Montreal: options for cruising the Old Port and St. Lawrence river

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A lot of tourists coming to Montreal decide to take a boat cruise to see the city from a different perspective. Here are a few options and my recommendations.

There are 3 companies that do boat cruises of the St. Lawrence, I’ve detailed them further below. [Read more…]

Montreal museums part 2: museums on Ile Sainte-Helene

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Last weekend we decided to check out two museums on Ile Sainte Helene, the small island in the middle of the St.Lawrence. The island is easily accessible by metro or, alternatively, by [Read more…]

My first guest post – How to Spend 3 Days in Montreal

how to spend 3 days in Montreal

My first guest post ever! The popular travel blog “Traveling Canucks” accepted my invitation to write an article on their site. Based in Vancouver (and I think some of the nicest Canadians you’ll ever meet are out west), they’ve never been to Montreal. So I figured that the perfect post for them and their audience would be an itinerary for a short stay in Montreal. Check out my post on How to Spend 3 Days in Montreal. If you like it, please consider Tweeting, sharing on Facebook, or emailing friends and help pass this along! [Read more…]

The Montreal Just for laughs festival: what to see and do (and a few videos)

the montreal just for laughs festival
The Montreal Just for Laughs festival is the World’s largest and most famous comedy festival. Since it’s [Read more…]

Exploring the best of Montreal’s museums (on the cheap)

exploring the best of montreal's museums

This summer we decided to vacation here at home and re-discover Montreal. One of the things we did was explore Montreal’s museums, and since we had many rainy days to chose from, we got through 4 of the better and lesser known museums in town. Some I’ve been to in the past – but there a couple that I have never stepped foot in during my 27 years in this city. Here are our thoughts, and tips, on exploring Montreal’s museums. [Read more…]

Meeting Marcos, the gay Guatemalan hairdresser


Last Friday I went with Lissette to the hairdresser, honestly kind of dreading it, knowing that I would be waiting at least 4 hours for her to get her hair done. It ended up as the most interesting cultural exchanges that I’ve had in a long time.

Lissettte has been going to the same Dominican hair salon for the last 25 years. When we entered, she saw Marcos, a hairdresser  that she hadn’t seen in 15 years. She introduced me to him – a short, stocky guy with a big smile and a very effeminate manner. He is gay, not just gay but Supergay. As Lissette introduces me she mentions that he was from Guatemala. [Read more…]

3 bars with the best views in Old Montreal

3 bars with the best views in Old Montreal

Above: View from L’Auberge du Vieux Port

For some reason it seems very hard to find a website listing the bars with the best views in Montreal. So after a bit of googling, and some asking around, we decided to do a beer crawl to investigate the bars with the best views in Old Montreal. Here they are:

[Read more…]

Eating recommendations in Montreal

where to eat in montreal

Above: Première Moisson at the Jean Talon market.

As a Montrealer, one of the things that rubs me the wrong way are the posts on Montreal food from other bloggers. Maybe they all go on the same food tours – but I’m tired of hearing that you HAVE to eat poutine (I personally think poutine is gross), that you HAVE to eat bagels at St. Viateur (they’re ok, but a must?), or that you HAVE to go [Read more…]

Montreal – Visiting the Botanical Gardens and Insectarium

Montreal – Visiting the Botanical Gardens and Insectarium

Above: Entrance to Botanical Gardens, corner Sherbrooke and Pie-IX.

After having explored the Biodome and Tower Observatory a few weeks ago, we completed the Space for Life package (Espace pour Vie in French) last weekend with a visit to the Botanical Gardens and Insectarium.

Visiting the Botanical Gardens might seem to be a daunting task – it covers a space of 175 total acres including the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden, the First Nations Garden, and a huge arboretum (I had to look that word up – it means an area dedicated to only trees). And those are only the outdoor features of the Botanical Gardens. They also have a permanent indoor collection of greenhouses which most visitors, especially those coming to Montreal for a summer visit, will overlook. On top of all that, the Insectarium is also within the confines of the Botanical Gardens. Honestly, if you were going to try to see everything on the grounds you’d be stuck here for 3 days. You’d also most likely be so sick of trees, shrubs, and flowers that you’d never set foot in a Botanical Garden again.

So I’m going to tell you what to see in the 3 to 4 hours that most tourists are willing to take to visit the site. [Read more…]

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium: Visiting the Biodome and Tower Observatory

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium - Visiting the Biodome and Tower Observatory

This weekend we went to the Olympic Stadium and visited two of the most popular tourist sites in Montreal: the Biodome and the Tower Observatory.

The Biodome is a must-see for anyone visiting Montreal, even more so if you have young kids or teenagers. In it, you step into four different ecosystems of the Americas: The tropical forests of Venezuela and Brazil, The Laurentiane forest (a replica of the forests of Quebec and Ontario), the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence (covers the region from Tadoussac to the Atlantic), [Read more…]