rising from the shoreline.

looking over the Twelve Apostles from Table Mountain, Cape Town


Below: Looking down at the beautiful beach of Camp’s Bay.

Looking down on Camps Bay from Table Mountain, Cape Town


Below: Cable car and views over Lion’s head.

Views on Lion's head and cablecar, Table Mountain


Below: more views towards the city center. The island beyond is Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years.

flowers, Table Mountain

Table Mountain views, Cape Town

looking over Cape Town from Table Mountain


Below: Looking out at the dramatic coastline.

scenic lookout, Table Mountain, Cape Town



Tips and Resources

If and when to go. Before deciding to go up Table Mountain, I would recommend first visiting the Table Mountain website and checking 1) if the Cableway is open (it can be closed when there are high winds) and 2) the waiting time at the lower station. I’ve seen days and times where the average waiting time can be 2 hours and others where it can be 5 minutes.
–  Time to spend. If you’re doing the above non-adventurous walks around the peak, you’ll most likely end up spending anytime between 1-2 hours up top.
Getting to the Cableway Station: About 15 minutes from downtown Cape Town. It cost us 57 Rand with Uber.  If you are taking the city sightseeing bus (which you should take when visiting Cape Town), the Red tour comes up here. TIP: you can pre-purchase your ticket from the  bus driver, saving a lot of time in the line.
Times. First cable car up is at 8 am, the last one down is at 8pm.
– BRING A SWEATER! It gets cold up there.
More information from the official website.




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  1. Ahhh 🙂 Brings back memories from our time in Cape Town. Love the video! Very much looking forward to hearing if you hike it and your thoughts. I wanted to hike it, but we sort of chickened out in the end and just did the cable car.
    Sarah (Jetsetting Fools) recently posted…20 years after the Siege of Sarajevo: A photo essayMy Profile

  2. Loved the video Frank . Hv heard about Premiere Elements which is supposedly a v professional editing programme , but reportedly pretty hard to get the hang of ? Anyway the video came out really great . May hv to try it – I am still with Pinnacle Studio….. Looking forward to seeing your paragliding trip (and video from the flight ? ) as well as the hike up and on TM . Are you taking one of the routes up from Kirstenbosch Gardens ?
    And then we want to see Spanky doing the same … We want Spanky, we want Spanky ! Enjoy the flight – hairy stuff !

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks so much Tony: from the video Master himself!! Yes, Premiere Elements is very professional and complicated as hell for me, compounded by my impatience. I would need to take a course on it. But as it is I learn maybe one little thing at a time…Tony, you do such a great job with your videos and you’ve got the hang of your program – I wouldn’t change anything up. PE would have you going crazy.
      Oh yeah, paragliding tomorrow. I’ll make sure to add some music to the video this time.
      The hike I will be doing (next week) is the India Vensper hike: http://www.hiketablemountain.co.za/hiking-routes-table-mountain/ . Supposedly one of their most popular hikes. I’d also like to do a couple more if this one goes well.
      Yes, we all want to see Spanky paraglide. You know that would be funny. Go Spanky, Go! 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting to visit South Africa for the longest time – or just the African continent for that matter! I’ve heard nothing but great things about South Africa and Cape Town. From your pictures, I can see that it’s such a beautiful city. I love the fact that the cable car rotates so that you can really take in the full view. And until now, I’d never heard of Dassies. How ironic that they’re elephants’ closest relatives! 🙂

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Dana. The geography in Cape Town is amazing, yet it’s never too hot (the sun is but there’s almost always a cool breeze off the mountain. Perfect sunburn weather!). A few people freaked out about the rotating cable car and went in the middle where there was no rotation.
      Hope you make it here one day 🙂

  4. That’s a long way up! Enjoyed the video it really added to perspective. Can’t wait to read about your paragliding experience. That’s something that freaks me out, but I’m at the point in my life I’m up to getting out of my comfort zone… esp. if Spanky does it. Yes… Go Spanky Go. lol. I’m right there with Sarah (Jetsetting Fools) – I’m having a serious travel envy moment right now.
    Paula recently posted…Journey To The Center Of The UniverseMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Did the paragliding today and was a great experience. And not at all scary, I think we build it up in our minds…will be posting the video by the end of the week.
      Spanky? Maybe..Go Spanky, Go!
      She’s feeling the pressure and getting so pissed right now…

  5. No Spanky No!!!!!!!!! No Spanky No!!!! 🙂 . Oh hell..no! Spanky no!!!! That’s all l have to say. Gorgeous pictures as usual …glad you survived the paragliding . Nooooo!!!!!!! Spanky Noooooooo!!!!! Gotta have a voice of reason 🙂
    Kemkem recently posted…Reverse culture shock back in the USA?My Profile

  6. Oh wow those views are spectacular! Definitely another reason to visit South Africa!

  7. thanks for sharing the photos – you dont often see many from the top, and they are just stunning!
    Andrew recently posted…A Week in New Zealand (Part Two)My Profile

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