Photo Essay – Montreal in the winter

Montreal in the winter

Here is a photo documentary of winter in Montreal. Long, cold, miserable, but sometimes beautiful as well.

winter views in Montreal, Canada

Montreal in the winter on Mont Royal

sidewalks covered in snow, plateau mont-royal, montreal

images of montreal in the winter

Montreal in the winter

winter fun in montreal, canada

Montreal in the winter, Mcgill campus

Above: the campus of McGill University

Montreal in the winter, Plateau

winter views fom mont-royal, montreal

Montreal in the winter


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Montreal in the Winter
Montreal in the Winter
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  1. Love this set of photos – especially the street shots after a snow. Montreal is an outstanding city to visit – and I’m lucky enough to be going back through it at the end of the month.

    You will enjoy Levi Tower though the only way to climb it at night is by signing up for the snowshoe tour with Ecorecreo.

    1. Thanks Leigh, good to know because officially it’s only open Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30. I’ll check it out sometime for the views!

  2. Beautiful photos and Montreal looks stunning in winter! When I visited in April, the snow had gone but it wasn’t quite spring yet. Montreal was sort of like an awkward teenager.

  3. Thanks for the link! Does the snow always stay so white and beautiful in Montreal? If so I’m jealous! In New York they salt the roads so that after a few days everything turns into a brown mush…

    1. Sometimes its a bit too much – like when its -30C and the wind in blowing in your face, freezing any exposed piece of skin. But usually you’re right – with the right clothing can actually be just ‘refreshing’.

  4. Beautiful. I’m debating booking a trip to Montreal around late December/early January. Do you think this timing is a good idea if I’m not interested in outdoor winter activities? I would be interested in seeing the tourist sites, NYE celebrations, food culture, day trip to Quebec city and attending a Habs game. I used to live in Canada as a student so I’m not afraid of the cold but I don’t want to skate or ski (I suck so bad that the experience isn’t enjoyable lol).

    1. Dec-Jan might be very cold, although we can sometimes be surprised by mild, sunny days. You never know, but you definitely have to bring a warm jacket and warm sweaters. But even on bad days there are many options: Biodome and Tower at Olympic Stadium, indoor Botanical gardens, and most of downtown is connected by the underground city. Some good museums. I think, if you’re prepared for cold, it can actually be quite a nice time to visit.

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