Bbqboy and Spanky in the Media

bbqboy and spanky in the media

In the past we’ve been shy to be interviewed on other blogs. We also never thought of promoting the blog through the media. That suddenly changed over the past few weeks and through both chance and opportunity we’ve either written or been interviewed through different media and press.

Prepare to be fed up with our faces. [Read more...]

Bashing on full time travellers – and why ‘we’ bring it on ourselves

Bashing on full time travellers – and why ‘we’ bring it on ourselves

There’s a German word that’s come to mind a few times recently. It’s Schadenfreudeie. the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. And in every case it’s come up because of the latest article about the misfortunes of full-time travellers. Who doesn’t love to bash on full-time travellers, those over-privileged or stupidly naive who decide to break with conventional wisdom? “Serves them right” says the frustrated couch potato surfing the net between shifts at McDonalds. [Read more...]

Looking back at 2015…and forward to 2016

Looking back at 2015...and forward to 2016

A lot of people hate the yearly recaps that travel bloggers come up with this time of year. I actually love doing them: year end posts are about remembering what we did in the year, how far we came in fulfilling what we hoped for, and remembering how we felt about the places we visited as well as where we are in life. After all, the main goal when I set up this website was to document our travels.

In this post  you’ll see a summary of the different places we went, our favorites (we’ve been to a few places this year that we want to return to), as well as some thoughts on our lifestyle as full-time (slow*) travellers. I’ll also go over some of our plans for the coming year. [Read more...]

Travel Bloggers on Tourist Traps and Disappointing Places – and where you should go Instead.

Travel Bloggers on Tourist Traps and Disappointing Places - and where you should to go Instead.

This post was inspired by our very uninspiring visit to Bran Castle last week. How is it that some places attract the tourist hordes while other places, similar or even better, get very few tourists?

I reached out to a few of our favorite bloggers and asked them simply: What destinations do you think are really just tourist traps and what would you recommend instead? It doesn’t have to be a site, it can be a country, a popular destination spot, etc. A place that really disappointed you.

I got some interesting and colourful answers.

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Wondering where to go on vacation? Plan it with our FREE Destination Guides

Plan your trip with our free destination Guides post

Once in a while we have to remind people about our free Guides. Summer is coming up and people are starting to think about their vacation plans. Our guides have lots of information on where to go, what to see, costs and accommodation. [Read more...]

Things learned through 8 months of travel

Things learned through 8 months of travel

You learn many things about yourself and your partner when you travel full time. Our first 9 years together, Lissette (Spanky) and I lived quite the routine life centered on the 9 -5 of work. The last 8 months have meant big changes to our way of living. Here are things we’ve learned, adjustments [Read more...]

Looking back at 2014 (a.k.a our year in photos). And our hopes and dreams for 2015.


2014 was like two very different years in one as we went from conventional life in Montreal (the first 6 months) to living a life on the road.

I don’t usually like to post personal photos or stories on the blog. This is an exception. Year end posts are about what we did in the year, how [Read more...]

A Week-In-The-Life of BBQBoy and Spanky in Prague

a week in the life in Prague, Czech Republic

Nora Dunn at The Professional Hobo is one of Canada’s most popular bloggers. She’s one of those few travellers who actually travels full time - she’s been on the road since 2007. Nora is currently using the Central valley of Peru as her base. She knows everything when it comes to travel and, with her financial background, is an expert on insurances, flying on points, and financial travel tips. Lots of good info on her site.

Last summer, while we were still in the Czech Republic, she asked us to write about our life on the road in her A-week-in-The-Life series of travel bloggers. It was published just last week.

You can see our post Here.

Thank you again Nora for the opportunity!


Everything IS Personal. And why you can’t love every place you visit…

everything is personal 2

“Some would certainly stone me for saying this, but I don’t travel to places for the people anymore. It’s the sights and things to do there that are why I go. Friendly locals are always a bonus in my book, but they don’t make or break a trip for me”.
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We’re Liebster award winners!



Actually, there’s no trophy or cash prizes associated with the Liebster award. The award is more like a baton passed from one blogger to various other bloggers, a kind of chain letter that shouldn’t be broken. I don’t usually get involved with chain letters. But ignoring a nomination is considered both bad form and the harbinger of bad luck. I’ve heard of some people getting genital warts from ignoring a Liebster nomination. The idea of the award is that it exposes the reader of a blog to other blogs and the people behind it, which is a good thing. In our case we received our nomination from Trupti at Exploring the Blue Marble. Thanks Trupti! [Read more...]