1. We found, from talking later (after we’d gone through all the steps)to others about the Portugal visa, that each of the 5 consulates in the US also have various differences in what is needed to apply. It’s seems odd that the requirements aren’t the same but it’s infinitely easier just to accept it and comply. Accepting that there are different ways to do things is one of the first critical lessons to learn as a foreign tourist and immigrant! (LOL!) I have no doubt though, after jumping through all the hoops to get your Croatian resident visa, that you’ll find the application process much easier for Spain. 🙂

    1. Thanks Anita. Totally agree with everything you say, it’s just sometimes those unwritten rules and the details that people get messed up with. Kind of nervous with all the documents we’ll have to get translated and apostilled and hope I don’t miss something!

  2. unfortunately there is a somewhat sickening shift worldwide almost to the right and I dont think it’s going to stop any time too. “Too” politically correct??? Thankfully I know some people in my life who think being ‘woke’ is actually good.

  3. Just a thought about the Coronavirus outbreak. I suppose it can be difficult on both sides. I’m ethnically Chinese, but born in Malaysia. So technically, I’m Malaysian but I wouldn’t be surprise if my travels would be restricted because I look Chinese.

  4. Well Spain is amazing and we spent a while assessing too, which places we could potentially live in, especially as we both speak Spanish. We thought Granada was beautiful and very liveable, Sevilla of course as well, and we also really loved the most North Eastern part on the coast…where we visited about two years ago. A town called Lanca on the Costa Bravo.

    We also considered Portugal because it has a wonderful ruggedness and old fashioned feel as well as being less expensive than Spain.

    Look forward to reading about your impressions and thoughts as you go along.
    Interesting post.


  5. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on where to settle in Spain. I’m also Canadian, and dream of moving to Europe (I work remotely FT, so can work anywhere there is HS internet). Interested to hear about the process of obtaining your NLR Visa, as I think that would be a good option for me (I’m in NB, so would also be applying in Montreal). Safe travels!

  6. Looking forward to your explorations of Spain! We’ve just arrived back in Montpellier France after our annual Christmas / New Year trek to Seville. We’ve spent a lot of time in Spain, but I realize we haven’t seen much territory, just the same (great) places! Also, we’ll be listening for your experiences getting a Spanish visa. We’ve got ours for France, but… it’s good to stay informed.
    (By the way, if you make it to Seville soon, be sure to check out the Magellan exhibition; it’s the 500th anniversary of his trip. It’s at the Archives of the Indies–huge building next to the cathedral. I’ll be blogging about it by and by, but the exhibit may not last that long!!)

    1. Thank you Paul.
      I talked to Lissette and with all the time we have now (because of the news about the Lease requirements) I think we’ll pay Seville a visit again. Part of that decision is based on your recommendation: I see the exhibition ends Feb 23. I always love learning about the early explorers. And we really like Seville.
      Oh, any Airbnb recommendations? (you can write me personally if you prefer)

  7. Aah yes, the Shengen shuffle. I’m keeping Montenegro in mind for that, though winter is a different matter (I really don’t like the cold). Have some friends family in Casablanca though. Swapping locales every month gets expensive, unless you’re right next door.

    1. You’re right about expenses. As you know we’ve saved money staying places a month at a time. But on this trip we’re doing a week here, a week there…and it’s much more expensive.

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