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  1. Daniel Chang

    My wife and I attended a wedding in Lisbon last summer and while we were in Europe took the opportunity to also see some other places, including Germany. We flew into Frankfurt and traveled up the Rhine to Cologne by train, and one of the highlights of the entire trip was our day and night in Bacharach. It was the hottest week of the year (not by choice; the wedding dictated our travel dates), but we still had an amazing time there. Fantastic scenery, lots of interesting things to see, everybody was super friendly and I don’t remember encountering anyone who didn’t speak English. We’re hoping to one day return there, maybe bring some friends with us to share the experience. Just a completely awesome place in every possible way.

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Thank you very much for leaving a comment Daniel. Glad to hear other people have enjoyed Bacharach. Germany is a great country and has so many pretty little towns, we hope to go back one day and especially hope to go back to Bacharach which holds special memories for us.

  2. Bob Monfort

    Going to Bacharach (among other places in Germany, Belgium and Czechia) next May, and really glad I stumbled upon your site. Great writing and pics. Also read your Brazil article. Have yet to visit a country we didn’t like — we have the same accepting attitude as you — but I think it’s likely we’ll be skipping Brazil. Had heard about the anti-American sentiment there, and you’ve confirmed it. Have encountered bits of it elsewhere, but ordinary people have mainly been exceptional. like the guy who actually got off the Paris Metro a stop early solely to point us toward the flea market we were looking for.

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Hi Bob. Bacharach is still one of the prettiest little towns we’ve gone to. And Germany still one of our favorite countries. We’ve always found Germans to be friendly and open.
      You never know about generalizations, whenever a conversation comes up about rude people the Parisians always come up. But there are always nice stories out there, anywhere you go. Glad to hear you had a good experience in Paris (a place I havn’t been to in 30 years. We’re planning to be there in 2019).
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Mary Beth Roberts

    I’m planning a trip to Germany in May for a group of friends and chose Bacharach as one of our stops. I stumbled upon your blog while researching what to do and I’m so pleased with your confirmation of my choice! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and great tips on wine and food (you’ll notice I mention wine first). Now I’m sad we won’t be spending the night also, but maybe next time 🙂

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Thanks Mary Beth,
      Our visit was back in 2010. We loved it. I’m sure it hasn’t changed much at all!

  4. Angela

    Hi there! Love your blog and your photos! Planning to be in Bacharach later this month and would love to go to the wine tasting place that served the glasses as you’ve pictured. Can you clarify which restaurant/bar that was? It looks very interesting!

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Hi Angela – I think it was Fritz Bastian’s Weingut zum Gruner Baum. This post goes back about 8 years so I can’t guarantee that it will still be there.
      Enjoy Bacharach, very pretty place!

  5. Helen Visser

    Great review of Bacharach! I am going in September this year. I am having a hard time finding information on when the restaurants in this town open and close. I presume they only take cash and no credit cards. Please help, if you can.
    Thanks so much!

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Hi Helen,
      That trip was a while ago so my memory not fresh…but I don’t think there were any issues paying with credit cards. It’s a small town and things tend to close a bit early, one evening we were drinking wine too long and got to the restaurant late. Best to be there latest 8pm.
      Let me know how your visit goes. Lovely place!

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Hi Jocelyn – it wasn’t part of a cruise (we visited Bacharach independently). But you can take a ferry up and down the river (kind of like a hop on/hop off) and visit the various towns and castles.

  6. George C.

    I went for 10 days with my brother and saw a lot of Germany. We stumbled upon Bacharach on a cold and rainy day. My favorite place. Absolutely gorgeous town- would recommend it t anyone. Stunningly beautiful for a very old town- I am sure if we do it again that we would have to stay at least one night there.

    • Frank (bbqboy)

      Great! I’m glad you also loved it. We have quite a lot of German friends and they’ve never even heard of Bacharach. So it’s nice to know we’ve come to know and love a place off the beaten track…

  7. Laura

    I have to say that Bacharach is new to me. I hope that on my next visit to Germany I will be able to check it out. You seem to have enjoyed your visit there very much.

  8. Caitlyn

    I’m so glad to see another fan of Bacharach 🙂 I visited last February when the temperatures were in the minuses and we seemed to be the only souls wandering around! I’d love to come back when it’s warmer and you’ve given me extra reason to with that wine carousel!

  9. Rhonda

    I’ve never heard of this place, but it sure does look lovely. We didn’t get a chance to explore this area of Germany when we were there, but it looks like a place we would enjoy. I love the small German towns and how perfectly pretty they are!

  10. T.W. Anderson

    Ok, this officially takes the cake as my favorite post from you two 🙂 Talk about an absolutely stunning place! I have a deep passion for medieval village towns and this one is certainly an exemplary star to choose from!

    • admin

      Thanks Tim – I actually heard about the place thanks to a Rick Steve’s guidebook, which would usually mean a lot of American tourists. But no, still a very quiet little town. We loved it.

  11. Lori

    I love this type of a small town in Germany – the way the houses look and the surrounding areas. I see that there are a lot of things to discover in the area, but that one enjoys calm and relaxation in Bacharach. I will consider it for my next trip in Germany 🙂

  12. Sherry

    I love the architecture of this place. Very old-world European. I bet the food was just as wonderful. I have to step out of the Frankfurt airport more and see what’s around.

    • admin

      Thanks Sherry – the architecture was like something that came out of Hansel and Gretel! Germany is probably our favorite European country.

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