Visiting the Montmorency Falls, Quebec

visiting the montmorency falls, quebec

12 km east of Quebec City are the Montmorency Falls, the highest falls in the province of Quebec at 84 m (275 ft) in height. Just to give you a sense of perspective, the falls are higher than Niagara Falls which are 51 m (167 ft) high.

The falls are the highlight of the Provincial Parc de la Chute-Montmorency. Right off the highway (we were on our way to Tadoussac) it is a nice stop to stretch the legs and do a bit of walking. They even have an airial tram to get to the top of the falls.

Costs: $11.00/per car  (including tax) for parking and entrance to park. Taking the airial tram is $12.59/person (one way, including tax) and is really not worth it, we kicked ourselves after. Walk the stairs instead.

tram up the montmorency falls, quebec

Above: views going up in airial tram


views from the top of montmorency falls, quebec


Below: You can see the historic center of Quebec City from the top of the falls.

views of quebec city from montmorency, quebec

views of montmorency falls, quebec

rainbow on montmorency falls, quebec

montmorency falls, quebec
The whole walk, including many stops to take photos, took about an hour. A nice stop, especially on a hot summer’s day.



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