50 Things to do in Prague

50 things
We’ve spent almost 3 months in Prague. Tomorrow we leave with a heavy heart. The city has grown on us. When we first arrived we were a bit overwhelmed by the language barrier, the logistics of getting things done, and number of tourists in the city center. With time we discovered many of Prague’s hidden treasures, some quiet retreats, and some lesser-known attractions that actually ended up being highlights for us. Besides being a stupendously beautiful city, it is an easy city to live in; full of pretty cafes, lively bars, peaceful parks, and a wonderful transportation system. We also found Prague to be incredibly efficient when it comes to dealing with those day to day things that at first seemed a challenge. We’ll definitely be back one day.

Our list of the 50 things to do in Prague:


1. See the Old Town Square

Týn Church, the Old Town Hall, Jan Hus Memorial, and the Church of St. Nicolas. Every building on that square is gorgeous. Lots of tourists and street performers – you might feel overwhelmed by all the action going on. But you can’t see Prague without a visit to this square.

Old town square, Prague

Old town square, Prague, Czech Republic


2. Look up at the Astronomical clock

Just off the Old Town Square, this tower is one of the city’s most famous attractions. Visit it when it chimes on the hour and keep an eye on your valuables – this is the favorite spot of Prague’s pickpockets.

Astronomical clock, Prague, Czech Republic.

3. Cross the Charles Bridge.

More people per square foot than anywhere else in Prague. But it is loaded with history and has fantastic views over both sides of the bridge.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic.Views on the Charles Bridge, Prague


4. Tour Prague Castle

Highlights include St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane, and the Garden Ramparts. Its very touristy and the tours on offer at the Information office are, in our opinion, a tourist trap.  Enter St. Vitus, walk the Golden Lane, stroll through the Gardens for great views of the city. Then walk outside the Castle Gates and explore Castle Square. You can actually keep yourself busy up here all day without taking one of their tours.

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic .

5. Get a Thai Massage

The highlights I’ve mentioned above are the 4 most popular tourist spots in Prague. You’ll be tired of following the crowds and will have sore feet from walking all the cobblestone streets. Get a foot massage. We’ve never seen as many Thai massage parlors (outside Thailand) as in Prague and now understand why they are so popular.

Thai massage, Prague, Czech Republic.

6. Eat at Klášterní pivovar Strahov (Strahov Monastery)

Have a meal at the Strahov Monastery Brewery. Touristy; but good Czech food, great beer (they make their own), and you might be sharing the table with some interesting people. Lots of fun here.

Strahov Monastery, Prague, Czech Republic.

7. See the views from  the Strahov monastery

Great views of the city, especially in the early evening.

views of Prague from the Strahov monastery


8. Walk along the Vltava River

See some great Art nouveau architecture along the river in the area between the National Theatre and the Dancing House. Besides the buildings, you get great views of the river and the castle beyond.

Art Nouveau along Vltava in Prague, Czech Republic .

9. Take the elevator to the rooftop of the Dancing House

For fans of architecture; this building is the work of Frank Gehry who also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. There’s a fancy VIP restaurant at the top – try to sneak upstairs for views. You’ll see a provocative painting on the way up to the rooftop 😉 .

Dancing House, Prague

10. Walk around Wenceslas Square

This huge boulevard is the site of most of the major historical events to have occurred in Prague. Many beautiful buildings, the National Museum (closed until 2016) and statue of St. Wenceslas on his horse.

Wenceslas Square, Prague

Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic

11. See the Statue of St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse

After you’ve seen the famous statue of St. Wenceslas riding his horse (# 10 above), go see the mocking version of the statue in the nearby Lucerna Palace. It is created by famous Czech artist David Černý (you’ll see some of his statues all over town, including another couple further below).

David Cerny's dead horse in Lucerna Palace, Prague


12. Visit the Museum of Communism

A history lesson on the years of Communism in what was then Czechoslovakia. Interesting memorabilia. Bring your reading glasses.

Museum of Communism, Prague, Czech Republic


13. Paint a brick

The Beneficial Brick Initiative is a charity fundraiser created to help mentally handicapped people better integrate into society. For a donation of 150 Kč (about $8 US) you can paint a brick with your choice of colors and add it anywhere you want on the pile of stacked bricks. More.



14. Drink beer

The Czech Republic drinks more beer than any other country. Its good and, in most cases, cheaper than any water you may see on the menu.

Drink Czech beer in Prague



15. Eat a big sausage with hot mustard

Or, if you’re vegetarian like Spanky, eat fried cheese (the other dish in the Photo). Fried cheese is the typical ‘vegetarian’ option on a Czech menu. All my favorite things in one photo…

Eating sausage in Prague, Czech Republic


16. Go up the Petřín Observation Tower

The Petřín Observation Tower was built in 1891 and was inspired by the Eiffel tower in Paris. The only thing I can compare it to are the views from a plane when coming in for a landing. The best time is as the sun comes down. More.

Views from Petrin tower, Prague .

17. Take a Free Walking Tour of the Old Town

Lots of companies offer ‘free’ walking tours, most starting in the Old Town Square. Be careful choosing, you might find yourself in a group of kids who have no interest in anything the guide has to say. Our recommendation.

Prague free Walking tour


18. See the views from Old Town Hall Tower

One of the best views in town and an easy ride up in an elevator.

views from the Old-Town-Hall-Tower, Prague


19. Rent a boat

Go on the river (rent a rowboat or paddleboat at Slovansky ostrov island). Make sure to wear a sailor shirt and say “ahoy” to anyone you see – it’s one of the favorite things Czechs like to do.

paddle boat in prague
every czech is a sailor

20. Take a tram

If you like, get a 110 Kc ticket (about $6) and spend a whole day seeing the city by tram. Recommendations: the 12, 14 or 20 trams from Andel metro to Barrandov. Tram 17 from Strossmayerovo namesti towards Modrani offers great riverside views. We’ve fallen in love with the trams in Prague.

taking the tram in Prague



21. See the Peeing Statue

Check out the Peeing statue at the Franz Kafka museum (and see the museum only if you’re a big fan of Kafka). This is another statue created by David Černý.

David Cerny's peeing statue, Prague


22. Listen to classical music at the Municipal House

One of Prague’s most beautiful buildings and a great spot to listen to classical orchestras.

Municipal House, Prague


23. Make friends with a Czech!

Czechs are generally quite reserved. It took us a while but we made some good friends here.

photos of czechs Above: Photo credit Europeword.com

24. Have an evening out at a strip joint.

You can’t mention Prague without including strip joints because it is the reason many young ‘stag party’ tourists come here. A guide to stripclubs in Prague. You can work on #23 at the same time…

Striper car, Prague



25. Beer and views at Letna Park

Go to the beer garden at Letna park and have a beer while enjoying great views of the city.

beer garden at Letna park, Prague

views from letna park, Prague


26. Have coffee and cake in the garden at Alchymista

There are a lot of nice cafes in Prague. But this one, close to the beer garden in Letna Park, is our favorite in the whole city.

Alchemista cafe, Prague

27. The most scenic walk in Prague

Walk this route in the hills across the river from the Old Town. It is the nicest stroll, with the greatest views, in Prague. One of our absolute highlights.

the most scenic walk in prague



28. Climb some towers.

There are some great towers in the Old Town, you can even buy a “Towers of Prague” ticket which will give you access to 5 of the best towers in town. Highly recommended are the Old Town Bridge Tower and the Powder Tower. All the towers are detailed here.

views from the powder tower, Prague

views from old town bridge tower, Prague


29. Take a Vintage car tour

A cool way to see Prague. 1200 Kc (about $65) for an hour-long tour.

vintage car tour Prague

30. Take a Horse and carriage tour

Another fun tour idea. A tour will usually last 20 minutes and cost between 800 – 1000 Kc ($45 – $55).

Horse and carriage tour Prague

31. Cross Mánesův most bridge

Cross this bridge, one bridge up from the Charles Bridge, for great views of the Charles Bridge and river.

Cross Mánesův most bridge, Prague



32. Go to the Lesser Quarter Square (Malostranské náměstí)

We love this square – beautiful buildings and a great spot to take some photos of trams.

Lesser-town-square, Prague


33. Take the kids to Prague Zoo

This zoo is one of Europe’s best. You can even take a boat from the Old Town to get there. More.

Prague zoo

34. Have a coffee or beer at Klub Lavka

This restaurant/bar is one of the nicest spots to enjoy the views over the river. Try to avoid the food.

beer at Kafka restaurant, Prague



35. See the historical fort of Vyšehrad

The location of the first settlement in Prague, this fort is often overlooked by tourists. We loved it – it houses a beautiful cemetery containing the remains of some of the most important people in Czech history, a beautiful church (Basilica of St Peter and St Paul), and a scenic location on the river. Make sure to come here.

Vyšehrad, Prague



36. Check out the Narodni Trida metro station

Prague has a great metro system and some nice stations. But see Narodni Trida – very cool.

narodni-trida metro, prague

37. Visit the John Lennon wall.

In 1988 young Czechs would write their words of protest on this wall which led to clashes between students and the security police. The movement these students followed was described as ‘Lennonism’. Today, the wall represents a symbol of global ideals such as love and peace.

John Lennon wall, Prague



38. Watch a football game.

AC Sparta plays in Generali Arena (also known as Letna Stadium – easily accessible from the Old Town). One of the most successful teams in Central Europe.

AC Sparta, Prague Above: photo credit ondrahanus.cz

39. Take a Ghost Tour

Want to get scared? This tour is creepy but fun. More.

ghost tour, Prague



40. Have a coffee at Grand Café Orient

This is the House of the Black Madonna, the first and probably most celebrated example of cubist architecture in Prague. It contains one of Prague’s best cafes. Note the ‘lightbulb’ stairwell when you go in.

Grand cafe orient, Prague .

41. See the Prague Public Transport Museum

A lesser known museum, this museum has a collection of trams and buses from Prague’s history, some dating back to the 1800’s. Interesting photographs through the ages, including WWII. This museum was great fun and would only be better if they could include signage in English.

Prague transport museum  . .

42. Ride Tram 91

Tram 91 is the famous Historical Tram that starts at the Transport Museum ( # 41 above) and goes through downtown to Holešovice. The Tram runs every weekend and is operated by retired tram operators who are happy to give you information on the trams and share stories. Great fun and only 35 Kc for the 35 minute ride.

Tram 91, Prague   .

43. Tour the Jewish “Museum’

Prague has the most interesting collection of Jewish sights in Europe. You can buy a ticket to “The Museum” which will cover 6 of the 7 main highlights of the Jewish Quarter, including the Old Jewish Cemetery (it looks small – but it has 12 layers of bodies buried under the visible tombstones. Experts guess there are 100,000 bodies here) and the Pinkas Synagogue (memorial to the victims of the Nazis).

Jewish cemetery, Prague


44. Be one of those annoying Segway riders

You’ll see them weaving in and out of the crowds and ruining your photo opportunities. But it’s a popular activity among tourists and actually looks like fun…

segways in Prague, Czech Republic


45. Take a river tour

A great way to see the sites while relaxing with a beer.

boat tour, Prague .

46.  Check out the Church of St. James in the Old Town

Considered the most beautiful church in the Old Town. Look at the black, shriveled-up arm (400 years old) hanging from a hook.

St. James Church, Prague    


47. Have coffee or lunch at Café Slavia

This is one of Prague’s oldest coffee houses and has by far the classiest atmosphere of any café we visited. It has a beautiful art deco interior, very good food, nice river views – and with piano playing in the background it transports you back in time. We love it (no matter what Rick Steves’ says).

cafe slavia, Prague, Czech Republic   .


48. Hang out with Sigmund Freud.

Another strange David Černý statue, this one located on pretty Husova street, depicts psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud hanging by a hand and pondering whether to hold on or let go.

hanging-Freud, Prague



49. See Baroque Library Hall at the Klementium

The Klementinum is the largest and most historic complex of buildings in the Old Town. Originally a Jesuit college, it was transformed into a library in the early 1700s. Highlights of a tour include the Baroque Library Hall, an astronomical Tower (180 degree views over the Old Town), and the mirror Chapel.

Clementinum Library, Prague Above: photo credit Wikipedia.org .

50. See more Statues

I’ve highlighted some statues above. But fans of statues can find more. A few examples: 1) Ghost from Mozart’s Don Giovanni (by Anna Chromy) located outside the Estates Theatre, 2) David Černý’s babies crawling up the Žižkov Television Tower, 3) Franz Kafka Statue by Jaroslav Rola in Jewish Quarter. Some websites for people who can’t get enough of statues here and here.

weird and wonderful statues in Prague   .

I’ve limited the above to our Top 50
. But there are more things that pop to mind; 51) The Grand Hall at the main train station, 52) the food markets that move around the city (great way to interact with farmers and locals), 53) Vegan food at a branch of Loving Hut – even for a non-vegetarian like me it was fantastic, 54) Church of Our Lady of the Snows near Wenceslas Square. Gorgeous interior. Any other suggestions? If you have anything interesting we’ll add them to the list.

Guess what we plan on doing on our next leg of the trip? Answer at the bottom of this post. Hint: if we were to encapsulate Prague in one photo it would be this;

summary of what we did in prague
As this is our wrap-up post on Prague and the Czech Republic and there are a few people we’d like to thank: Irene who arranged for us to get this great apartment and helped us out with so many details. Hanka our landlord who was welcoming and always available when we needed her. Anna, the tour guide we met early on this trip who’s always been great at giving us information and suggestions on various activities. I recommend that anyone looking for a guide in Prague contact her (guideanna@email.cz). Finally Martin, the friendly and honest taxi driver who was referred to us by Irene. Anyone who’s read about Prague or comes here knows how difficult it is to get an honest cabbie who won’t overcharge. I’d recommend Martin to anyone. His email:martin.palata@gmail.com.


Next stop: Bangkok, Thailand.

Plans: soak up some heat (the last few weeks have been cold here in Prague), get Thai massages, enjoy some Bangkok nightlife, and eat some Thai food. We can’t look at one more giant wiener, slab of fried cheese, or slice of cheesecake. We also plan on getting back in shape which you might have figured out from the photo above. The fat that we won’t work off we’ll sweat off in the heat 😉 .   We’ll take off a little time from blogging as we settle into our new home. You can look forward to some new posts in about 10 days from now.

Thanks for reading!

Frank & Lissette


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  1. This is a great list! Prague is definitely on our must see list for Europe and it’s great to see a list that includes some of the lesser known ideas as well. I love that you spent nearly three months there! What a great way to really get to know a city and a community. Looking forward to hearing all about Bangkok. Enjoy!
    Gina – Our Global Adventure recently posted…Going Underground… At Buchan!My Profile

  2. Great list, including the giant wieners :). Prague gets so many tourists and most stick to the parade leading from the Powder Gate, through the Old Town, and across the Bridge to Prague Castle. Then they; a) think they’ve seen everything there is to see in Prague and b) complain about the number of tourists.
    Lots to see if you’re not following the herd like a bunch of sheep!

    • So true Jack – doesn’t help that all the guides seem to cover the same stuff. Our Rick Steve’s guide for example doesn’t even mention Vyšehrad.

  3. A really terrific tour and listing of what to see, do and experience in Prague – a complete ‘guide book’ thats a lot better than any guide – and that could only be written by a ” native ” ! Congrats ! But thats perhaps also the only ‘downside’ – if there is one … You both have had the very unique opportunity to have ‘lived’ in Prague as locals for 3 months odd – And Time is what makes all the difference . Its is also what makes your blog so different from so many (all ? ) of the others – which seldom provide more than ‘flash shot’ image of , or experiences in, a specific place . But of course the average visitor has nowhere near the time , opportunity or possibility to visit Prague, or anywhere else for that matter, so “intensively” . Your list of the top 50 attractions allows the “average”visitor to choose and select the ‘best of the best’ – and leaves more than enough for a next visit . Have a great trip – and all the best for the next “chapter out East” . Bon Voyage !

    • Thanks for the comment Tony! If you ever want to visit and have a shorter time I’ll go through the list and trim it down to 10 :). But Prague really worth seeing.

  4. Excellent and useful recommendations! Pragues is on my list of cities to visit soon – as I visited another city in the country.
    I like the way you mixed tips, recommendations and included gorgeous photos!

  5. Thanks for this list, guys!! Number 49 is definitely going to be on TOP of our to-do list in Prague!! 🙂
    Mei and Kerstin (from OpenUpNow.net) recently posted…A Traveller’s Home: Thank You WORLD!My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Klementium also has great views from the top of the tower (part of the tour). You can’t take photo’s within most of the building itself but it is pretty impressive to see in person.

  6. Great list! I am hoping to visit Prague this year so this guide will really come in useful.
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  7. What a great article, thank you guys! Should you ever come back, let me know! Guidilo will help you get in touch with how to experience Prague like a real local and learn how not to get stuck in the tourist trap!
    Tereza recently posted…May events in PragueMy Profile

  8. Nothing interesting…strange…same ALL sausage, cafe, bridge HORDES of people…more beer hmmm

  9. This is an Awesome list! For those new to Europe I always recommend Prague as their first destination, it’s one of favorite cities.
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  10. I will go to Prague next week. I will note them all. Thank you for all these great tips.

  11. Laurie White says:

    Thanks for your list. Visiting Prague again for the first time in 15 years with my husband who has never been and your list added some spots to our itinerary. Thank you.

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Hi Laurie,
      We’ll actually be back there at the end of the week for a month. We always love Prague. I hope your husband enjoys – if you have any questions don’t be shy to ask 🙂

  12. Great wrap up! and love the photos!!

  13. What an expansive list with a lot of great ideas. We have been to Prague a couple of times but could get a real connection with the city, although we mixed touristy and other stuff. But who knows this might change with another visit (not planned for the near future though). So, did you go on one of the Segway Tours?
    Natascha (Westwards) recently posted…Sigiriya – Sri Lanka’s most expensive tourist siteMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      HA! You want to get Lissette pissed off then all you have to mention are those segways!! Drives her crazy…no, I don’t think it’s on our list.
      Sorry you felt that way – its true there’s a lot of tourists (even right now in early March) but there’s lots to see where you won’t run into them. I hope you give it another chance sometime, it really is so beautiful and even this the 3rd time around we enjoy walking around.

  14. Hi Frank,

    Great list and it is a place that we would love to visit. Interestingly we love a Thai massage and for 9 euros thats a great price. The sausage looks like a challenge in itself but definitely worth a go! Thanks for sharing.
    Paul and Carole recently posted…Is Marina Bay Sands Hotel worth the expense?My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Hey guys – once you start drinking the beer the sausage goes down pretty fast. Kind of like the way they guzzle water at those hot dog eating contests 🙂

  15. Very comprehensive guide, great job! Prague is beautiful and there are many things to see and do there. We would also recommend Krizik Singing Fountain – it sounds cheesy, but it’s not! We chose the show with famous film-scores and really enjoyed it. For non-vegetarians, a roll with breaded pork chop, fried onions and mayo is a must – huge, tasty and super cheap 🙂

    For those who can get out of the city we can only recommend day trips from Prague. Spa-town of Karlovy Vary is amazing, and there are multiple lovely castles in the region.
    Agnieszka recently posted…Snowy Ben Ledi on Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      I had never heard of the Krizik Singing Fountain, thanks for mentioning it Agnieszka.

      Oh, yes – lots to see outside Prague. I kept this post on Prague itself but we also loved Cesky Krumlov and Kutna Hora. We also want to go to Moravia one of these days, region has nice wines and less tourists.

  16. We have one more month left in Asia before returning to Europe but reading the above makes me want to return right now!! 14, 19 and 24 have caught my eye!! Thanks for all the good tips. Cheers, Mark
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  17. Love this! Now I want to go to Prague more than ever! I am a beer girl this looks like my kind of town! The views are spectacular!!
    Amanda recently posted…Balboa Village with KidsMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks Amanda! I wrote this after our 3 month stay in 2014 – we’ve now been back twice and are currently here for the 3rd time, this time to get some dental work done. Another thing that Prague is good for is affordable dental work, something we pay a lot for in Canada and the US 🙂

  18. Justine says:

    Hi Frank!
    Great blog and well thought out points of interest. I am heading to Prague, (and Budapest & beyond) in 3 weeks, with my 17 year old son. Is there anything you would add to the list of must see’s. We are in both cities for 4 days!
    Thank you and safe travels.

  19. Wow. Stunning photos! Heading to Prague and this post is very helpful. Looks like all the climb is really worth it. Fantastic views! I’ve been searching for blog posts and by far you have the most comprehensive guide about Prague. Thanks for the tips! 🙂
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  20. Perfect top 50 list….Where is next 50 Think s to do in Prague? 😉
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  21. I really enjoyed your list of 50 things to do in Prague. I’ve been there some times but I found a lot of new interesting spots in your article which I will take a closer look on in just a week. 🙂

    Cheers, Christian
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