Travel Insurance for Canadian Travellers – sifting the facts from the BS

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I knew little about Travel Insurance a few months ago. We had always been covered through a comprehensive policy through work which covered any trips with a duration of under 60 days. In fact most people cover themselves either through work or with a short-term policy covering a 2-3 week holiday. That’s what we did in the past.

But what if you’re out of the country (or province) for over 60 days or, for that matter, over 6 months? In our case I’ve had people warn me that we will no longer qualify for provincial coverage after 6 months. Wrong. But how much does provincial coverage count anyway? I’ll explore that. I’ll also explain some basic concepts to protect you from the BS that you (might) get from private health insurance companies. Because willingly  or unwillingly (because they have stupid and/or greedy people working for them), you might be quoted premiums for insurance that doesn’t fit your situation. I know that if I hadn’t gone the extra length in educating myself that we would have paid travel insurance premiums that are double what we ended up paying. I will also cover a different kind of travel insurance, that used to cover long-term travellers who are no longer covered by their provincial health insurance. [Read more…]

Meeting Marcos, the gay Guatemalan hairdresser


Last Friday I went with Lissette to the hairdresser, honestly kind of dreading it, knowing that I would be waiting at least 4 hours for her to get her hair done. It ended up as the most interesting cultural exchanges that I’ve had in a long time.

Lissettte has been going to the same Dominican hair salon for the last 25 years. When we entered, she saw Marcos, a hairdresser  that she hadn’t seen in 15 years. She introduced me to him – a short, stocky guy with a big smile and a very effeminate manner. He is gay, not just gay but Supergay. As Lissette introduces me she mentions that he was from Guatemala. [Read more…]

Falling for the Bangkok Gem Scam

bangkok gem scam

I never wanted to write about the Bangkok Gem scam. It’s embarassing. Only idiots fall for that, right? The same kind of idiots who get drunk and unknowingly bring ladyboys back to their room. But there’s something about Bangkok that brings the crazy and stupid out of people – and I was one [Read more…]