1. Frank, your sense of humour is just so great. I can’t stop laughing at the “staring at you” even the little dog…hilarious. But also the police officer calling the area you are staying “mierda”…priceless. We also have been worrying about the Corona virus and particularly getting stuck here in Asia…gulp. Stock Markets falling like a stone are also a huge worry. Can’t see how things are going to improve in the short term, since this virus appears to spread so easily and there is no hope of a vaccine for a while yet. We are re-thinking our travels plans also, since we wanted to tour Italy with our motorhome in April, but now we started thinking of other options. Great and hilarious post 🙂

  2. I did a day trip many moons ago to Novi Sad and saw a little of the place, but I’ll be interested to hear about it from someone who stayed a few days. The photos are brilliant, especially the one from South Africa!

  3. It seems that one have to worry about so many things as one considers moving to Spain. And, the recent spread of the nasty virus from China adds up to it being another dreadful scenario for us who may be contemplating a permanent or temporary move to Spain.

  4. First, Frank, your “staring” pictures made me laugh. Thanks for that!

    After reading your post, my first thought was was will you and Lissette leave for Canada to start your residency process sooner than later because of the outbreaks.

    We have actually cancelled our upcoming travel plans, primarily because of the reason you mentioned… getting stuck somewhere. I wasn’t as worried about getting sick because seemingly the odds would be in our favor, but we have very little flexibility in our calendar schedules so getting stuck in a hotel for who knows how long just won’t work. I think it’s the uncertainty that is proving to be difficult.


    Here in the US the CDC is warning people to be as prepared as possible. Again, the uncertainty of it all is worrisome. Especially, because the US does not have a pandemic response team.

    In following the reputable news media, I think it’s going to break out everywhere, the question is to what degree? Wait and see I suppose.

    Take care.


    1. Thanks Patti. We’ve been reading the same news.
      No, no plans on leaving for Canada early. Still have some documentation to do here…and not looking forward to seeing Canadian winter so will hold off long as we can.

      1. I meant to write in my comment… if you want to be stared out, try being a western woman (from the US) traveling through Iran for 3 weeks! At first I was worried, then I thought, “how rude” but then I realized they weren’t being rude, they were just in awe. Not because I’m something special (ha-ha) but because so many had never seen a western woman, especially the tween-age kids.

        I was treated with nothing but respect, and they were so gracious asking to take photos with them, and how did I like Iran, etc. After that, I learned very quickly to respond with a smile when I caught someone staring at me and it worked like magic.

        But with that being said, there are definitely times when we’re traveling that I’ve been done to stare right back! 😉

        1. That must have been a great trip Patti. And to have Abi showing you around…

          Would love to visit Iran one day and I regret we didn’t go over when we were in Armenia.

  5. The staring photos were hilarious! What is your theory on that? We’ll be in Seville from March 3rd for the month. If you happen to be there, we’d love to meet up. Safe travels!

    1. Oh, and my theory which is actually Lissette’s theory: usually guys take photos on the girls, not the other way around. So it’s curious. Maybe they think I’m famous having a photographer with me 🙂

  6. I’m supposed to travel to Sicily in less than two weeks, so if it’s going to blow over, it needs to get on with it. LOL

    On another note, I think people stare because they know you are not from around there. It happens to all of us. Like you, I try to use it and make fun of it. I’ve met tons of locals, because if they stare I ask a question, conversation ensues and we have a blast. It’s one of the main things I love about traveling.

    Good luck house hunting.

  7. We are really starting to worry about coronavirus too. We’ve started to read articles telling Americans to stockpile two weeks of supplies, which we read as “stuff is going to get real.” We are starting to get worried we will get stuck somewhere with no supplies, barely speaking the local language, and with no safe place to stay. We are also worried about borders closing and being stuck in place with no ability to go home (not that we have a home to go home to). But, so far, we haven’t modified any of our plans.

    1. I think much of it is over the top. Every year about 60,000 Americans die from the flu. The Coronavirus has a higher rate but from what I hear it is starting to peter out in China (at least from what we hear). Maybe it’ll blow over?
      Lissette read something today about a case in Alicante and another in Valencia. I have the feeling it’ll hit everywhere, you can’t really do anything about it. But what you say is exactly what we worried about – being stuck somewhere.
      In our case we no longer have insurance coverage at “home” (Canada) but are covered here in Spain. And Spain has a good medical system, we speak the language…so if we had to be stuck somewhere might as well be Spain which we are trying to make home anyway.
      But have to admit I was weighing whether we should be heading to Canada to wait this out…

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