Prague’s most scenic walk, featuring the city’s best views

Prague's most scenic walk featuring the city's best views

Prague’s most scenic walk featuring the city’s best views

Sick of the hordes of tourists that trample through the streets of Prague? Want a relaxed walk with great views? The walk I’ll cover in this post is the absolute highlight of our first month in Prague.

The starting point is the Beer Garden in Letná Park (across from the Old Town). The walk will take you along the hills that skirt the river, giving you great views of the Old Town and, as you go further along, the river, the Little Town, and the Castle District. It’ll bring you to Castle Square and up to the Strahov Monastery where you’ll have more great views. Try to do it in the late afternoon/early evening for the best light. I’ve tried to re-create the entirety of this walk on this map.

Below: Beer Garden in Letná Park

beer garden in Letna Park

Below: Views looking out from the Letná Park beer garden.

views from the beer garden in Letna Park

Below: As you walk in the direction of the Charles Bridge and Castle, you’ll get different perspectives on the Old Town.

Prague's most scenic walk featuring the city's best views


Below: the famous postcard photos of Prague’s bridges are taken along this walk.

Prague's most scenic walk featuring the city's best views

Prague's most scenic walk featuring the city's best views
Below: Note the onion-shaped rooftop on the right (it’s a restaurant named Hanavsky Pavilon). Continue towards it, the spot actually marks the best views of the river. In the background is Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.

views of Prague from Hanavsky Pavilon
Below: Views from Hanavsky Pavilon. See all the crowds on the Charles Bridge?

views of Prague from Hanavsky Pavilon

views of Prague from Hanavsky Pavilon


Below: The Hanavsky Pavilon marks the far end of Letná Park. Continue along the path – you’ll stray away from the river a bit, over a bridge looking down on tram lines.

Prague's most scenic walk featuring the city's best views


Below: Once across the little bridge, you’ll be in Chotkovy Sady Park. More great views from here, both on the Old Town and the Castle.

Views from Letna park. Prague's best views

Prague's most scenic walk featuring the city's best views


Below: Continue along the path on the river side. River views will soon give way to views over the Castle. The path will eventually end at the northern gate of Prague Castle. You can enter and explore the Castle District (and the highlight, St. Vitus Cathedral).

Prague castle


Below: To continue the ‘Scenic Walk”, exit the main Castle Gate. Continue through Castle Square.

main castle gate, Prague Castle

Views from Prague castle


Below: You have to walk uphill from Castle Square to get to Strahov Monastery. You’ll see Loreta Square along the way as well as some pubs and restaurants. Once at the Strahov Monastery, you’ll have these great views of Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Petrin Lookout.

Views from the Strahov Monastery.


We really recommend this walk; you’ll see few tourists and have great views over the city while walking through some pretty parks. As I said, the highlight of our first month in Prague.


Practical Information

Accommodation: We stayed in this apartment for a month, paying CAD 1167 (That’s $900 US right now). Great location, fantastic views (you’ll notice some of the photos above taken of Prague Castle), the apartment was a bit rustic in some ways but fine for our needs. Good value. This other apartment, a block away was more expensive but fantastic (we only stayed one night due to a screw up on dates in the other apartment) . One of the nicer apartments we’ve ever stayed in, totally recommend. If you’ve never signed up for Airbnb, use our link and save $35 on your first stay. Hotels.  A couple of suggestions in the mid-range category:  The Blue Oak. It has a perfect location on the castle side of the river. Another very nice hotel at a good price is Dolce Vita Suites on the Old Town side of the river. Both are excellent.  A great Budget choice is the Czech Inn Hostel.

Flights (and hotels). We use Expedia for all our flight bookings. We also use it to book hotels when bundling a flight with a hotel stay (bundling flights with hotels results in big savings and is the best reason to use Expedia).

The Kolkovna Olympia restaurant, right next to the above apartments, has great Czech food and beer at very affordable prices.
The Savoy Cafe, right next door to the above restaurant is very popular as one of Prague’s oldest cafes. We found the cakes and coffee ordinary though.


I’ve previously written about Prague in great detail, you can find all my posts here.


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  1. Love your website it is so full of helpful information for my upcoming trip to Czech Republic (Prague). How long would you say this “scenic walk” took you?

    1. Hi Deborrah,
      Thank you for your very nice comment! I would say 90 minutes’s really not that long a route its just that you’ll end up making a lot of stops along the way.
      We actually came back in April and did the walk again. Very pretty.
      Enjoy your trip to Prague!

  2. WoW these pictures are absolutely stunning ! I have only been to Prague once, it is such a beautiful city. When I go back I definitely want to do this scenic walk

    1. Thanks so much Dana. I had read about Letna park but didn’t know if there were paths connecting to the castle district. And it didn’t seem to be covered in any of my guides or maps. But it’s really easy and just a gorgeous walk – really enjoyable. Glad to hear that someone who was a local like you would do that as a routine!

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