1. Nothing sucks worse than those damn change fees. I totally feel you. I paid more in fees than tickets end of last year :-(. Love the recap of the travels. Amazing how much scamming there is all over, and it seems especially in Romania. That train journey just sounds positively painful. We still have to make our way to Prague, but l am sure we would love it there, from you stories as well as from another blogger who lives there. Safe travels 🙂 .

    1. Thanks Kemkem. I know Transylvania is in Lonely Planet’s top places to go in 2016…but sometimes places get too hyped up and everyone gets in on the act about how place is so great. I’m just trying to give people the other side…
      Prague is always beautiful, maybe a little less so in gray winter, but still incredible. And the cheap beer will always be here 🙂

  2. Great recap of some busy travel! It can be so frustrating dealing with the airlines and their rules. I finally did my first AirBNB in Cuba, worked out well, and saved some money. Enjoy Prague!

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