Visiting Amazing Sala Keoku in Nong Khai, Thailand

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (6)

Sala Keoku is the most popular tourist site in Nong Khai and is worth a detour if in the area. If you are staying in Nong Khai for even just one day it is a must-see. I’m almost at a loss to describe the site. It is called by many a ‘sculpture park’ but for others it is a place of worship and meditation. One thing for sure: it is fantastical. The word that comes to mind is ‘Burton-esque’ because some of the characters could come right out of a Tim Burton movie.


entrance to sala keoku

Above: The entrance (20 baht entrance fees for foreigners). Right next to the entrance is this huge brick sculpture.

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (7)
The creator of the park is Bunleua Sulitat. Born in 1932 in Nong Khai province, the story goes that he fell into a cave where he met a hermit called Keoku. Keoku would become his spiritual mentor (and later the namesake of Sala Keoku).

After graduating from his apprenticeship with Keoku, Sulitat took to sculpting and in 1958 built his first concrete sculpture garden in Laos (Buddha Park near Vientiane). When the Communists came to power he worried that his unorthodox views might not be accepted and crossed the Mekong to Nong Khai. In 1978 he started the construction of Sala Keoku.

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (3)

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (8)
Sala Keoku has many sculptures, some towering 25 or so meters into the sky. Sculptures of that height aren’t unique in Thailand but it’s the style of the statues and the sheer number of them that makes this place special. Altogether there are over 100 sculptures.

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (4)

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (10)

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (9)

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (11)
Sourirtat’s style of buddhist and Hindu along with his eccentric style made him popular with many locals. Much of the building materials were donated and Sala Keoku became something of a religious sect headquarters.

elephants and serpants, sala keoku

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (9)

buddhas at sala keoku, nong khai

Buddha hands, Sala Keoku, Nong Khai
Sulilat’s vision found its most detailed expression in depictions of the karmic Wheel of Life (present in both of his gardens). The version in Sala Keoku (pictured below) is the more elaborate of the two and mixes traditional and contemporary figures arranged in a circular pattern. It reveals the human progression from birth to death.

Sala Kaew Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand (5)

Sala Kaew Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand (7)

Sala Kaew Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand (6)

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (13)
Souritat died in 1996 from complications arising from a fall from one of his own sculptures. His body resides in the main building and his followers claim his hair still grows.

Below: more photos of this fantastical park.

Sala Kaew Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand (8)

views in sala keoku

at the feet of buddha, sala Keoku, nong khai

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (1)

monkeys and snakes, sala keoku

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (14)

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (18)

Sala Keo Ku, Nong Khai, Thailand  (15)

Sala Keoku, nong Khai (7)


Getting here: About 15 -20 minutes from central Nong Khai by Tuk-tuk. Follow highway 212 heading east out of town. Sala Keoku is well indicated and is a right turn off the highway. We paid 300 baht for a tuk-tuk driver to bring us there, wait an hour, and bring us back to Nong Khai. I recommend you arrange for return transport because we didn’t see any other tuk-tuks around.

Entrance fee: 20 Baht.

Time to see the site: We took an hour but ideally we could have used an extra 30 minutes. So if you really want to explore everything thoroughly give it 90 minutes.

Facilities: Kiosques selling drinks and ice cream, souvenir stores, bathroom facilities.


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  1. Very nice images! I wouldn’t mind seeing these, and it sounds like a reasonable price to pay.
    Kemkem recently posted…Brussels : Some of the highlightsMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks Kemkem – yup, 20Baht, that’s a bit less than a dollar (US). Cheaper than a chocolate bar 😉

  2. Hi Frank,
    This is such a feast for the eyes! Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen so many awesome sculptures in one place! The snakes, the bizarre animals and adornments, that woman kneeling at the feet of the bigger dude. Wow! Thanks for totally filling up my senses!
    I must sear Sala Keoku in my memory so Conrad and I can visit this unbelievable place. Thanks for taking us there with you.
    Josie recently posted…Language Schools: Surprising Travel Resource and Memory-MakerMy Profile

    • Frank (bbqboy) says:

      Thanks for the great comment Josie! Yeah, that’s what we thought too. Glad you like the woman kneeling at the feet of the bigger dude 🙂 You made me laugh and I told Spanky and she thought it was funny. Until I mentioned that she should be learning from that sculpture and doing the same. Now I’m stuck doing the laundry (:
      Frank (bbqboy)

  3. Wow – looks like Jurassic Park! That 7-headed Serpent Thing is crazy looking. All totally weird but really interesting.

  4. What a fabulous find of a park. Amazing statues and I love how they all seem to be smiling 🙂
    The Guy recently posted…First Time Flying: What You Need To Know If You’ve Never Flown BeforeMy Profile

  5. Amazing place, wonderful photos.
    Laura recently posted…Easter in SpainMy Profile

  6. Amazing place, amazing architecture, wonderful statues. Great photography.
    Laura recently posted…10 Amazing Places To Visit In RomaniaMy Profile

  7. I’ve never been to this part of the world, so I’m thankful each time I find out more about the amazing culture found here. Interesting legend regarding the body of the artist!
    Loredana recently posted…Top museums in Costa BravaMy Profile

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