Montreal in the Autumn (Montreal’s most beautiful season)

Montreal in the Autumn

Montreal in the Autumn

The best of Autumn is coming to an end in Montreal. The vivid colours have started turning to different shades of brown and the trees are getting increasingly bare. It won’t be long until we start waking up to frost in the morning – Halloween usually signals a quick descent into the dregs of winter.

But Autumn is, in my opinion, the most beautiful season in Montreal. Here are some photos of the city taken during this season.

Montreal in the Autumn. Plateau Mont Royal

Montreal in the Autumn. Mountain

Montreal in the Autumn. Colours
metro Mont-royal in the fall

park lafontaine in the fall

colours of autumn in Montreal

the Plateau in the autumn

Montreal in the autumn

Montreal in the autumn. Park Lafontaine

Montreal in the Autumn (Montreal’s most beautiful season)

Montreal in the Autumn (Montreal’s most beautiful season)



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Montreal in the Autumn
Montreal in the Autumn


  1. My favourite place in autumn was the lower gravel road around the base of Mount Royal during autumn. And the music to play for that season is Cesar Franck’s symphony in D minor, especially the first movement.

    1. Hi Bino – exactly. You get a bit of a variance depending on the weather in a given year but Late Sept – early Oct is generally primetime for leaves.

  2. Wow Frank, these photos are gorgeous! Autumn is definitely my favourite season…when I get around to visiting Montreal I will have to time it to coincide with the leafy season 🙂

  3. Montreal is a city I’ve been daydreaming about visiting lately. I’ve heard such great things about it. Your photos have convinced me I definitely need to go, and that it needs to be in the fall!

    1. Hi Sarah. Fall is a great time to go – winter is too cold and summers can actually be too warm (it gets very warm). Plus the colours in the Fall make it really the perfect time.

  4. Autumn is the favourite season for so many and it is easy to see why, so many wonderful colours. Red, green, orange, brown; you’ve captured them all.

    Lovely photo essay.

  5. We don’t get the real autumn foliage here. Australia is just too hot and so loved these photos. I also wanted to say that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award as recognition of your great work.

    1. Hi Paul – you’re my new favorite person! Thank you! I’ve never gotten nominated for anything before! I don’t know anything about the Liebster award – does it require a speech? 🙂 Kidding aside, I’m honored. Do I have to do anything, who chooses, etc?

  6. Wow, Montreal looks so beautiful during the autumn season, so charming and colorful. I love the snapshot of local veggie and fruit market. Wish I could stroll down the streets holding a cup of coffee there right now!

  7. I’ve been meaning to get outside and take some pictures of the leaves before they all hit the ground and your photos may have just provided the motivation I needed. Looks like you had near-perfect weather, too.

  8. Gorgeous fall foliage. Enjoyed seeing the autumn in your city. In Scotland too, the leaves are changing colors everyday, and we could see the winter nearing us 🙂

  9. I love how the leaves grow along the building. If I was house hunting in Montreal, that would need to be a requirement.

    Great post, loved seeing this side of the city.

  10. My favourite is the vines and ivy on the buildings! Calgary is so dry, we don’t really get much vegetation, let alone vegetation that covers buildings. They look so beautiful in their fall colours!

  11. Oh, these photos are killing me and I’m ready to hop the next plane to Montreal! I grew up in Alaska where “fall” lasted about a week where all the birch leaves turned yellow and then we’d have a windy day and they were gone. I spent 8 years in Minnesota and Idaho and fell in love with autumn. It’s the one time that I really miss being back in the states. But, if I can’t be there myself at least I can enjoy your lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh I just love Fall! The changing of the leaves, the coming of a new season with brisk mornings best spent by the fire with a cup of coffee in hand. Gorgeous photos – I love the one of the lake. It looks like you used a fisheye lens, but I doubt you did! Amazing.

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