Photo Essay and Safety Tips on Taganga, Colombia

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Taganga is a small village popular with backpackers. It also has a reputation for drugs, theft and muggings – I read a description of the town that basically summed it up like this: “Great if you are the hippy backpacker type who likes drugs and selling beads”. 

It’s not a pretty town and the beach is dirty. But I do think Taganga is worth seeing if only for its geography. The hills surrounding the village are full of cactus and I was struck by the beauty in the different hues of brush, dust, and rock. In the right light, the hills look almost purplish. I thought it was gorgeous. For this reason I think Taganga is worth a visit, even if only for a few hours. Take a hike in the hills and a boat ride in the bay.

views over taganga, colombia

views and cactus over taganga, colombia

views over town of taganga, colombia

fishing village of taganga, colombia

fruit stall in taganga, colombia

lady and bird in taganga, colombia

great views over taganga, colombia

Update: I read quite a lot of traveller reviews since posting the above. There’s been a lot of stories of muggings and theft in Taganga. Police here seem to be useless or even complicit in criminal activity. I love Colombia and have been enthusiastic in recommending the places I’ve covered in this blog. I would recommend however that Taganga shouldn’t be the place to spend the night.

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Have you been stayed overnight in Taganga? Did you find it dodgy? Interested to hear what you think!



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