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  1. Carlos Gomez

    Great information, it does not hurt to refresh or see updates, yes, Spain and in general traveling in Europe is very easy and not as expensive as a lot of people think, of course in a trip, accommodation and food is where most of the money goes but if you create routines like the one you described going to the supermarket, making some sandwiches and things like that help the budget a lot, sometime we make sandwiches for one meal and have the other a good meal in a restaurant of our choice.
    Apparently, finally we will be able to go on our trip, it is planned to start in Porto on September 22, go to Lisbon, Faro in South Portugal, Puerto de Santa Maria and surroundings and Madrid to come back home October 16. Nothing near Nerja, maybe next time.

    Say hello to Lissette, take care

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Hi Carlos! That’s a nice, long trip. Curious to what you think of Porto. I’m starting to think of our winter trip which will most likely be of the North of Spain. But Vigo is along that coast and a lot of people get there by flying into Porto. So might kill two birds with one stone…
      Yes, accommodation and food. And you HAVE to pay for accommodation but there are so many ways of saving money on food. I think it’s the biggest controllable expense. Some people have mentioned lunch time specials where you get 3 courses for 12-15 Euros. Good idea if you have a fridge at your hotel/apartment.
      Other than that you are right, European travel is quite easy. You probably remember, as I do, the 90’s where you show up in a city and line up at the tourist office where they try to find you a room. How times have changed!!

  2. Diana

    Thank you so much for this tantalizingly practical information. It makes me think it would be easy to plan a great trip!
    Any reason why you didn’t recommend northern Spain, the Guggenheim, Santiago de Compostela, etc?

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Thank you for the kind words!
      Only because those destinations take you away from the high speed lines and are out of the way from most of the other major destinations in Spain. The emphasis on this post was on being able to visit places easily on public transport.

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