1. Hola Frank&Lissette… I first stumbled across your site while googling “Croatia hiking” (unintended pun) and that led to your helpful guide to Croatia (living in Split, road trips) which led me to Mexico then to Laos and in true web fashion I was down the rabbit hole to the wider world collectively known as “bbqboy&spanky”… (Collective name changing won’t be easy, guys, some of the best are already taken: “bogie&bacall” “john&yoko”

    As for that first link down the rabbit hole, I plan to be hiking and driving around Croatia next May & June during another solo ramble that starts in seat 13F to Kathmandu next March 3rd with no end in sight. Like you guys, I prefer the deeper dive, slow travel, solo travel, exploring the edges, aka following links down rabbit holes.

    Oddly enough, I’m a US expat living in Mexico (since 2000) and I’m selling my house in San Miguel de Allende to get back on the road, again. Small world, eh? After having a homebase for 8 years in SMA and 10 in Oaxaca, I’m getting the highway blues again.

    Frank, yeah, you missed Days of the Dead again but better to see your first in Oaxaca at the Panteón General and Zocalo and dozens of smaller cemetaries where extended families have a laughing/crying picnic with music, mescal, botanas. Not the disneyfied SMA version.

    Give me a shout while you’re in town and I’ll buy the first round.

    1. Hi Glenn,
      funny receiving your comment, I’m arriving in SMA today. I’ll have a bit of time so I’ll contact you about that beer. Be interested to hear about your travel plans and maybe I can help you out a bit about Croatia. Be interested to hear about your Mexico stories.

      I’ll write you personally over the next couple of days.

  2. Frank, for some reason I have not been receiving your posts by email? I am a subscriber but not sure what is going on. Anyway great adventures ahead. I don’t blame you for trying to monetise your blog, you put a lot of work here…so why not get paid for it? I will be very interested on your travels in Morocco, so will be waiting for your blog posts with great anticipation. Congratulations to your son on his achievement and good luck to him with job hunting. It is a huge transition for our children to go from student life to real life. Enjoy Mexico with your mum?

    1. Hi Gilda,
      A month or so ago I changed the email address that Aweber uses to send out these posts. It was a Gmail address and was landing in most people’s spam box. So now it gets to more people but depending on your email options it might no longer be getting to you :(. I’m sorry, always a struggle with mailing lists.

      Looking forward to Morocco as well! I think it promises to be colourful. A bit nervous about it which is always a good thing.

      Thank you for the kind words Gilda!

  3. Congratulations on your son’s commencement! How time flies, right? Sorry to hear about your computer and phone troubles. Same happened with my phone about 3 months ago. Woke up to “device is corrupt” and took it back to the store where they wiped everything out without asking me if l had a backup :-(. Glad you’re enjoying your favorite city!

    1. Thanks Kemkem. Best thing about a son graduating is having to pay the bills. Now he gets to find out what the real world is about.
      But I’m proud of him. Not easy getting a BComm in Finance.

  4. Hi Frank, I have recently discovered your blog and am very curious to follow your journey. My husband and I have started our full-time travel last year too and still keep learning how to adjust and not to go back to the same lifestyle we had before, but we are loving our adventures.
    By the way, is there a chance for us to participate in your full time travel post?

    1. Hi Anya – definitely you can. Checked out your website and can really relate to your content. I’m also looking for people in different age groups so it’s nice to see an example of younger people doing it.
      It’s just an idea for now and might take a few months. Swamped right now with a bunch of things. But will definitely do it and I want to include you guys.

  5. I’ve been following you guys on/off for years. We started on the same note: full-time travel combined with location independent work. Over time, it looks like you adjusted your lifestyle. I have to admit that I missed the better part of your adventures over the last year. Time flies amazingly quickly while on the road. It is my understanding that nowadays you have a more permanent base and travel for relatively shorter periods coming back to your current temporary home. I am curious how does it affect your work schedule?

    Speaking of Morocco, we spent 3 wonderful weeks there last May. I am pretty sure that you already planned your trip. However, if, by any chance, you might be looking for a local guide let me know. We were referred to a small tour company by our local host. They organize customized trips around Morocco based on your preferences and wishes. Cheers!

    1. Hi Elena! Nice to hear from you and I’ll also be better about keeping up with your latest adventures. And maybe you guys would like be part of my full-time traveller post?

      We had a base last year in Split (Croatia) and thought we’d work towards permanent residency. But the conditions were onerous and we just weren’t ready to commit (imagine, can’t be out of the country more than 2 months/year and not more than 30 days at a time). So things didn’t work out and since March 1 we’ve done what we did the previous 3 years – travel full time. We were in SEA Mar – June, Moravia/Poland/Ukraine July – Sept, and are now in Prague.

      Lissette still works online, I do the blogging. We basically have half-day work schedules.

      I will have a look at your Morocco posts. I’m planning on travelling it independently but I will take tours and side excursions from the different places I visit. I don’t know if your local guide does this? Do they maybe have a website?

      1. Hi Frank,

        I swear that Earth must be spinning much quicker these days: a month looks like a week to me. Or, perhaps, diving into the depths of Moroccan history wiped off any sense of time for me. As a side note, I decided to create a more in-depth review of non-touristy parts of Northern Morocco. Hunting for original sources and translating mostly French or Arabic materials grew into a separate project. Lo and behold, and it’s been a month since I planned to reply. Anyway, here it goes.

        Thank you very much for an update about your whereabouts. I would have to look closely into your Ukranian experience – thinking about spending time there sometime closer to the end of 2019.

        If it’s not too late for your full-time traveler post – we would love to participate.

        Back to Morocco, our local guide specializes in cross-country multi-week excursions. However, they were happy to provide us with daily trips to places of our choice. There is no website, but they have an FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Typical-Tours-1447613512132941/


        1. HI Elena,
          Yes, haven’t gotten around to that full-time traveller post – I’m backed up and it might be a few months. But you’re on the list!

          I’ll have a look at that Morocco company over the next couple of weeks. Just arrived in San Miguel de Allende today, have a couple of weeks in Mexico, another in Montreal, then I’ll be in Morocco at the end of the month (with nothing planned, a lot going on).

          Thanks for getting back to me,

  6. Well-done, Frank. I laughed throughout the post. Love the new nicknames but not at all certain they would be well-received. 🙂 But, I could be wrong.

    Somehow, the months of August and September got completely away from me and I haven’t been online very much so I am way behind in pretty much all things that fall under the guise of the internet.

    Congratulations on your son’s commencement, it’s a definite highlight in the life of a parent. Glad to hear you’ll spend time with your mom again and that you’ll explore more of Mexico. I think experiencing the Day of the Dead would be so interesting. I love the concept and I love the vibrant colors of the art. Such a rich culture.

    Hello to Lissette, I’m quite curious as to where she’ll spend her solo time.

    Take care and happy trails!

    1. Thank you so much Patti, very kind of you. I’m really happy that my son graduated university (BComm in Finance). Really proud of him. It’s a chapter in life and now the start of a new one (he’s looking for his 1st job now). I’ll be nice to be attending his commencement.

      Mexico has such a bad rap but it’s a great place and I always love the colors as well. Maybe the most colorful place anywhere – although Morocco is colorful as well. Look forward to visiting those 2 countries and seeing my mom.

      I have a pretty good idea of where Lissette wants to go but until she actually books something you never know.

      Went across to your blog and happy all is good and that you’ll be continuing on working towards permanent residency in Portugal. Isn’t Europe great?

  7. Lviv certainly looked like a highlight indeed! Let me know when you’re heading Georgia way too. What do you think you’ll be up to in around 12-13 months? I’m hoping to get to Europe then!

    1. A year from now? Don’t know…I’m secretly dreaming of going back to South
      Africa! Whereabouts in Europe Andy?

    1. Thanks Victor, we are always happy coming back to Prague. Probably our favorite city – and that’s without counting the incredible sights here. It’s just an easy place to base ourselves.
      But we also really enjoyed our time in Ukraine.

  8. I’m a step behind you guys, I’m in Prague Nov/Dec and considering Morocco after the new year, but perhaps leaning towards Bulgaria instead…or maybe …. Lol, I’m like Spanky, undecided with a few weeks to make up my mind. I’ll be checking out Heather’s Morocco post, they might help me decide ?

    Now everyone who reads this will buy a can of Labatt’s just to see how bad it is

    1. True, we’ve been kind of following in each other’s footsteps these days!
      Morocco Vs Bulgaria in the new year? Big temp difference for sure. We will actually be passing through Bulgaria sometimes late Jan/early Feb.

      See, told you I’d do a great job as their spokesman.

        1. We met a Guatemalan couple during our last few days in Kiev and they didn’t have great things to say about the friendliness factor in Bulgaria. Sounded similar to Romania.
          Morocco on the other hand they can be very pushy…but friendly.
          So choose your poison 🙂

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