The place to stay in San Miguel de Allende

the place to stay in San Miguel de Allende

Where to stay in beautiful San Miguel de Allende? Stay where I do – at my mom’s !  It’s private, centrally located – and the value is phenomenal ($28 USD per night).

Here is a video I shot of the patio and room. Everything that you see in this video is your private domain when you stay here (my mom lives down below). [Read more…]

Guanajuato, Mexico – the prettiest town I’ve ever seen

Guanajuato, Mexico – the prettiest town I’ve ever seen

I love Guanajuato, it’s the prettiest town I’ve seen anywhere. I was here a few years ago and had my visit ruined when I came down with a horrible case of the craps (don’t ever order a salad in Mexico). So this time around I had a mission – to come back to Guanajuato and spend the day exploring and taking photos.

I left my mom in San Miguel and took the bus to Guanajuato which is a little over an hour away. Have a look at these photos. Imagine if Guanajuato was in Italy instead of Mexico – there would be thousands upon thousands of tourists walking these streets. Luckily it’s not. [Read more…]

Morelia (Michoacán) and why even UNESCO listed world heritage sites can leave you feeling blah

Morelia (Michoacán) and why even UNESCO listed world heritage sites can leave you feeling blah

I guess it was my fault. When planning my trip to Mexico I had mentioned to my mom that we should visit Morelia. She had told me that she hadn’t heard great things about the city. “But mom, the historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site”. It had to be impressive, right?

Morelia left us “feeling blah” but it’s not because of a lack of sights. There are plenty of sights, a few quite impressive. First a few photos…then I’ll go into what we just didn’t like about Morelia. [Read more…]

The ‘Pueblo Magico’ town of Patzcuaro, Michoacán (Mexico)

The Pueblo Magico town of Patzcuaro, Michoacán (Mexico)

One of the prettiest little towns I was going to see on my recent trip to Mexico was the town of Patzcuaro. Located in the state of Michoacán, it is one of 83 “Pueblo Magicos” (Magical Towns) designated by Mexico’s Tourism department. The designation is meant to promote towns around the country that offer visitors a “magical” experience – by reason of their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance. Click here to see a listing of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos.
. [Read more…]

Things to See and Do in Mexico City (Part 2) – And why Teotihuacan was a massive disappointment

Things to See and Do in Mexico City (Part 2) – And why Teotihuacan was a massive disappointment

I’m going to get into trouble for this post.

I’ve previously written about Mexico City (Part 1) and how impressed I was. It’s a HUGE city and really can only be explored bit by bit. Last time we (my Mom and I) stayed in the historic center and explored some of the neighborhoods using the Hop On/Hop Off bus (which is a great way for the first timer to get a feel for Mexico City).

This time we stayed in an Airbnb apartment outside the Historic Center and were a little more adventurous getting around. We also visited the famous Mesoamerican ruins of Teotihuacan, a place I was dying to see after having previously visited Monte Alban (outside Oaxaca) and Cholula (outside Puebla). As you can probably guess by the title of this post, the experience was a letdown. I’ll explain that in this post as well as cover where you should go instead to get a more rewarding Teotihuacan experience. I’ll also add a few things (including 3 museums) to my list of things to see and do in Mexico City. [Read more…]

Changing my mind about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Changing my mind about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico copy

A couple of years ago I visited San Miguel de Allende. I wrote a post on my visit at the time, saying that it was a pretty place, that it was well equipped as a Western retirement spot, but that I had found it overly ‘gringorized’. A few people weren’t happy with me saying that.

Coming back recently to visit my mother I have to admit I really loved my time there. What changed? A couple of things, most not really not having to do with San Miguel itself. [Read more…]

Things to do and eat in Oaxaca, Mexico. And the Poverty issue.

Oaxaca Mexico, header
I had a hard time writing this post on Oaxaca, maybe because I have contradictory feelings about the city that I still haven’t resolved in my mind. On one hand I love the size of the city, geography, food, and relative tranquility of Oaxaca. And it has tons of colorful buildings, impressive churches, as well as some great sites of interest in the surrounding area. There are lots of things I really like about the city. On the other hand I had a hard time with the economic disparities of Oaxaca, little things that  – similar to walking around with gum stuck to the heel of your shoe –  bothered me just enough for me to say that I don’t love the city. I’ll address that in detail further below. [Read more…]

The Spectacular Archeological Site of Monte Alban, Mexico

monte alban, mexico header

Above: view of complex from Platforma Sur

Monte Alban is one of the top 5 archeological sites in Mexico (the other 4 are Teotihuacan, Palenque, Chichen Itza, and Uxmal). But Monte Alban is special because of its spectacular geographic location; on a 400 meter plateau, it has 360-degree views over the valleys surrounding it including, on one side, the city of Oaxaca. [Read more…]

Photo Essay; The Colors of Oaxaca

the colors of oaxaca

Above: Santo Domingo church viewed through Flame tree.

One of the many things I love about Mexico are its vibrant colors. The city of Oaxaca is not different, in fact the colours seem even warmer, more tropical than those further up north. I’ll have a detailed post on Oaxaca coming up, but in [Read more…]

The History and Highlights of Cholula, Mexico

cholula, Mexico header

 (above Photo credit:

About half an hour from downtown Puebla, the town of Cholula (which is included in Puebla’s administrative area) is both a historical and scenic highlight in the region. Built here starting around the 3rd century BC is the Great Pyramid of Cholula (also known as Tlachihualtepetl), the largest pyramid ever built, even surpassing the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. It has a base of 450 by 450 meters (1,480 by 1,480 ft) and a height of 66 m (217 ft) and, according to the Guinness Book of Records, it is both the largest pyramid as well as the largest monument ever constructed anywhere in the world with a total volume estimated at over 4.45 million cubic meters. [Read more…]