Review of the Imola Hotel Platán, Eger (Hungary)

Review of the Imola Hotel Platán, Eger (Hungary)

We don’t usually do hotel reviews on this website. In this case the hotel was as much the destination as the town of Eger itself. We wanted a spa vacation and that was what the Imola Platán offered. We chose it for several reasons: 1) Full Spa services including Thermal Baths, Saunas, and massage facilities, 2) Its own restaurant, 3) proximity to Eger’s town center, 4) No kids allowed (we wanted tranquility), 5) great reviews on Trip Advisor (where it is currently rated the #1 hotel in Eger). It also turned out that they have a special 7 day offer which we found attractive. Did the hotel deliver on all these points? I’ll explore that in this post. [Read more…]

Photo Essay: Things to Do and See in Eger, Hungary

Things to Do and See in Eger, Hungary

Where to take a holiday in Hungary? One of our readers recommended the town of Eger in the Northeastern part of the country. A pretty town with beautiful churches (including the country’s 2nd largest Basilica) and a famous castle, it has thermal baths and is situated in one of Hungary’s premium wine producing regions. And it’s only 2 hours from Budapest. We decided we’d go and spend a week there.
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On the frontlines of the migrant crisis in Budapest

On the frontlines of the migrant crisis in Budapest, Hungary

I had no interest in writing about the migrant issue. This is a travel blog and although I have strong opinions on politics I try to keep them to myself. But sometimes subjects overlap, or issues are shoved in your face and you have to speak up. That’s happened over the last week.

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Our Taste Hungary inspired Budapest Food Tour. How we saved big bucks

Our Taste Hungary inspired Budapest Food Tour. How we saved big bucks

Taste Hungary is the best known food tour operator in Budapest. They get great reviews. But their tours cost $90 USD per person for a 4 hour tour. That’s $180 USD for the two of us. If you’re on a vacation rushing through Budapest you might be able to justify that. As slow travellers it’s a ridiculous expense. No way were we going to pay that much money.

But if you do a bit of research you can figure out exactly what is on the Taste Hungary itinerary and do it yourself. That’s what we did. Here is a summary of how we turned the Taste Hungary itinerary into an enjoyable full-day food tour at a fraction of the price. [Read more…]

Budapest: The time I was almost punched in the face at the Hummus Bar

Hummus Bar

Right up the street from Budapest’s Great Synagogue is the Hummus Bar. We had just ordered – the Shawarma plate for me, the Complete Hummus plate for Lissette – when an older man and his son sat down at the table next to us. The man must have been in his early 70’s, the son in his early 30’s. The older man was a bit of a fiddler; moving his chair around, readjusting the table, his head bobbing between the menu on the wall and the menu in front of him. His son was the impatient type, texting on the phone, then getting up and going outside to make a call. [Read more…]

Review of our dining experience with EatWith in Budapest.

Review of our dining experience with EatWith in Budapest

Wouldn’t it be cool to go to a new city and get invited to a dinner party? Where you could meet interesting people and be fed by locals? I think it’s a great concept.

I first heard about it a month ago while watching CNN in a hotel room in Mexico City. [Read more…]

One month in Budapest. Experiences and impressions to date.

One month in Budapest, Hungary. Experiences and impressions to date.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating a month in Budapest. Someone asked me yesterday how I liked Budapest. It’s something I’ve been putting off answering because, honestly, I’m not 100% sure myself how I feel. And then I remember that we felt the same way after a month in Prague last year – a city that we ended up falling in love with. So I’m not going to make a decision on Budapest yet. Instead I’ll write about some of our experiences and impressions to date. [Read more…]