The Craziest show we’ve ever seen – Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

The Craziest show we've ever seen - Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

The Craziest show we’ve ever seen – Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

Great white sharks, mean Panda bears riding cows, scary rabbits, huge snakes, a whole bunch of other robots spitting fire or just making things explode…This has to be one of the craziest shows on earth. It’s for sure the craziest we’ve ever seen.

I’ve got a bunch of photos below but for a show like this nothing captures it like video. Have a look and make sure to turn the volume up to fully appreciate what a loud mess this show is.


Not everyone will like the show. I read this review on Trip Advisor:

“Seriously, the entire thing is kind of like low-budget horror film meets Tokyo pop culture dystopia. As in, giant panda riding a cow fighting evil space invaders on a sacred tribal island…? Or a series of really elaborate, really tacky parade floats with loud obnoxious music? Then random other unrelated but flashy scenes thrown together after that? Just may be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. All I left thinking is…what the heck did I just watch?”

She just described it perfectly. It’s also all the things we loved about the show.

Sure, it’s touristy, tacky and loud. It’s garish. And it’s expensive (8,000 Yen per person, that’s $95 CAD or $70 US these days). But the fun is contagious and I think we had a smile on our faces the whole time. Loved it. And if you want to be snobby about it: well, I paid $100/ticket to go see the Nutcracker in Montreal and halfway through it I couldn’t wait to go home. I didn’t want the show at the Robot Restaurant to end.

Some photos 

The Craziest show we've ever seen - Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

The Craziest show we've ever seen - Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

The Craziest show we've ever seen - Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

The Craziest show we've ever seen - Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

Robot Restaurant, TokyoRobot Restaurant, TokyoRobot Restaurant, TokyoRobot Restaurant, TokyoRobot Restaurant, Tokyo

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo


The Tokyo Restaurant was at the top of my list of things to see in Tokyo. It didn’t disappoint. We loved it.

*Note: We paid 100% out of our own pockets to go to the Robot Restaurant. Opinions are 100% our own.


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Practical Information

– The restaurant is located in Kabukichō, Tokyo’s red light district (in Shinjuku Ward).
Robot Restaurant website.
– Cost 8,000/Yen person
– Show duration is approximately 90 minutes.
– We stayed at the Keio Plaza Hotel, an easy 15 minute walk (in a quieter part of Shinjuku).
– Although a “Restaurant” most people don’t eat there and I’m told the food is terrible. Stick to the show and drinks.



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Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

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  1. I’ve been to this show and absolutely LOVED it. My boyfriend went the year before and hyped it up. I couldn’t wait to see it! We went to the last show of the night and I think we were the only ones who were appropriately excited. Most people looked unimpressed or confused. Idiots! It was the best show ever.

    1. Ha, you feel passionate about it! Yes, we saw some of that too – I guess it depends on your sense of humour about it. Sometimes we go to comedy shows and can’t understand what people find so funny…each to his own.
      But I’m glad to hear we’re not the only ones who loved it 🙂

    1. Silly is in the eye of the beholder, some people like to spend their money on fancy cars, expensive clothes, or cheap hookers. Everyone has different taste.

      So what kind of show would you spend $70 on?

    1. Yes, but you’d miss out on great whites, pandas on cows, and giant snakes 🙂
      Must be a generational thing, my ex-boss Tony (above) felt the same way.

  2. This show sounds so horrendous that it’s a brilliant idea, and that’s coming from someone who LOVES the Nutcracker (ballet, I presume you were talking about?) and is off to sit in her own private box pretending to be posh in a couple of weeks 😉 I think you’re right though, Japan is all kinds of crazy with these bizarre ideas, but it’s simply a different culture, and we should at least try and embrace it, even if it’s not our usual sort of thing. Good for you for checking it out.

    1. I took my son to the Nutcracker many years ago when he was young. Just the 2 of us dressed nicely in shirts and jackets sitting with the beautiful people. I wanted to expose him to culture.
      It was beautiful but by halftime we were both ready to go home. Now, if they had a Robot Restaurant in Montreal you know we woudn’t have felt that way!

  3. Really enjoyed this post, the whacky world of Japan. Love experiences that you may not understand but make you smile, where you look at each other at the end and say what the hell was that all about, we have had a few of these! Entertaining post!

    1. Yes, it’s like going to a Muay Thai fight in Thailand and getting served beer by a ladyboy. Only in Thailand 🙂 We like those weird things too, things that are unique to different places in the world…

  4. Looks like an acid trip meets Cirque du Soleil meets pro-wrestling. Some pop culture might be entertaining but I think the music and lights would give me a massive migraine if not the cost of the tickets. OMG – I just realized I sound like an old bat! Glad you guy had fun but definitely not for us! 🙂

  5. I’d heard of this restaurant before we visited. It’s not really our cup of tea, but glad you guys had fun. I used to enjoy going to Medieval Times 🙂

  6. Frank, any mention of Cirque du Soleil was just an example (real talent vs programmed robots…) and it wasn’t an ‘attack’ on either of your cultural enjoyment, tastes, or likes. And most surely there is NO way you should feel ‘ashamed’ about liking such shows. That was the furthest thing from my mind. Of course there are different strokes for different folks (Thank God !) in entertainment – as in everything else. Needless to say, none of us have to like, or appreciate the same things. But put it this way, Japan’s (to me, infantile…) “Pop Culture” is not at all one of my reasons for wanting to visit Japan – in fact it one of the reasons I wouldn’t want to visit Japan. Its about as interesting to me as Ghetto hip-hop or kids wearing jeans that hand around their ass (or knees) and think its cool (another question of personal tastes..)

    Tokyo Resto just did not fit my strokes, that’s all, – so (as you do) I expressed things as I saw – or appreciated – things, which in this case was not at all… I follow your and Lissette’s travels in Japan (as elsewhere) with great interest , detail, attention and appreciation. For sure you have seen some really fantastic and wonderful things and sights there (as we hope to do one day too) . I just found it rather strange that Tokyo Resto was at the top of your ‘to see’ list. But that’s me…Go for it. Cheers, Tony

    1. I always appreciate your opinion Tony and I’m sorry if I sounded defensive. But for us the “weird Japan” held an interest as much as the historic Japan.
      And honestly? At this point we’re temple-ed out. Have seen so many temples that robots and dancing girls sound pretty exciting.

      Brace yourself: I’ve got a post coming up within the next week or so that will have you seeing red (or pink. That’s a hint). Believe me, you’ll want to take some anti-vomit medicine before looking at it…

  7. Come again ? This was at the top of your list of things to see in Tokyo ? I must be missing something, somewhere … Sorry to rain on the parade, but I just see no sense to any of it (if there is meant to be any sense to it at all ) . And sense is the last thing I would be looking for, as there’s so much to dislike (hate?) about it before ‘sense’ enters the equation ! Paying $ 100 – or more – to see real talent in real shows like Cirque du Soleil is one thing, but the day I would pay $100 (or anything for that matter !!!) to see ‘programmed s—t” (lack of a better word) and so much infantile crap , will be never !!!

    I have to put it up there with such cultural ” icons” as the Japanese keeping and “feeding” their robot puppies or dogs, or such similar planned infantile mental regressions….Maybe its a generational thing ? With surveys/polls showing that the younger generation (worldwide) preferring “LIfe” in the “Virtual World” to the “Real World” by a 80% to 20% margin, perhaps its not surprising that such BS exists, is growing and thriving. Maybe its the Future after all ? Hell, I just can’t wait till they have ‘real’ robots serving us in the ‘real’ restaurants … Brave New World !

    1. We’ve been to Cirque du Soleil, actually Lissette went to see Cirque du Soleil in New York under a tent before they ever made it big. And then we’ve seen the big, mega-production in Montreal. Sure, it’s a great show….just as “Nutcracker” is a different kind of show that attracts a different audience. But we’re not going to feel ashamed because we enjoyed a loud show with robots, loud music, and dancing girls. It was fun. And in the end that’s what it’s about, it’s not about “I went to see the Nutcracker in my suit and tie and sat with the beautiful people in the first row“. Because I did that – and it was fucking boring.

      People come to Japan for different reasons: Historic, Cultural, but also for the unique modern “pop-culture” side of Japan. We’ve explored more temples than you can count in Kyoto, have gone to a Tea Ceremony in Tokyo, have dressed like a Geisha (well, Lissette) and took a Ninja training class in Kyoto – but besides the robot restaurant we’ve also been to Maid cafes, visited the Harajuku girls, and also plan on doing some karaoke while dressed in some stupid animal suit. If it was affordable we’d have gone to see a girlie show in the red light district as well. Why not, we’re in Japan and will probably never be back. Why not have fun? Robot puppies or dogs? Nope, haven’t seen any of that.

      Tony, you need to drink some sake and chillax 🙂

    1. Actually it’s unique Becky and I’m not quite sure why they call themselves a restaurant – people come here for the show. But it IS a fun night out 🙂

  8. I had never heard of the show before… how crazy and fun is that. I can see why you had it on your list of ‘must do’s’! I shall ‘pin it’ incase we manage to get there sometime!

    1. It’s a unique experience. Your kids would love it Jane.
      By the way, you can find a discount for the Robot Restaurant in Wattention magazine (see page 26). 2,000 Y discount, wish we had known about it before going.

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