A year of Airbnb apartments (July 2014 – July 2015)

A year of Airbnb

We had never used Airbnb before last summer. Move the clock forward and we’ve stayed 196 nights of the past year in a total of 15 Airbnb apartments. I don’t know how we would travel the way we do without Airbnb.

In this post I’ll feature our favorite Airbnb apartment stays over the past year [Read more...]

Being Back ‘home’ in Montreal after a year of Travel. Observations and reflections.

Being Back ‘home’ in Montreal after a year of Travel, observations and reflections._edited-2

We came back to Montreal with a lot of conflicting feelings.

There was stress. For the last year Lissette has been working from a distance and the agreement with her employer was that it would last for just a year. Coming back, she knew there was no way that she could go back to working 9-5 behind a desk. And we were going to keep on travelling no matter what. Would they allow her to continue doing her work from overseas? [Read more...]

Are you proud to be (insert your nationality)? How I feel being Canadian.

Canadian flag 875

Note: this post was written in early 2015. A few things have changed since then and they’ve been noted at the bottom of the page.

Walking around Split, our guide mentioned a few times how proud she was to be Croatian. Later, having a beer on our balcony, Lissette asked me what I thought of that. And then asked me if I feel proud to be Canadian.

Firstly, I can see why Croatians would be proud of their country: Croatia [Read more...]

Travel Insurance for Canadian Travellers – sifting the facts from the BS

skydiving-in-amelia-island copy

Above image credit: ameliaislandskydiving.com

I knew little about Travel Insurance a few months ago. We had always been covered through a comprehensive policy through work which covered any trips with a duration of under 60 days. In fact most people cover themselves either through work or with a short-term policy covering a 2-3 week holiday. That’s what we did in the past.

But what if you’re out of the country (or province) for over 60 days or, for that matter, over 6 months? In our case I’ve had people warn me that we will no longer qualify for provincial coverage after 6 months. Wrong. But how much does provincial coverage count anyway? I’ll explore that. I’ll also explain some basic concepts to protect you from the BS that you (might) get from private health insurance companies. Because willingly  or unwillingly (because they have stupid and/or greedy people working for them), you might be quoted premiums for insurance that doesn’t fit your situation. I know that if I hadn’t gone the extra length in educating myself that we would have paid travel insurance premiums that are double what we ended up paying. I will also cover a different kind of travel insurance, that used to cover long-term travellers who are no longer covered by their provincial health insurance. [Read more...]