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UPDATED January 13, 2018 – Sorry, the apartment is no longer available to rent

We might have the most unusual apartment in Split.

When we decided to make Split our base one of the considerations was being able to rent out our accommodations while we travel. We love Split but we also never want to stop travelling.

We found an apartment we liked and have been fixing it up to our tastes. Part of the process was shipping our furniture from Montreal including many of the things picked up on our travels (which for now we just don’t have the stomach to get rid of). We have cabinets and a library from India, drums and paintings from Africa, a Thai bench, Javanese desks…it’s why I say we may have the most unusual apartment in Split.


Our apartment and some descriptions.


Living Room / 2nd bedroom

A large couch, a double sized bed, a working desk, a dining room table…and our TV with Cable (you can also watch the huge assortment of DVD’s we have).



The bedroom has a king sized bed, another couch, another working table and lots of closet space. You also have direct access to the balcony from the bedroom.


The Balcony

The balcony (or maybe terrace is the better term) is the reason we fell in love with the apartment. We spend a lot of time out here. It’s very private, the views from neighboring buildings blocked by trees (there’s a palm tree, a fig tree, and a whole bunch of other trees that blossom at different times of the year). And because Split has quite a temperate climate we can use it all year long.


The Hallway

Like all the other parts of the apartment, the hallway is large and airy with very high ceilings.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is basic but functional with everything you need. We also have our washing machine here.

The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, basic but functional. We’d love to have one of those Japanese toilets with the warm toilet seat and the spray action. Unfortunately we’re limited by what we can find in Croatia.



Our building from the outside.


The Neighborhood

We love the neighborhood. It is full of old, low-rise buildings with gardens and large trees. It is the most sought after neighbourhood in Split. Within 2 minutes are two very popular beaches:

Below: Bacvice beach. The most famous beach in Split. Lots of bars and restaurants along the shore.

Below: Ovcice beach. Our favorite beach, there’s a great cafe there and you’ll see mostly locals and their kids here. 


The Old Town

Split’s Old Town is 10 to 15 minutes away from the apartment (depending on your walking speed). See my Guide on what to See and Do in Split (and around).


I always say that if you’re in Split 2 or 3 nights you should stay in the Old Town…but if you’re here longer then I really recommend our place. The neighborhood is great and you’re 10 minutes from the ferry, train station and bus station – so you can use it as a base to explore much of Dalmatia and the islands.


If you’re interested in staying here, there are two ways to book:

1) Through AirbnbYou can look at the profile here. If you’ve never signed up with Airbnb do it using the link below. You’ll save $50 on your first rental.

airbnb discount $50
2) Want to book directly? Comment below or write me at If you’ve been a follower of this blog for a while or are a blogger we’ll always give you a better rate (especially off season, which is always the best time to visit Split). 



 Feel free to give us your thoughts or feedback.



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  1. Jeannette Bysterveldt says:

    Hey. I was considering spending some time in south italy maybe next year. But will keep Split in mind….

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks Jeanette. Overall cheaper in Croatia than Italy, except high season (June – Sept) where prices go through the roof. You can actually take the ferry between Ancona (Italy) and Split, it’s an overnight ferry ride.

  2. It’s on my list! I’ve saved it to Pinterest too and shall definitely make it there…not immediately…but down the track!
    Jane recently posted…Road Trip Around Australia?My Profile

  3. It’s incredible how it looks like the extreme South (Mediterranean shores) of France. I just bought a little village “casita” there for my old days (my wife signs up tomorrow), but nowhere as nice as yours (and no terrace). Incredible deal though (70 000 €), with not much work to be done .

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      You’re right Lionel, I have a friend who lives a bit inland from Nice and he always tells me the same thing.
      Congratulations on the house buy!

  4. I’m afraid to leave a comment now. I did the last one again like 15 times and it finally said duplicate comment detected but l guess you still never got it. Frustrating. The flat looks great. Insane, but we had the exact same bookshelf :-). Love your taste in furniture..Spanky did a great job putting it all together.

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Kemkem – I feel so bad.
      Back in Split now so I had the time to have a look around. All your comments were in Spam. Don’t ask me how, you are the only one there (along with a lot of crappy ads selling football jerseys). I don’t know what to tell you….the comment is now back in the regular inbox. But I’ll keep an eye on my spam box in the future.

      Thanks for the comment on the furniture 🙂 Spanky worked really hard to make it look nice. Hasn’t taken long, we’ve already got 2 weeks fully booked in August!! That’s thanks to her work.

  5. Hi Frank, I’ve been MIA due to computer issues, dang American gadget didn’t want to convert to the UK. I decided, instead of getting frustrated trying to figure it out, to just enjoy Wales. Finally had to reset it. Have you had this issue in any of your travels? If so, how did you fix other than resetting?

    The apt looks very inviting and cozy. I can see why you like it there so much. Worth sending over you personal items, it makes it feel more like your home and let’s face it…. it’s nice seeing our treasures collected from our journeys and the memories attached to them.
    Paula recently posted…Too Scared To Travel Solo? Go To Iceland!My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Hi Paula!
      I don’t quite understand what your computer issue is. No, have never had any issues except maybe having to change google settings for English results when arriving somewhere (you arrive in Japan and suddenly your search requests showing up in Japanese..). But other than that no problems (although we haven’t been to the UK).

      How is Wales? Been curious about the castles and hiking there.

      Thank you for the comments on the apartment 🙂

      • Iceland Google would not leave my home page and other than FB, nothing else would load. Totally frustrating.

        Wales is fantastic! More castles than time, all within a short distance. I made a video of 5 Castles plus Tintern Abbey, posted now. Been waiting for better weather to hike Brecon Beacon. Hopefully I’ll get a day to do that, but plenty of short hikes to keep busy with.

        • Frank (bbqboy) says:

          Wales sounds great Paula! And I imagine not too many tourists? I will have look at your video (I guess I can find through your blog?)
          I think one of these days we’ll be going to the UK although costs have kind of scared me off…
          Frank (bbqboy) recently posted…Rent our Apartment in Split!My Profile

          • At the castles just a handful of other people or none. Cardiff hasn’t been too busy either. Thankfully I’m staying with a friend, so I’m not sure on cost of accommodations etc, food is cheaper than USA, especially eating out. But sites runs about £8 per person per site unless you purchase a membership card. After 4 places you’ve covered your cost pretty much. I have another 2 weeks here, 6 total, and I’m already planning things to do next time.
            Paula recently posted…Video – Castle Hopping in South WalesMy Profile

          • Frank (bbqboy) says:

            Sounds good Paula, always helps having friends somewhere. Maybe we need to do a house trade with someone!
            Enjoy Wales.

  6. Wow, you’ve really made it into a lovely home, good job! Love your taste in furnishings, travel clearly is never too far away from your thoughts (we have a drum collection too!). Will keep it in mind should anyone we know think of heading your way (and us too, one day hopefully), what a beautiful part of the world. Hope you’re really happy there!

  7. You and Lissette have done a really great job on the apart , Frank ! Nice to see your personal effects happily settled into their new abode … It really looks nice and cosy with that touch of the near-tropics. Just a little “technical’ note … Split has very much a Mediterranean climate , not a Temperate climate – although it may be ‘temperate’ – if you know what I mean. Coastal BC, Ireland, the UK , Northern half of France through the Nederlands etc have the “real” Temperate climate, which has rain throughout the year, and where rather severe frosts can be frequent during the winter months.
    (Scandanavia, northern Germany, MId-West US etc – and (of course…) Eastern Canada all hv the impossible Continental climate zones ! The Mediterranean climate is very special , made so by a): a rainy season uniquely concentrated through the cool autumn and winter months (not the summer , b) has a dry, hot summer season (not at all temperate… !) and c) where frost is largely unknown or pretty rare and light – thus the bouganvilleas, strelitzias,mimosas etc , The Med climate is probably the most conducive and best suited to Man and his activities – almost all our (western) ancient civilizations emerged in Med climate areas, from the Ancient Egyptians onwards… Whatever, have a really great stay in the apart and Split . Are you still planning to do some travels before this coming winter ?

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks Tony! I wasn’t actually using ‘temperate’ in technical term, all I meant was that it never really gets cold and we can make use of that balcony throughout the year. But thanks for the precision, it is definitely the best suited to man in my opinion.

  8. Nice! Home Sweet Home! I can see why you wanted to transport your things from Canada, you’ve made a nice nest. I hope you’re both comfy cozy in your new digs.
    Patti recently posted…The Reconstruction of Dresden ~My Profile

  9. Someone has the gift of welcome! Your apartment looks sunny, inviting and oh-so-comfortable! Perfect for any traveler. We’ll be heading over your way one of these days so will definitely keep your apartment in mind. The only downside is – we want to meet you and Lissette too! Anita
    Anita recently posted…Konopiste Castle, The Heir to the Austro-Hungarian Throne and The Great WarMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      I’m sure we can figure out something because we’d like to meet you to Anita. Maybe we’d manage a night in Vedran’s place to have a bit of overlap 🙂

  10. So, you two are going to make this a long term thing? Do you think you will be able to keep getting the Croatian resident card? It looks like a gorgeous apartment. I hope we can take you up on renting it sometime. Have fun.

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      We’ll have to see how it goes Corinne but it makes a nice base to come home to. We’ve got our 1 year residence card which we plan on updating next year. Step by step but we like it here.
      Hey, we’re off to Prague next week where we met you guys not so long ago. Will be there the month of August getting dentist/doctor stuff done.

  11. Hi Frank and Lissette

    Beautiful place and great touches with your furnishings. I’m sure you are very happy to have a home base and Montreal is behind you. Paul and I are back in CA now until the Spring 2018 but will be returning to Europe to do the 90 day EU hop for another year or so. Split is on the list and we’d love to meet you in person.
    Paula and Paul
    Paula recently posted…A Town Made of Stone Part 2My Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thank you so much Paula! Glad to hear you’ll be back in Europe next year. If you make it in Split, I recommend coming before June…that’s when it starts getting busy and by July and August it is quite crowded.
      Of course we’d love to meet you too 🙂

  12. Looks lovely Frank. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance!
    Andrew Boland recently posted…The Air BnB Experience – Apartment RentalMy Profile

  13. Frank, I love your apartment, having it furnished with your own bits and pieces really does make a difference as to how personal and homely it feels. I would love to go back to Croatia, so I will keep your apartment in mind since Split would make a great base to explore from:)
    Gilda Baxter recently posted…Thoughts On Early RetirementMy Profile

  14. Sara Yoel says:

    Hi Frank and Lissette,
    Can’t add more than so many already mentioned…..beautiful. Wish we had it when we were there, but then we wouldn’t have met you which was so nice. I still need to send you a couple of our photos together, but we are super busy with moving from a big house to a rental. Wish we could follow your footsteps and hop on to a rental there. Anyway, great touches on the apartment….enjoy! , great to be familiar now with the sites you posted, we should get back there to catch up with a couple of the side trips we had no time for. But, next May planning to hit Spain and possibly Germany. Be ready, Likely to bother you again because I know you where there.
    The best to all, Sara Y.

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Hi Sara! Thank you for the nice comments. Hope you make it to Croatia again one day.
      Spain is great, as you know we loved Sevilla and would like to see more of the region. And Germany has always been one of our favorite countries even though we haven’t explored it that much..
      You bother us anytime you like Sara 🙂
      Frank (bbqboy) recently posted…Split, Croatia Guide (with day trips)My Profile

  15. That is an absolutely gorgeous apartment! Makes me wish we had plans to go to Split but alas, that will have to wait until after I retire next year.

  16. Great set of photos! How much was the expenses you’ve allotted for this? Never knew that Split is an amazing country. Safe travel always!

  17. John Crosby says:

    Hi, “Happy Christmas”, we’ve just seen your post about your apartment in Split, we’re friends with “Paul and Carol love to travel”. We are just putting together our plans for a trip round Croatia and Italy during September and October next year. Is your apartment available for the week commencing Saturday 15th September ? and if so what would the cost be ? Cheers, Croz.

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