Flashback to 2008…and thoughts on life changes

Flashback to 2008...and thoughts on life changes
Many years ago I had a blog on one those shared hosting websites. It didn’t get any traffic or comments but I enjoyed writing and putting down my thoughts (my biggest blogging mistake was not getting my own website until 2013). Recently, out of curiosity, I went back to that blog. I found this old post, written in 2008, that made me reflect on where we were at that time, where we are now (9 years later), and how life sometimes throws you curveballs. You have ideas about the future, about how you want to live and travel. Sometimes things don’t work out how you expected or even wanted.

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Being Back ‘home’ in Montreal after a year of Travel. Observations and reflections.

Being Back ‘home’ in Montreal after a year of Travel, observations and reflections._edited-2

We came back to Montreal with a lot of conflicting feelings.

There was stress. For the last year Lissette has been working from a distance and the agreement with her employer was that it would last for just a year. Coming back, she knew there was no way that she could go back to working 9-5 behind a desk. And we were going to keep on travelling no matter what. Would they allow her to continue doing her work from overseas? [Read more…]

Cost breakdown: Montreal Vs Prague Vs Bangkok

When we left Montreal last July we knew that our money would go further overseas. While not the most expensive city in Canada, Montreal is an expensive city by most standards. We figured that Prague would be cheaper and Bangkok even [Read more…]

Last call, Montreal. Announcing Big Changes to the blog

June 21, 2014. I’ve lived in Montreal for the last 30 years, Lissette (ie. Spanky) the last 22. This city has been great to me; I came here for university studies at 18, got my first job, married, had a son. I had some advancement opportunities at work and ended up promoted to the perfect job, working with some great people. They were like family, supportive when I went through a divorce and understanding to the obligations of being a single dad. Montreal, always buzzing, always full of activities for both adults and kids, was the perfect place to raise a son.

I met Spanky in 2005. A  native New Yorker, she had come here for a change in life and career. Montreal was a change of pace from New York [Read more…]

What to see and do in Montreal: the ultimate resource page

30 years I’ve lived in Montreal, taking a lot of photos and writing a lot of posts on this wonderful city. That will end soon. But with summer almost here, and the hordes of tourists about to descend on the city, it was time to compile everything I’ve ever written about Montreal into one easy-reference page. Below you’ll find guides and itineraries, photo essays, and plenty of specific posts on museums, festivals, river cruises, as well as my recommendations on the best spots to eat and drink. Check out the links and let me know if you have any questions that I haven’t answered!
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BBQboy’s Walking tour of Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal

a walking tour of montreal's plateau mont-royal

Every guide to Montreal recommends a visit to the Plateau Mont-Royal. But I’ve yet to see anything detailed on what you should actually do or see. Having lived on the Plateau for the last 25 years, I’ve decided to make up my own detailed guide on the highlights of the area. Click on the map below for a full-sized copy and print it out.  Follow it to see the best of what the Plateau Mont-Royal has to offer. [Read more…]

‘Outside my Front Door’ – Montreal, Quebec.

Outside my front door, Montreal

Bloggers Paula and Gordon at Contented Traveller recently asked us to contribute to their ‘Outside my Front Door’ series. The objective behind these posts is to get a more personal perspective on bloggers, focusing not on their travel adventures but rather on where they come from and the routine of everyday life in their home environment. I’ve written extensively on Montreal on this site, covering the city’s highlights and providing tips on what to do from a tourist’s perspective – but this guest post was an opportunity to cover Montreal on a more personal level and share (to a mostly American audience) why Montreal is such a unique city to live in. [Read more…]

Photo Essay – Montreal in the Autumn

Montreal in the Autumn header

The best of Autumn is coming to an end in Montreal. The vivid colours have started turning to different shades of brown and the trees are getting increasingly bare. It won’t be long until we start waking up to frost in the morning – Halloween usually signals a quick descent into the dregs [Read more…]

Photo Essay – Montreal in the summer

Montreal in the summer, header

With summer officially ending this weekend I decided to dedicate a post to summer in Montreal. Here are some of my better, or more interesting, photos of Montreal in the summer. [Read more…]

Review of a Montreal Food Tour

montreal food tour header

Last weekend we took a walking food tour with Fitz & Follwell. They specialize in bike tours of Montreal but also have a couple of highly recommended food tours. I’ve mentioned it before – I get irked by non-Montreal bloggers who come here and write as if there’s nothing more to Montreal than poutine, smoked meat, and bagels. It is this generalization that prompted us to take the tour. We wanted to see firsthand how tourists are exposed to Montreal’s culinary traditions. [Read more…]