A hike to the Mila Gojsalić statue, Omiš, Croatia

A hike to the Mila Gojsalic statue, Omis, Croatia

I’ve previously written about Omis and why it is my favorite Croatian town. But there is another attraction outside town that I had previously heard of and had always wanted to see – the Mila Gojsalić statue. [Read more…]

Looking back at 2016…and forward to 2017. And our Travel Oscars (and losers) for the year.


Ah, the usual yearly wrap-ups that we travel bloggers come up with. But I’ve said it before: year end posts are about remembering what we did in the year, how far we came in fulfilling what we hoped for, and remembering how we felt about the places we visited as well as where we are in life. After all, the main goal when I set up this website was to document our travels (for ourselves).

In this post you’ll see a summary of the different places we went, our favorites and not-so-favorites, as well as some thoughts on our lifestyle as full-time (slow*) travellers. I’ll also go over some of our plans for the coming year. [Read more…]

The 4 places on our “Expat base” shortlist


I guess it’s a natural progression – working the 9-5 lifestyle, leaving it all to travel full-time, followed by the inevitable…finding a base somewhere.

We’re not quite there yet but, after 2 ½ years of full-time travel, 2017 might be the year we actually sign a lease somewhere. It is in no way a rejection of the full-time travel lifestyle – we love travelling and exploring different places as much as ever. [Read more…]

Things Travel Bloggers could learn from Donald Trump


Image: Gage via Wiki Commons

With the US elections only days away, many people have been focused on the things Donald Trump says and tweets. Somehow, with all his trash talk, lack of substance on issues, denigration of women, racist comments, deflection on tough questions and blustery hyperbole he not only gets away with things but has fans hanging on his every word.

So, I was thinking, what if Donald Trump was a Travel Blogger? Even for just one day? [Read more…]

Driving Spectacular Mt. Biokovo, Croatia

driving spectacular Mt. Biokovo, croatia

Mount Biokovo has some of the most stunning views I’ve seen anywhere. I’d seen photos before and wanted to visit – but when I went with Croatian friends Goran and Vedran (who had never been) we were all blown away by the natural beauty and incredible views in this Nature Park.

What makes Biokovo an easy place to visit is that you can drive to the very top of the massive, a 23 km drive that brings to Sv. Jure (the 3rd highest peak in Croatia). It is the highest road in Croatia. [Read more…]

The place to stay in San Miguel de Allende

the place to stay in San Miguel de Allende

Where to stay in beautiful San Miguel de Allende? Stay where I do – at my mom’s !  It’s private, centrally located – and the value is phenomenal ($28 USD per night).

Here is a video I shot of the patio and room. Everything that you see in this video is your private domain when you stay here (my mom lives down below). [Read more…]

Rovinj – and the world’s – best Airbnb host. And a few photos of beautiful Rovinj.

Rovinj – and the world’s – best Airbnb host. And a few photos of beautiful Rovinj.

I’ll usually do a post on a city and at the bottom mention where we stayed. This time I’ll do it the other way around. Because how we felt about Rovinj was totally eclipsed by the incredible, fantastic, amazing and extraordinary Croatian family that hosted us.  I’ve never done a post uniquely addressing a place of accommodation so this is a first.

We stayed a total of 5 weeks in Marina’s apartment. On the first day we were treated to a full meal (made by Marina) served to us on our balcony. She’s a professional chef by the way. As we would find out, nothing you eat in Rovinj will compare to her cooking. Throughout our stay there were surprises: strawberries or salad left at our door, home-made crepes with (of course) home-made jam, home-made cakes, a large fish platter, seafood soup, a spinach dish, risotto…I could go on and on with all the food she plied us with over 5 weeks. [Read more…]

Bbqboy and Spanky in the Media

bbqboy and spanky in the media

In the past we’ve been shy to be interviewed on other blogs. We also never thought of promoting the blog through the media. That suddenly changed over the past few weeks and through both chance and opportunity we’ve either written or been interviewed through different media and press.

Prepare to be fed up with our faces. [Read more…]

Lady, can you please shut the F*ck up?

frank on train

Travelling is not always pretty. The worst aspect of travelling for us is dealing with humanity. Case in point: our recent 13 hours getting from Prague to Padova (Italy). Some uncensored thoughts along the way… [Read more…]

Croatia’s 10 Best Hikes

Croatia's 10 Best Hikes

Two countries have stood out for me after 2 years of full-time travel: South Africa and Croatia. What do they have in common? Rugged mountains, beautiful coastlines…and incredibly scenic hikes.

We spent 3 months in Croatia last year, staying in Airbnb apartments as we covered most of this country. Looking for something more luxurious? Well, how about renting a villa? I’ve teamed up with Villa Plus on this post to share my list of 10 of the Best Hikes in Croatia, a topic close to my heart. [Read more…]