Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia)

Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky's eyes (Croatia)

Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia)

I have an admission to make:  Lissette is the better photographer than I am. I do the selection/editing of photos that I’ll use for the blog and on any given post she can she probably take credit for about 60% of the photos. Then I looked at our recent photos from Korčula. Well, I’ve ended up using all her photos because mine stink in comparison. Hence the title above.

Korčula Town is nicknamed “Little Dubrovnik” – like Dubrovnik it has fortress walls and towers lining the exterior of the town, with palaces, churches, and beautiful squares in the interior. With the backdrop of sea and mountains it is incredibly photogenic.We stayed there for a long weekend (3 night, 2 full days) but honestly you don’t need more than a full day maximum to see Korčula town (I’ll have more information at the bottom of this post). But even at that it’s worth a visit for its history and beauty.

Lots of photos below, all by Spanky. 

The Land Gate and Revelin Tower, Korcula.

Above: The Land Gate and Revelin Tower – one of the prettiest entrances to an old town anywhere in Croatia..

Stjepan Radic Square, Korcula, Croatia

Above: Inside the Land Gate is a Stjepan Radic Square. There you’ll see a small church (St.Michael’s church) and the Town Hall

Land Gate, Korcula, Croatia

Above: The Land Gate/Revelin Tower

Peljesac Channel, Korcula, Croatia

Above: Views across the Peljesac Channel towards the mainland..

St. Mark’s Cathedral on St. Mark’s Square, Korčula town

St. Mark’s Cathedral on St. Mark’s Square, Korčula townAbove: St. Mark’s Cathedral on St. Mark’s Square (right smack in the middle of the peninsula that is Korčula town). You can climb the bell tower. St. Mark’s Square is the biggest square in town

church on St. Mark’s Square, Korčula town

Above: Another church, flag, and the town museum- all on St. Mark’s Square..

Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia)

Above: Views of the harbour from the fort walls..

Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia)

Above: stairs and fountain..

streets in Korčula, Croatia

Above: the streets in Korčula all converge at the center (St. Mark’s square). This is a typical street..

views of Korčula

Views of Korčula

Above: Views of Korčula from the hill above town..

Sunset behind Sveti Nicola monastery, Korcula

Above: Sunset behind Sveti Nicola monastery..

Land Gate at night, KorculaAbove: Looking into the old town at the Land Gate. You can see the belltower of St. Mark’s Cathedral..

Korcula at night. Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia)

Above:  Stjepan Radic Square at night..

Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia).Above: Spanky made friends with local resident/fisherman who showed her how to clean fish..

views in Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia).Above: Cannon looking out over the channel.

St.Michael’s church on Stjepan Radic Square, Korcula.Above: St.Michael’s church on Stjepan Radic Square.

images of Korcula, CroatiaAbove: Tons of detail everywhere..

Land gate and Revelin Tower, Korcula, CroatiaAbove and below: More views of the Land gate and Revelin Tower

Land gate and Revelin Tower, Korcula

Zakrjan (Berim) Tower, KorculaAbove: Zakrjan (Berim) Tower
sunset in Korcula, CroatiaAbove and below: Sunset views

sunset in Korcula, Croatia


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Some practical info

Eating. We found that restaurants in Korčula were expensive, with prices similar to those found in Dubrovnik. (example: 95 kuna for an Octopus Salad as a starter and 160 kuna for Tuna steak main course). Ridiculous. We ended up buying groceries and cooking in the apartment – there’s a Konzum just outside the old town and there was a large Tommy up the hill (where prices are better).
Ferry. Check the Jadrolinija schedule for ferries to Korčula town. The town has a small pier and there are no car ferries, only catamarans which take about 2 ½ hours from Split with a stop in Hvar Town along the way. If you’re coming with a car, the car ferry goes to the town of Vela Luca at the other end of the island. You can also get to Korčula town from Dubrovnik by bus and ferry (about 3 hours)
–  Airbnb. We stayed in this airbnb apartment which was a great deal ($52 CAD or about $40 US/night in early October. It will be more in summer). If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, sign up here and save $45 CAD (or equivalent) on your 1st stay.
Guesthouses. There are no “hotels”in Korčula town but there are a few excellent guesthouses: Guesthouse Franica, Maria’s Place, and Guesthouse Dijana are all recommended.

Organized Tours from Dubrovnik.


Time required to see Korčula town. You can basically walk the town in a couple of hours. It’s small. In a full-day you can explore it in depth including visiting the cathedral, climbing the bell tower, and seeing the town museum (and the Marco Polo museum if you really believe the story about him being from Korčula). But spending a night, when all the day trippers have left, is worth it.
– Map of Korcula. Click to enlarge (source: Korculainfo)
Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia)


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Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town through Spanky’s eyes (Croatia)
Incredibly photogenic Korčula Town

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  1. If you have to choose between Bol and Korcula. Which one will you choose and Why?? Thanks. Will be there in September.

    1. Hi Neha,
      If you have 1 day you go to Korcula if you want to see the old city. If you want Nature/beach you go to Bol.
      Anything over a day I say Bol because there’s more to do and the beaches are nearby and really nice.
      We preferred Bol. Just has a very relaxed vibe.

  2. Looks like a nice stop to put on my list. I was wondering about cost of food, so was happy that at the end you included that. Holy cow, that’s expensive. I normally buy my food from market stands or the grocery store. It’s always a nice treat now and then to eat at a restaurant, but not at that price.

    1. Agreed Paula. I just find those kinds of prices obscene and it bothers me, especially knowing that locals would never pay that. It’s a tourist trap.
      That’s my big issue with Dubrovnik. You don’t really get it to that degree in Split.

  3. Korcula is the definition of charming and picturesque and Spanky’s photos are marvelous. The town looks likes an amateur photographers delight and an amazing destination for any traveler. I especially liked the attention to the details on many of the buildings but ‘the big picture’ is equally impressive. It’s hard to pick a favorite pic but I loved the one framed by the arch of the steps climbing up and the bike. Not knowing where the steps lead is so much of what makes the photo appealing. Lovely!

    1. Thank you Anita! Appreciate the feedback – I think the 4th photo, the portrait photo of the gate, is my favorite. I think the Land Gate was the most impressive thing I saw there. Just really unique.

  4. I love your photos of Korcula town. Many of the old architecture is there and it has so much character. Its not a big place looking at the map, and I would visit for a day if I can.

  5. Spanky has a good eye for photo composition, great colection here. I love the pictures of the red roofs and views of the city from the hill top, perfectly framed with the church at the far end. Great work Spanky?

  6. Great job Spanky! :-). This is truly a beautiful place. Just makes you want to visit and stay a spell. My favorite is the sunset behind the monastery.

    1. Thanks so much Andy. Yes, Dubrovnik has actually been over-restored in places. At least it still looks real in Korcula…

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