Photo Essay: Why we keep falling in love with Prague

Photo Essay Why we keep falling in love with Prague

This was our 3rd time in Prague. The first time we spent 3 months here. Last year we came back and spent a week. This time we came back for a month, getting some dental work done and enjoying the city all over again.

Here are a whole bunch of photos taken over the month of March, including a few photos of Prague covered in snow and some Easter preparations. Yes, there are lots of tourists (depending on where you are) and it can get tiring – but we actually left the city appreciating it even more that we have previously. Prague’s an incredible city.

square, prague

Above: Náměstí Republiky square.


Old town square

Above: Old Town square with the Tyn Church in the background.

stained glass, prague

 Above: stained glass, St. Vitus Cathedral.

buildings in prague (2)

Above: Buildings in the Old Town.

evening shots, prague castle (2)

Above: views of Prague Castle, the Manesuv bridge in the foreground.

Prague tram at night

Above: National Theatre and trams.

morning views, prague

Above: morning views from our Prague apartment (rented on Airbnb).

Powder Tower, Prague

Above: Views from the Powder Tower.

spanish synagogue

Above: Spanish Synagogue.

buildings in prague (4)

Above: Old Jewish Quarter.

views on Vlatava, prague

Above: Views on the Vlata River, at “swan point” right next to the Franz Kafka museum.

old tram, downtown prague

Above: Trams near Wenceslas Square.

night views under charles bridge

Above: Views from under the Charles Bridge.

views on the charles bridge and old town

Above: Views on Charles Bridge and Old Town from Střelecký Island (Střelecký ostrov), also known as Shooter’s Island.

tesla radio, prague

 Above: Tesla was a state-owned company that produced electrotechnical equipment in the old Czechoslovakia. This stained glass decoration can be found in a shopping center off Wenceslas Square.

books in library, prague

Above: Tunnel of books found in the Prague Municipal Library.

charles bridge, prague

Above: Statues on the Charles Bridge.

john lennon wall

Above: John Lennon Wall.

snowy prague at night
Above/Below: I had always wanted to see Prague under a cover of snow. We had 1 day where it snowed and actually stayed on the ground for about 24 hours.

snowy prague daytime

castle, snow.

astronomical clock, prague

 Above: Astronomical Clock, Old Town Hall Tower.

perrin lookout tower

Above: Sun setting behind Petrin hill.

buildings in prague 5

 Above/Below: the incredible buildings of Prague. In some cities you’ll see maybe a block or two of buildings like this – in Prague you’ll see blocks like this everywhere.

rooftops, prague


savoy cafe, prague

Above: Savoy Cafe, one of Prague’s oldest cafes.

Prague - colorful buildings, prague

Above: We always love walking the stretch between the National Theatre and the Dancing House.

views over prague

Above: Another of our favorite walks is between Letna Park and the Castle. Great views at a fancy cafe called the Hanavský pavilon.

big easter egg, prague

 Above and below: In mid-March we saw Easter decorations getting installed. A few photos of Easter eggs of all sizes.

easter eggs, prague (2)

easter decorations in Prague


Prague trama and castle

Above: Views of a tram, with Prague Castle in the background (taken near the Rodolfinium).

swans in prague

Above: Swan, the Charles Bridge in the background.

street in prague2

Above: Typical apartment block in Prague.

stained glass

Above: stained glass, St. Vitus Cathedral.

views national theatre

Above: The National Theatre.

grand europa hotel, prague

Above: a couple of historic hotels on Wenceslas Square. The Grand Hotel Europa unfortunately is closed (maybe undergoing renovations?)

views on charles bridge, prague

Above: Views on the Charles Bridge

views from strahov monastery

 Above: Views of Prague from the Strahov Monastery.

views under tree, Prague

Above: Right next to the Malostranska tram stop there are these beautiful trees that might be willows (?). Standing underneath is like being behind a curtain of leaves.

prague views and damn segways

 Above: The weather started to get nicer during the last week of March and many people were out, including the damn segways. Views from right in from of the Main gate to Prague Castle.

prague crazy detail

 Above: Note the intricate statue on the building on the left. So much incredible architecture in Prague.

selfie in prague

Above: Selfie in front of Tyn Church. Summer is coming…

evening shot, prague castle

Above: a final sunset over Prague Castle.



Practical information

– Accommodation: We stayed in this apartment for a month, paying CAD 1167 (That’s $900 US right now). Great location, fantastic views (you’ll notice some of the photos above taken of Prague Castle), the apartment was a bit rustic in some ways but fine for our needs. Good value. This other apartment, a block away was more expensive but fantastic (we only stayed one night due to a screw up on dates in the other apartment) . One of the nicer apartments we’ve ever stayed in, totally recommend.
– The Kolkovna Olympia restaurant, right next to the above apartments, has great Czech food and beer at very affordable prices.
– The Savoy Cafe, right next door to the above restaurant (and apartments) is very popular as one of Prague’s oldest cafes. We found the cakes and coffee ordinary though.


I’ve previously written about Prague in great detail, you can find all my posts here. A couple of popular posts:
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Have you been to Prague? What did you think of it?



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  1. As you know we’ve been to Prague and we fell in love with the city. We rented an apartment for 7 nights that was a perfect fit for us, not only in size and comfort, but in the fact that the entire building was smoke free. Anyway. We were there for 7 nights but unfortunately, both of us got taken down by some nasty bug – probably picked up on the plane – and it knocked me out for 2 days, Abi for about 1 1/2 days. We felt so short-changed from missing a couple of days in the city, although we did see the highlights and we took a day trip out to see the bone church. I loved scrolling through your photos because we have so many similar shots and because it reminded me of how much we loved the city. There is just something magical about the city. I would love to see it decked out for Christmas or Easter, those eggs were so pretty! I think I could easily stay in Prague for 1 – 3 months and just “be” in Prague.
    Patti recently posted…Hysterics of the What If Scenarios ~My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thank you Patti. Such a shame about getting sick, glad you still enjoyed the city despite of that.
      We’ve previously never been to Europe in winter and kind of hoped we’d get to see some of those cities covered in snow. The weird thing is that over 2 months, in Budapest, then Germany, then Prague, we had 1 day of snow. Maybe unusual, I don’t know. But yes, it must be beautiful at Christmas…
      Frank (bbqboy) recently posted…Photo Essay: Why we keep falling in love with PragueMy Profile

      • When we were in Paris in 2013, for 3 weeks in January, it snowed about 4 inches. The city pretty much came to a screeching halt but we loved it. Talk about breathtaking views! OMG! We lived in Oregon at the time and snow was nothing to us so we just kept trekking and thoroughly enjoyed strolling along the Seine with a peaceful fluffy snowfall and exploring picturesque Sacre Coeur in the snow, it was just like a page out of a Norman Rockwell book. Magic. One of our best travel memories!
        Patti recently posted…Hysterics of the What If Scenarios ~My Profile

        • Frank (bbqboy) says:

          That sounds amazing Patti. That’s a lot of snow, must have been beautiful.
          I don’t know what normal snowfall in Europe is like but we were surprised how warm it was from end Jan to end March this year.

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures. And I can’t believe that it only costs $900 for a month of rent – that’s way cheaper than an apartment in Seattle, and Prague is a lot prettier :). You had your dental work done there? Is it a lot cheaper there too?
    Hung Thai recently posted…“You No Spanish” – My Journey of Learning a Language in a Foreign CountryMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Hey Hung Thai,
      Most of Eastern Europe not expensive, that’s basically the cost we paid in Budapest as well. Overall everything about half of what you’ll pay in N. America/W. Europe.
      I wrote about the dental work here. Yes, good quality and way cheaper.

  3. So great!! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos. Prague is such a great city, and you really bring out its best.
    Ric recently posted…Visiting Hong KongMy Profile

  4. I am embarrassed to say that I have lived in Europe for about 27 years and have not yet visited Prague or Budapest and yet they have been on my list for ages. Your pictures are so beautiful that they have made me feel like I really must visit Prague very soon. The winter has been quite mild in the UK and I guess it has been the same for the rest of Europe. I can imagine that Prague would look amazing covered in snow.
    Gilda Baxter recently posted…Pen-Y-Fan The Highest Peak in South WalesMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      We’ve really come to appreciate Eastern Europe Gilda. Both Prague and Budapest are beautiful and the prices are right. We’re big fans 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos Frank! What a view from the room. Don’t know how you can leave willingly. I can see why you would want to see a blanket of snow..magical.
    Paula recently posted…Slow Travel….By SailingMy Profile

  6. Gorgeous photos as usual Frank. Really lovely. I swear l would make the trip just to see the tunnel of books and the Spanish synagogue. I can’t wait to visit Prague. We have talked about it a lot and l am hoping we can squeeze it in this year. Can’t wait to compare it to Budapest 🙂 .
    Kemkem recently posted…Podcast with Expats 2 – Anita and Richard in Portugal.My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks Kemkem. We’ve spent considerable time in both cities but this was the first time that we saw them back to back – and we still really can’t come to a conclusion which we like best. They’re so different.For me it’s Prague, but Lissette still has an emotional attachment to Budapest.
      For a short term visitor though, I think Prague has more of a “wow” factor. Look forward to hearing your opinion on that.

  7. Some lovely photos and I’m with you, always wanted to see Prague in the snow but having last been there in the month of July, it’s not something that has happened quite yet! Your apartment looks like it has a great location, I’ll check it out as we hope to be back there soon on our way to Central Asia.
    Mark Bennetts recently posted…Travel Shot | Ancient Palmyra in SyriaMy Profile

  8. enough to make anyone fall in love with the place Frank, the photos are simply STUNNING
    Andrew recently posted…Train Journeys – Kolkata to VaranasiMy Profile

  9. Gorgeous photos! No, embarrassed to say we haven’t visited Prague — but your photos sure make us want to! And good-value dental work? Sounds like a good enough reason to visit :-).
    Sand In My Suitcase recently posted…Exploring Victoria’s Gorge Waterway on a pickle boatMy Profile

  10. Wow…so many stunning images here to choose from. I especially like the one of the birds in flight and that tunnel of books! I’d definitely like to visit Prague someday in the near future.
    Dana Carmel recently posted…Waiting for Sunrise at the Burj KhalifaMy Profile

  11. Beautiful photos! I wish I could go right now! I loved Prague, and I know my husband would also love it, but for right now, we feel we need to stay in Asia. One of these days, though, we hope to do Europe the way you two are doing so – by living in different cities for a month or so and using that city as a base. Prague would definitely be one we’d consider as it’s just so charming.
    Karen recently posted…Jurong Bird ParkMy Profile

  12. Such a beautiful city, I love the brilliant architecture! There are so many places I want to see because if your page!!

  13. Loved the photos of Prague… how nice it would be to go there again… and to do so much more now that I have read this article! Love the tunnel of books!
    Jane recently posted…Wild Camping in ScotlandMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Yes, that tunnel is actually an optical illusion – it’s a short tunnel but there’s a mirror below which makes it look never-ending. I was right there and could have sworn it was for real…
      I hope you get back there, its a great place 🙂

  14. Spent the last to European summers country hopping but I never managed to make to Prague. Jane is right the Tunnel of books looks so cool.
    Barry Sproston recently posted…How to Save Money on Accommodation in AustraliaMy Profile

  15. Where are the beaches?

  16. I’ve been reading your helpful and beautiful posts about Prague. My mom and I are visiting in October. The both of us want and need to get in strong physical shape for the trip as I can see there is a lot of walking. I’m thankful we have the time to start exercising but I’m still a little concerned for my mom. If we are out walking and she feels too tired to continue are there taxi companies we can call. I read, maybe on your site, not to get a taxi on the road as they over charge.
    Are there bicycle rentals? Or is it too hilly? Too crowded? And too many cobblestone streets?

    Also, what’s your advice about finding restrooms along the way.

    Thinking about practicalities.

    Thank you!

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks for the comment Sue.
      Prague is mostly pretty flat except going up to the castle…but you can always take a tram or taxi up. I wouldn’t recommend a bike because it is both cobblestoned and crowded. But public transport is great (have a look at this and print out the map with the tram lines). If you are anywhere central you don’t have to take a taxi. Restrooms: prague is pretty good about that and you’ll find them in the subways, just pay a little and they’re very clean. Otherwise just go to a cafe or bar. In an emergency you can call a cab, it’s just the ones parked and waiting in the main tourist squares where you can be overcharged. Outside the old town you would be fine.
      And October should be a nice time.
      Hope that helps 🙂
      Frank (bbqboy) recently posted…March 14, 2017 Newsletter – Split (Croatia), apartments, condos, and on being temporarily groundedMy Profile

  17. This has persuaded me that I need to go to Prague! It looks beautiful.
    scar recently posted…Weekly Reading List #2 – Wine, Weather And WhodunnitsMy Profile

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