The Best Views on Montreal’s Mont-Royal

The Best Views on Montreal’s Mont-Royal

The Best Views on Montreal’s Mont-Royal

I always tell people coming to Montreal that the first place they have to visit is “the mountain” (as we call Mont-Royal). Not only is it the most scenic spot in the city, it is the best spot to orient yourself with the geography of Montreal. We’ve lived in Montreal over 20 years and it’s the one place we regularly come to. As you’ll see in this post, the mountain is beautiful in any season.

There are three ways to go up the mountain: either by walking (there are various paths), by car, or by taking the bus (bus 11 from Mont Royal metro). Up top there are many trails. But there is one that beats all of them (see the path in blue below).

The Best Views on Montreal's Mont-Royal. Map

Here’s is how to get to the best walk – which features the best views – on Mont-Royal.

Start at the chalet. After looking at the great views, walk back (to the left) to the stairs that lead to the trails below. BUT don’t go down. Instead take the path to the left, just before you get to the steps. This path skirts the top of the mountain and has some really nice viewpoints over the downtown area before turning east and giving views over the eastern end of Montreal; the river, the Jacques-Cartier bridge, the Olympic Stadium, Parc Lafontaine and Le Plateau Mont-Royal district. If you continue on that path it will bring you down some stairs to a viewpoint (called Belvédère Camillien-Houde) that is very popular with tour buses. At that point, you can either go come back along the trail and head back down the stairs to downtown, OR, continue from the viewpoint down to the Plateau Montreal district (covered later). To do this latter option; just after the viewpoint you’ll see a dirt walking path on your right. Go down. It zig zags down through the park and will eventually take you down to the monument on Park Avenue. From there you can cross the street and explore the “Plateau”. This path gives you the absolute best views of the city.

Below: the Chalet and its views

The Best Views on Montreal's Mont-Royal.

Views from the chalet on mont-royal, Montreal

The Chalet. The Best Views on Montreal’s Mont-Royal


Below: after walking towards the steps from the chalet, continue left (instead of going down the steps). You’ll be on a path like this that skirts the mountain and gives you lots of views on the city

trails on Montreal’s Mont-Royal

The Best Views on Montreal’s Mont-Royal


Below: continue, the path will turn so you’ll be facing east. You’ll start seeing views like this, looking towards to the Olympic Stadium and Jacques Cartier Bridge. That’s the Plateau Mont Royal district below you (which you should visit while in Montreal).

The Best Views on Montreal’s Mont-Royal

Below: You’ll get to the Belvédère Camillien-Houde lookout. From here you can either follow a path down into the park (which will bring you into the Plateau Mont-Royal district) or come back from where you came (which should have been about a 15 – 20 minute walk from the chalet).

Belvédère Camillien-Houde lookout, Mont-Royal, Montreal


Below: you might even make a friend during your walk

making friends with a raccoon in Montreal

Below: Back at the chalet. Beautiful views even in winter.

Views on Montreal



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The Best Views on Montreal’s Mont-Royal
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