Our 60 Favorite Photos from 2016

Our 60 Favorite Photos from 2016

A couple of weeks ago I did a wrap-up of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) places visited in 2016. We took so many photos in 2016 that we decided to go through them and choose our favorites from the year.

“Favorite” photos doesn’t necessarily mean “best” photos. “Favorite” can mean a place that holds a special memory (like that dog lying at Lissette’s feet) or a place that was just overall a special place (Cape Town was for me “that special place”).  [Read more...]

The 4 places on our “Expat base” shortlist


I guess it’s a natural progression – working the 9-5 lifestyle, leaving it all to travel full-time, followed by the inevitable…finding a base somewhere.

We’re not quite there yet but, after 2 ½ years of full-time travel, 2017 might be the year we actually sign a lease somewhere. It is in no way a rejection of the full-time travel lifestyle – we love travelling and exploring different places as much as ever. [Read more...]

Photo Essay: Why we keep falling in love with Prague

Photo Essay Why we keep falling in love with Prague

This was our 3rd time in Prague. The first time we spent 3 months here. Last year we came back and spent a week. This time we came back for a month, getting some dental work done and enjoying the city all over again.

Here are a whole bunch of photos taken over the month of March, including a few photos of Prague covered in snow and some Easter preparations. [Read more...]

Prague or Budapest – which to visit?


Last year we spent 3 months in Prague, this year we’ve spent 2 months in Budapest. I think we’ve come to know and appreciate both cities. But as Eastern Europe’s most popular cities, people always ask “Which of the two should I visit?

This post compares all the similarities, differences and things that are unique to Prague and Budapest. By the time you’ve finished reading it you’ll most likely have figured out which city to visit. [Read more...]

A year of Airbnb apartments (July 2014 – July 2015)

A year of Airbnb

We had never used Airbnb before last summer. Move the clock forward and we’ve stayed 196 nights of the past year in a total of 15 Airbnb apartments. I don’t know how we would travel the way we do without Airbnb.

In this post I’ll feature our favorite Airbnb apartment stays over the past year [Read more...]

How visiting Prague in early April turned into a Kinder Surprise. And some tips and recommendations.

kinder surprise in Prague header

We spent 3 months in Prague last summer, leaving for Asia as it was starting to get cold in late September. Coming back a week ago we didn’t know what to expect. We’ve never been in Europe this time of year. Our 6 days in Prague were what Spanky calls a ‘Kinder Surprise’ (after the Italian egg-shaped chocolate). The first reason is pretty obvious: we were arriving as Prague was preparing for Easter. The second reason is less obvious: we had no idea what we were going to get in terms of weather. And just like a Kinder Surprise we got a little bit of everything; spring-like sunshine, brooding grey skies interrupted by clear patches of blue, sporadic showers that would suddenly give way to warm rays. We even got a stuck in a ten minute snowstorm.

The result of the varied weather were some incredible lighting conditions. It made for interesting photography. I think we actually snapped more interesting photos over 6 days then we did over 3 months last summer. Have a look at some of the photos below. [Read more...]

Looking back at 2014 (a.k.a our year in photos). And our hopes and dreams for 2015.


2014 was like two very different years in one as we went from conventional life in Montreal (the first 6 months) to living a life on the road.

I don’t usually like to post personal photos or stories on the blog. This is an exception. Year end posts are about what we did in the year, how [Read more...]

A Week-In-The-Life of BBQBoy and Spanky in Prague

a week in the life in Prague, Czech Republic

Nora Dunn at The Professional Hobo is one of Canada’s most popular bloggers. She’s one of those few travellers who actually travels full time - she’s been on the road since 2007. Nora is currently using the Central valley of Peru as her base. She knows everything when it comes to travel and, with her financial background, is an expert on insurances, flying on points, and financial travel tips. Lots of good info on her site.

Last summer, while we were still in the Czech Republic, she asked us to write about our life on the road in her A-week-in-The-Life series of travel bloggers. It was published just last week.

You can see our post Here.

Thank you again Nora for the opportunity!


Cost breakdown: Montreal Vs Prague Vs Bangkok

When we left Montreal last July we knew that our money would go further overseas. While not the most expensive city in Canada, Montreal is an expensive city by most standards. We figured that Prague would be cheaper and Bangkok even [Read more...]

50 Things to do in Prague

50 things
We’ve spent almost 3 months in Prague. Tomorrow we leave with a heavy heart. The city has grown on us. When we first arrived we were a bit overwhelmed by the language barrier, the logistics of getting things done, and number of tourists in the city center. With time we discovered [Read more...]